10 classic TV and movie versions of Monopoly

Build your empire, keep the ghosts at bay and save up all your laughs with these versions of the iconic board game.

The fast-dealing, property trading game of Monopoly has entertained families and friends on game nights for nearly 90 years. The objective of gathering properties and creating an empire over family members and friends, all while sending them into bankruptcy has been a formula for success since the early 1930s.

The game’s popularity hasn’t faded over the years and as a result, countless versions of the board game have been created, meshing with pop culture, music, movies and television.

The game has become a brand of its own in a lot of ways with endless versions, memorabilia and even clothing. Show your love for this classic game in the MeTV Store, with T-shirts featuring the best Monopoly Icons and the "Busted" message from landing on the Go To Jail space!

Here are 10 classic TV and movie versions of Monopoly. Don’t worry, this list won’t take at least two hours to get through.

1. I Love Lucy


This 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition I Love Lucy version of Monopoly features 29 of the funniest episodes from the series as the properties. You can even use the famous wine vat as your character token! Do you have this version of Monopoly? 

2. Star Trek


There have been plenty of Star Trek versions of Monopoly. You can use your Federation Credits to purchase properties, or alliances, in the limted edition of Trek Monopoly, which featured characters from Star Trek: The Original Series. Other versions of the game include Monopoly Star Trek Continuum and a Star Trek: The Next Generation version. 

3. The Golden Girls


The Golden Girls version of Monopoly has a "Time for a Shopping Spree" space, rather than a tax space, making it a little easier to pay $100! Pieces from this game include Stan's toupee, Rose's teddy bear, Sophia's purse and Blanche's hand mirror. Pick up a "Back in St. Olaf..." or a "Picture It, Sicily" card rather than a Chance or Community Chest card and see if you can build The Golden Girls Monopoly!

4. Looney Tunes


Buy and sell Looney Tunes characters rather than properties in this collector's edition version of Monopoly. As expected, Community Chest and Chance cards replaced with "What's Up, Doc" and "That's All Folks" spaces and cards. The currency? Laughs! There's also some fun rule changes with this version. For example, rolling doubles means you can roll again, or use a special effect! Per hasbro.com, if you were to roll Double 1s, "You are sweet like TWEETY. Every other player must pay you 50 laughs." 

5. James Bond


A world-renowned spy meets a world-renowned game. Go across the board and collect 25 of the Bond fims and create Safe Houses and Headquarters. According to 007 Store, playing pieces include "SPECTRE symbol, Oddjob's lethal bowler hat, Rosa Klebb's poison-tip shoe, the Lotus Esprit S1 sub car, the Acrostar 'Bede' Jet and the iconic 007 logo."

Go. Pass go. 

6. Ghostbusters


"Who you gonna call" to play this version of Monopoly? The properties in this Ghostbusters version are called contracts. Purchase them and keep them ghost-free with your Ghost Traps and Containment Units, taking the place of traditional houses and hotels. Land on Roaming Vapor spaces and pick up a card from the ghost trap card holder! 

7. Star Wars


May the Force be with your financial strategy. This classic trilogy version of Star Wars Monopoly is one of many related to the galaxy far, far away. Choose from Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi and more to rule the galaxy! Play the classic rules with a Star Wars twist such as Imperial and Rebel cards and deeds that represent galactic properties. Use the TIE fighter, Millennium Flacon, X-wing and a Star Destroyer in place of the traditional railroads. Is it your destiny to play this version of Monopoly? 

8. The Goonies


"Hey you guys!" Have you ever played The Goonies version of Monopoly? Buy, sell and trade properties around Astoria, Oregon and search for One-Eyed Willy's hidden treasure. Be memorable tokens like Chester Copperport's Key and the Gold Doubloon. Will you be the last player with all the loot? 

9. The Godfather


Build your Hideouts and Compounds around the classic locations from The Godfather in this mafia version of Monopoly. No railroads here, rather the Delivery Truck, Getaway Car, Fishing Boat and the Passenger Train. Pick up friends and enemies cards and collect your $200 salary as you pass go. 

