MeTV's 10 most popular stories from 2016

Erik Estrada became a police officer, Dick Van Dyke sang at a Denny's and the Zuni warrior doll came back to haunt us!

It's been quite a year, hasn't it? Here at MeTV, we've covered some captivating stories in 2016, from Erik Estrada becoming a real-life police officer to the tragic loss of Florence Henderson. 

We've also taken a look at the past to remind people of things they may have forgotten about. You might have forgotten about the Zuni warrior doll, but we made sure to remind you — and maybe scare you a little.

Here are our 10 favorite stories from 2016. What did you enjoy?

1. "Dick Van Dyke gives surprise performance at local Denny's"


The TV legend has had a pretty spectacular year, but we'd say the highlight was when he erupted into song at a Los Angeles–area Denny's with his a cappella group, the Vantastix. Seriously, we dare you not to smile while watching the video. READ MORE

Image: YouTube via Cindy Rohrbough

2. "Let's not forget 'Trilogy of Terror' was the scariest TV movie of all time"


We had no idea this story about a classic 1970s TV movie would resonate with so many people! The chilling recap quickly became our biggest story on Facebook, reminding millions of people not to mess with the Zuni warrior doll. READ MORE

Image: ABC

3. "Erik Estrada becomes real-life police officer"


Sometimes life imitates art. In this case, CHiPs star Erik Estrada was sworn in as a reserve police officer in St. Anthony, Idaho, in order to complete a special task. READ MORE


4. "12 reasons kids from the '60s and '70s shouldn't be alive right now"


Do you ever wonder how we got this far? Looking back on our childhoods, there were a lot of things that would never fly in today's society. We summed them up in this post, which stands as our most popular of all time. READ MORE

Image: Retro-Café

5. "18 ripping 1960s rock & roll bands that performed on TV sitcoms and dramas"


We explored the crossroads of music and television by featuring some cult acts, obscurities and fictional bands that appeared on all our favorite shows in the 1960s. If the band was based in Los Angeles, chances were they booked a spot on one of these shows. READ MORE

6. "Watch the emotional reunion between Maureen McCormick and Florence Henderson"


It's always refreshing to see two costars reunite, but it's all the more touching when they share a close bond. Week after week, Henderson sat in the audience of Dancing with the Stars to cheer on McCormick. With Henderson's death in November, this post becomes all the more sentimental. READ MORE

Image: ABC

7. "11 rare behind-the-scenes photos from 'The Andy Griffith Show'"


You've never seen the classic sitcom like this! It's hard not to smile seeing Andy Griffith, Don Knotts and Ron Howard goof around on a tire swing. After seeing these photos, we truly wish Mayberry were real. READ MORE

Image: The Everett Collection

8. "One iconic TV show for (almost) every state in the USA"


We got creative with a map of the United States and designated one famous TV show for every state in the union. Some were obvious choices, like Happy Days and Wisconsin. Do you agree with what we created? READ MORE

9. "Sherwood Schwartz's daughter opens up about life on the set of 'The Brady Bunch'"


We had the chance to chat with Hope Juber about one of her father's most famous creations. What resulted was a candid conversation about what life was like on the set of the hit sitcom. READ MORE

10. "California town opens 50-year-old time capsule. Here's what they found"


What do you want to know about the future? That's what residents in one California town pondered in 1966 when they created a time capsule. Fast forward to this year, and their questions were finally revealed and answered. READ MORE

Image: Orange County Archives

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