Are these aliens from 'Lost in Space' or 'Star Trek'?

Danger! You must think highly logically to pass this sci-fi test.

It was a good time to be a sci-fi lover in the mid-1960s. In fact, it might have been the best time. Lost in Space brought colorful new worlds to the new world of color TV in 1965. A year later, Star Trek followed, kicking off a franchise that would redefine space adventures.

One of the great pleasures of these shows was the fantastic menagerie of aliens. Each week, some strange new being showed up to trouble or aide our heroes. 

With their bright looks and brilliant makeup teams, Lost in Space and Star Trek came up with some E.T.s that could exist in either universe. A true expert will be able to tell them apart. Can you? Good luck!

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  1. Which show featured this green woman?
  2. You don't want to play chicken with this guy. Which show was he on?
  3. We hope you didn't have meatballs for dinner. Which show featured this creature?
  4. You can't have meatballs without spaghetti. In which show will you find him?
  5. What about these glittering gents?
  6. Use your brain on this one.
  7. He puts the "Boo!" in "Peakaboo!" Where will you find him?
  8. With a face like that, you'd wear flashy gold chains, too.
  9. No, this is not from 'Mars Attacks!' It is from…
  10. How about this one?
  11. Anyone in the mood for some shrimp?
  12. Last one!

Are these aliens from 'Lost in Space' or 'Star Trek'?

Your Result...

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MDSanders1977 36 months ago
Never seen "Lost in Space." But I do know my Trek aliens.. Or thought I did. I missed #11... Don't remember seeing these "shrimp" aliens.
RJOwles MDSanders1977 30 months ago
The shrimp aliens were at the end of Catspaw
JoeSHill 41 months ago
The alien creatures that appeared on "STAR TREK" and its unaired TV pilot, "THE CAGE" were actually from "THE OUTER LIMITS" as Fred B Phillips worked for both TV series. "The Horta" was actually "The Microbe" from "The Probe"- the final episode of "THE OUTER LIMITS", and the scene where "The Keeper" from "THE CAGE" and the two-parter, "The Menagerie" ( The Talosian played by Meg Wylly) transforms into one of the creatures was actually the Calico Being costume, and slightly altered makeup that was used in the "Fun and Games" episode of "THE OUTER LIMITS" in 1964.
RobChapman 64 months ago
This one was easy. The Lost in Space aliens look far more ridiculous.
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