The 10 most popular stories on MeTV in 2018

This year proved that you truly love visiting Mayberry.

Mayberry may be a fictional place, but it is filled with fascinating stories. And we're not just talking about the plots of The Andy Griffith Show. The deep cast of the beloved sitcom all had captivating backstories of their own. At least, that's what we learned throughout 2018. 

We love learning more about the people behind The Andy Griffith Show, and you fans certainly enjoyed reading about these fine folk. Our most popular stories of the year were riddled with headlines about Mayberry. And we still have so many more interesting stories to tell.

Elsewhere, we were reminded of how much we all love Little Ricky — not to mention cartoons and Columbo. 

Here then are the Top 10 most-read stories on MeTV in 2018. Revisit these popular pieces or discover them for the first time.

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1. Years after portraying Andy Griffith's wife, Aneta Corsaut played her final role on Matlock


Once a TV teacher, she worked her way up to judge. READ MORE

2. 15 forgotten cartoons from the early 1970s you used to love


Saturday mornings used to consist of sugary cereal and hours of cartoons. Do you remember any of these? READ MORE

3. Don Knotts said this is why Andy Griffith cut all the jokes from his show


"Andy was the ultimate straight man." READ MORE

4. Joanna Moore lost her hearing before becoming Andy's girlfriend on The Andy Griffith Show


The actress found a cure for her deafness just as she turned up in Mayberry. READ MORE

5. 17 revealing behind-the-scenes-photos from Gunsmoke


Amanda Blake, James Arness and crew obviously had fun over those two decades. SEE MORE

6. Here's why Little Ricky said the set of The Andy Griffith Show was more fun than I Love Lucy


The child star recalls Andy Griffith playing checkers backstage. READ MORE

7. Burt Mustin of The Andy Griffith Show started his acting career at the age of 67


It's never too late. READ MORE

8. Here's what happened to the twins who played Little Ricky on 'I Love Lucy'


No, Desi Arnaz, Jr., didn't play Little Ricky on I Love Lucy. READ MORE

9. Perry Mason never explained the case of his disappearing legal aide David Gideon


The character was mysteriously cut after nine episodes. READ MORE

10. Peter Falk's real wife appeared on Columbo more than any other actress


The real Mrs. Columbo was hiding in plain sight. READ MORE

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harlow1313 68 months ago
Alway great to see a photo of the quite handsome, Bert Mustin.
Pacificsun 68 months ago
Yes, those were very good stories! Were they the Staff's picks, or do you have a way to determine what the readers enjoyed most?

Now if only you could fix the comments section, because about 90% of the previous conversation has been lost! Can we all vote on that too!!
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