Barry Williams picks his five favorite episodes of 'The Brady Bunch'

It's not all about Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

Barry Williams portrayed Greg Brady for five seasons on The Brady Bunch, from 1969–74. Of course, that doesn't count all the Brady Kids albums, The Brady Bunch Hour variety show, the TV reunion movies and the comeback series The Bradys. If you've been watching MeTV lately, you've seen Barry as our Summer of Me host. In some ways, the actor has been playing Greg Brady for half a century. 

So what better authority is there when it comes to picking the best episodes of The Brady Bunch? We had Barry do just that. He selected a handful of his favorites. They are wonderful picks, that showcase the strengths of the entire cast.

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Here are Barry's picks. Which episodes are your favorite?

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1. "The Honeymoon"


"That's where it all began — the first episode of the series," Barry explains. "It's the pilot episode. It wasn't even a series yet. But more importantly, it was where we all met each other." The inimitable chemisty was there from the first scene. And not just with the human actors. The pilot also introduced Tiger the dog and Fluffy the cat. Alas, Fluffy would not make it to the regular series, making this the feline's fleeting moment of fame.

Watch it Monday, July 10, at 5PM | 4C.

2. "Adios, Johnny Bravo"


As the Bradys are auditioning for a TV amateur show, a musical agent spies Greg and offers him the chance of becoming a solo star. This begins to worry Mike and Carol, who hoped he would go on to college; furthermore, his siblings are angry with him for deserting the group. The episode is also of note for its wardrobe, as Greg dons a snazzy matador's jacket. "I chose the episode 'Johnny Bravo' because… well, I kinda liked the suit," Barry admits. "I'm not even sure Greg made the right choice going back to the singing group the Brady Six."

Watch it Tuesday, July 11, at 5PM | 4C.

3. "Her Sister's Shadow"


Tired of being in Marcia's shadow, Jan is determined to do something that Marcia never did. She tries the pompom squad, and then an essay writing contest, where she wins first prize — or does she? Of course, this episode is best known for one certain piece of dialogue. Barry says, "The classic, the immortal line: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

Watch it Wednesday, July 12, at 5PM | 4C.

4. "The Subject Was Noses"


Marcia inadvertently makes two dates for the same night; Charlie the nerd and Doug, the big man on campus. But Doug is only interested in having a pretty girl on his arm, something Marcia learns after suffering a swollen nose when she's hit in the face with a football. "Most people think that Greg threw that football, but he didn't," Barry explains. "It really hit her — surprised her."

Watch it Thursday, July 13, at 5PM | 4C.

5. "Hawaii Bound (part 1)"


Hula dancing, Don Ho, surfing, sunshine, Vincent Price… cursed tiki idols. What's not to love? Barry got to show off his wave riding skills in this first part of the epic vacation trilogy. "Hands down, favorite episode to film," Barry says.

Watch it Friday, July 14, at 5PM | 4C.

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