7 more pinball machines inspired by classic TV

How many of these vintage pinball machines do you remember playing?

Everyone seems to love a game of pinball. Whether it's at an arcade or a tiny dive bar, playing a game of pinball can make just about anyone's night. Between 1960 and 1980, the peak pinball era lined up with the golden age of color television. It makes sense that a lot of our favorite classic TV shows have pinball machines based on them. 

In the list 10 vintage pinball machines that were inspired by classic TV, we learned of machines based on Wagon Train, Bonanza, Star Trek and more. Let's take a look at seven more of our favorite machines inspired by classic TV. Which pinball machines do you remember playing?

1. The Twilight Zone


1993, Bally 

"You just crossed over into The Twilight Zone."

This pinball machine by Bally is an unusually complex one, as you would expect for being inspired by The Twilight Zone. It features a working gumball machine, a working analog clock (which is used as a timer) and a Powerfield. The Powerfield is a small seperate play field where the balls are propelled by magnets rather than flippers. 

This machine also has the theme music from the original TV show. 

2. Batman '66


2016, Stern Pinball 

Holy Pinball Batman! 

We all know what a dynamic duo Batman and Robin are. We love them. This pinball machine by Stern Pinball, celebrates the duo. 

It immerses players in the world of light-hearted...and heart-pounding crime fighting. If you've ever wanted to fight crime as Batman and Robin, now is your chance. 

3. The Addams Family


1992, Bally

This is one kooky, spooky pinball machine! It's considered one of the best selling pinball machines of all time with over 20,200 units sold. Though it's tied to the '90s film, fans of the original show can certainly appreciate it.

The objective of the game is simple: explore the strange world of The Addams Family. Have you ever played this super popular pinball game at any arcade or bar? 

4. The Flintstones


1994, Williams Electronics Games Inc. 

This pinball machine is actually based on the live-action film adpation of The Flintstones. It features the voices of John Goodman, Rick Moranis and Harvey Korman. It also features the theme song from the TV series. 

This machine is a mix of both worlds and even though it's based on the live-action film, it didn't stop Flintstones fans from buying it. Over thousands have been sold. 

5. Popeye Saves the Earth Pinball


1994, Bally 

Popeye Saves the Earth pinball machine is any Popeye fan's dream. The goal: help Popeye save the planet, save the species and find his true love! 

It features all of your favorite Popeye characters. It has sold over 4,000 units. 

6. Gilligan's Island


1991, Bally

The Gilligan's Island crew aren't on the island anymore, they are all right here...in one amazing pinball machine.

The machine features all of your favorite characters. This machine is a bit pricey these days. Good luck finding one for under $2,000!

7. The Munsters


2019, STERN's Pinballs

The Munsters took the world by storm when the show first came out in 1964. The Munster's pinball machine will transport you back to 1313 Mockingbird Lane. It features Herman, Raven, Lily, Spot and Grandpa.

This machine is full of ghoulish surprises. If you loved the adventures of The Munsters, you'd surely love this!

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CaptainDunsel 24 months ago
Well I don't know about the machines, but *I* certainly must be "vintage". I was out of college and no longer playing pinball machines at least a dozen years before the oldest of these things. Never played a one of them.
bnichols23 CaptainDunsel 24 months ago
Yeah, seriously.
MichaelSkaggs 24 months ago
Do any of the cast members get any royalties?
MichaelVegas 24 months ago
I would have LOVED to play The Batman and the Munster's one. I just read below that said the Munster one is going for over $8k, so I bet the Batman one is going for more. Maybe I will go to the Pinball Hall of Fame here in Vegas and see if they got any to play.
EricFuller 24 months ago
Regarding the Twilight Zone pinball game, it included the song from Golden Earring.
RichLorn 24 months ago
A $0.25 game in 1965, adjusted for inflation, would cost $2.23 today. That would be a quarter coin slot approximately 16" long.
Stranger56 24 months ago
I used to play "The Addams Family" pinball machine at Ground Round at Broadway Mall in Hicksville,NY. No more Ground Round of course but it was a really fun machine to play. I can remember Raul Julia saying "Toxic Fumes" on it and I remember Cousin Itt making his little sounds. I got a free game or extra balls when I played a lot of the time. Is there a "Lost in Space" classic TV show pinball out there.That would be cool, get the ball smack in Dr. Smith's big mouth and get bonus points!
MrsFletcher 24 months ago
Ouch! That Munsters pinball machine cost $8500k....and they are all sold out!
Moverfan 24 months ago
The writer of this article wishes us good luck in finding a Gilligan's Island pinball machine under two grand. Wouldn't it be rather difficult to find ANY pinball machine for under two grand?
Runeshaper 25 months ago
Wasn't much of a pinball player, but all of these look like A LOT of fun! (-:
JHP 25 months ago
does anyone remember Aladdin's castle in the malls?

