Download retro designs to carve pumpkins in classic styles this Halloween

Proof that more than one great pumpkin can come from classic TV.

With Halloween around the corner, it's likely you've been eyeing the mounds of pumpkins piling up by the door to the grocery store or perhaps you've already visited a pumpkin patch or two. When the time comes to carve, MeTV is here to help you out with some retro inspiration straight from classic TV.

Below, you can download templates for designs from ALF, I Love Lucy, Star Trek, Svengoolie, Wonder Woman, M*A*S*H and more. Each template includes step-by-step instructions to help you transform your pumpkins with our throwback designs.

Ready to get in the Halloween spirit? Scroll through these retro pumpkin designs below.

And if you do decide to use one of our designs, please share your results with us on Facebook or Twitter! Happy carving!

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'ALF' pumpkin


Make trick-or-treaters say "Haaa!" instead of "Ahh!" this year.

Download now.

'I Love Lucy' pumpkin


Make your pumpkin as one-of-a-kind as Lucy Ricardo.

Download now.

'Star Trek' pumpkin


This template will help you boldly go to your stoop (once you finish carving).

Download now.

'M*A*S*H' pumpkin


Just throw on the M*A*S*H episode "Trick or Treatment," then light this baby up, and you're ready for Halloween.

Download now.

'Svengoolie' pumpkin


Allow our favorite master of horror to play host on your porch this year.

Download now.

'Wonder Woman' pumpkin


How many Wonder Womans are you expecting this year? Greet them with this perfect pumpkin throwback to Diana Prince of the 1970s.

Download now.

Retro TV pumpkin


Turn your pumpkin into a retro TV set, designed to take you back to Halloweens past!

Download now.

Retro Floral pumpkin


Are you the kind of person who gravitates to floral everything? We feel you.

Download now.



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