Can you match these IRS agents to the right show?

They were never the most popular guest stars, but they made for some great scenes in sitcoms, Westerns and anthology shows.

The best shows reflect life in dramatic, unusual or hilarious ways. They show the world we know, the good and the bad, just with a few entertaining tweaks. Sometimes the bad parts of life, like paying taxes, make for the best scenes!

Plenty of classic shows represented the Internal Revenue Service onscreen. Sometimes they leaned into the stereotype of an exacting tax collector while many sitcoms subverted that trope to hilarious affect. Winning a large amount of money then immediately getting hit with a tax bill was another gag seen in numerous programs.

Here are IRS agents, assessors and tax professionals of all sorts from some of our favorite classic shows. Can you guess which show each image is from?

  1. This tax man didn't receive a very warm welcome in...
  2. This visit from the IRS seemed like a joke at first on...
  3. Before M*A*S*H, William Christopher played an IRS agent in...
  4. This tax professional broke the fourth wall in...
  5. This agent came to collect taxes on money that was literally falling from the sky in...
  6. All this IRS man needed was a signature in...
  7. This agent had surprisingly good news in...
  8. This man had the unenviable task of collecting taxes in...
  9. This tax man made himself comfortable in...
  10. This tax assessor gets mixed up in a crime on which show?
  11. He worked at the "Bureau of Internal Revenue" protected by agents from which show?
  12. This mountain of money was more like a molehill after a visit from this tax man in...

Can you match these IRS agents to the right show?

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DK 11 months ago
Kind of cheating when stars are in the same photo. 10/12
Greg 16 months ago
The guy on Bonanza would've had a tough job income tax didn't exist until after WW1.
Kergooliewyn 18 months ago
9/12 Not bad, considering 7 of them were guesses. I am happy to say I have had no issues with The IRS.😇
ClassicTVnut 18 months ago
9/12 Most I knew, but blew it on a couple of guesses.
robyni23 19 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
After tallying up the numbers and crunching the data, what's the final figure?
RichLorn 19 months ago
10/12 .... That's a perfect score minus 17% for withholding.
MikefromJersey 19 months ago
"You got 12 out of 12.
After tallying up the numbers and crunching the data, what's the final figure?"

Isn't that series co-creator Buck Henry in the shot from Get Smart in question 11?
Zip 19 months ago
I never win when it comes to the Infernal Revenue Service.
LabLove Zip 19 months ago
Noone does 😉
Gumbysstuntdouble 19 months ago
I recognized Ben Cartwright's back and immediately clicked on Gunsmoke.
I like your name.
As regards Lorne Greene, I think it's neat he is buried next to Michael Landon.
Landon's own parents were a nightmare and Lorne became a father figure to Mike.
Your comment is this cute as your avatar.👍😄
lynngdance 19 months ago
9/12 btw, The Andy Griffith Show IRS person (played by William Christopher) pictured above in No. 3, is named “Mr Heathcoat”. Similarly, The Beatles song “Taxman” mentions a “Mr Heath”. 😄
cperrynaples lynngdance 19 months ago
Yes, the Mr. Heath George Harrison mentions was the then Prime Minster! He was protesting 95% taxes on the rich, which is why many rock stars left England!
Kergooliewyn cperrynaples 18 months ago
Great info from you both.👍
Moverfan 19 months ago
10/12--don't wstch Green Acres and don't remember the Monkees episode. And I kinf of thought they'd include Max Wright--I just saw an episode of Murder, She Wrote where he played an IRS agent.
Spiro 19 months ago
That score will help me avoid an audit. I hope.
Giggity 19 months ago
11 of 12.. Glad I know my taxes..
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