might be regional
pacmancdi JHP 24 months ago
We had "Time out" where I lived which I think is the same company
JHP pacmancdi 24 months ago
yeah it was all the old time machines

like pinball and space invaders and there was a sub / torpedo game (cant remember the name)
AnnieM JHP 24 months ago
Our Millcreek Mall had 2 arcades, 'Tilt' and 'Red Baron'. I think they were both part of chains.
JHP AnnieM 24 months ago
that makes sense that they arcades would have different names

mine was in south ridge mall in greenfield wis

(when a quarter meant something:))
Moverfan JHP 24 months ago
I've heard of Aladdin's Castle but I've never seen one. My sister and I used to go (occasionally) to FYE--For Your Entertainment, but I don't think they have games anymore (I'm sure the stores are still around). Does anybody in southeastern Michigan remember the name of the little arcade that used to be in Oakland Mall in Troy? It was on the second floor next to Arby's.
JHP Moverfan 24 months ago
from the posts - am sure that these arcades were locally owned

never to be seen again:(
ELEANOR 25 months ago
Many moons ago, my husband was telling someone at the bowling alley that he got two rolls of quarters, one for him to play the pinball machines and one for me. My husband's friend looked at me and asked what machines I liked to play. I looked at him and said, "the washer and the dryer."
JHP ELEANOR 25 months ago
man that comment can fill the grand canyon with off-color posts:)
peterm 25 months ago
i don't consider 30ish years vintage
bnichols23 peterm 24 months ago
Me either. Now, Jumbo & Super Jumbo, yeah......
peterm 25 months ago
seems like they were made for collectors not entertainment
Michael peterm 25 months ago
That articulates it well. Were there Batman machines when the series was on? I'm no expert, but there seemed to be a time when pinball machines started being aimed at the home, rather than for pool halls and arcades. These seem aimed at the home, that they are based on "classic tv" more important than how well they play.
KawiVulc 25 months ago
If nothing else checking up on the production numbers of the machine based on that live action Flintstones mess led to a pretty cool site, ipdb.org, the Internet Pinball Database. Sure enough. Almost 4800 units.
justjeff 25 months ago
I played **NONE** of them.... The one machine I do remember playing (and quite well, I might add) was Strato-Flight...
MrsPhilHarris 25 months ago
When I was really young, maybe 5 or so, we got a tabletop pinball machine for Christmas. I guess it was pretty simple, not electronic, but I thought it was really cool. One of those Christmas gifts that stands out.
Moriyah 25 months ago
Man, I really wish there was a Gomer Pyle pinball machine! Do you?
McGillahooala Moriyah 25 months ago
I have seen Welcome Back Kotter pinball. You would surely think Gomer would have had his too.
Michael 25 months ago
But these aren't classic pinball machines. They came after pinball machines had arevival, and long after the tv shows were off the air.

These aren't Fonzie's pinball machines.
Catman Michael 25 months ago
Totally agree. The word "classic" should be used to indicate something that defined a class of things, not something that imitated -- or even improved upon -- the original items.
I am not saying these aren't cool ; they are great. But they're not classic.
Catman Michael 25 months ago
My mistake. The article doesn't call them "classic" machines; it calls them vintage. However, "vintage" is also misused in this context.
It was the TV shows that it called classic.
Michael Catman 25 months ago
I did notice that. But the oresentation made it seem like these were classic machines, but I think there all less than thirty years old.
LoveMETV22 Michael 25 months ago
Yes, they were building off an old story they did. I think if they left the word vintage out in the intro it would have read better. Then the additional machines and info would just be additional info. jmo.
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