10. Back to the Future


"Great Scott!" Will you go back in time to create your Monopoly? Once you purchase your properties, you'll want to add some Plutonium Rods and Plutonium Cases to increase their value in this Back to the Future version. Choose from the DeLorean, a hoverboard, Einstein, Marty's hat and the clock from the Hill Valley tower. Don't forget the iconic Nike MAGs! 

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collene 21 months ago
I have the version that's based on my home town
OldTVfanatic 22 months ago
I have the Doctor Who Monopoly game.
lynngdance 22 months ago
All these look really cool!
I have a Beatles Monopoly Game. The game pieces, instead of top-hats, thimbles, and dogs, are things like “Rocky Raccoon”, “The Walrus”, and “The Sun” 😄.
RichLorn 22 months ago
Not to brag, but I happen to own the extremely rare edition "Monopoly, The IRS".
Every square on the board reads "Go to Jail. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200." :(
Lillyrose 22 months ago
I have Monopoly. I would love to have the I Love Lucy Monopoly. I Love Lucy is my favorite TV show!
Catman 22 months ago
The Wikipedia article on the history of the Monopoly game is great. The game was originally called "The Landlord Game" and was designed by Lizzie Magie -- and was distinctly anticapitalist. Lizzie Magie was a fascinating character in her own right. Her father was an abolitionist who travelled with Abraham Lincoln during the Lincoln-Douglas debates. His progressive taxation ideas, based on the ideas of Henry George (q.v.) are the basis of Lizzie's game, which was modified by Parker Brothers in 1935 when they purchased it from Lizzie. Her original was created in 1903.
Moriyah 22 months ago
Omg, I would love if there was a Gomer Pyle Monopoly game! But whenever I play it, it always takes several hours to play it
Michael Moriyah 22 months ago
You could make your own
Moriyah Michael 22 months ago
But I'm not good at drawing
McGillahooala 22 months ago
Why do people have to screw around with everything? What about let Star Wars be Star Wars and let Monopoly be Monopoly.
LoveMETV22 McGillahooala 22 months ago
💲💲💲💲Same idea for the Monopoly franchise. However you make a good point. Some Originals whether films, games etc.... are just better with one.
KJExpress 22 months ago
Hmm...I might like to play that ST:TOS version. 🖖

I have my grandmother's old game. I often wonder if it was made during WWII. The tokens are made out of wood, not metal. They are just random shapes and colors. I grew up playing this game and used to wonder why the little guy with the mustache was carrying a ship on one of the cards that mentions tokens.
Peter_Falk_Fan KJExpress 22 months ago
The wooden tokens first appeared in 1936. They couldn't keep up with the supply of metal for the tokens. The game had become increasingly popular. The wooden tokens reappeared during WWII when the demand for metal was high.
KJExpress Peter_Falk_Fan 22 months ago
Hey, thanks for the explanation, PFF. Very interesting.
MrsPhilHarris 22 months ago
Such fun! Lucy, The Godfather, Looney Tunes would be a riot.
KJExpress MrsPhilHarris 22 months ago
I think you should try the ST one. 😉
327053 22 months ago
Wow! My wife would like the Golden Girls, I’ll take The Goonies!! 🏴‍☠️ 😁
Michael 327053 22 months ago
The Goonies are good enough.
Peter_Falk_Fan 22 months ago
There are thousands of versions. I read that the largest collection has over 3500 official versions.

We have the 2001 Disney version. Scrooge McDuck and Prince John are the tax collectors. The railroads are replaced by Aladdin's Flying Carpet, Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, Cinderella's Coach, and Cruella De Vil's Car.

One of the tokens in the Godfather version is a horse's head.
lynngdance Peter_Falk_Fan 22 months ago
That Disney Version sounds cool. 😄
Barry22 22 months ago
We had The Simpson's version. Doh!
cperrynaples 22 months ago
Well there are many more Monopoly versions, so a sequel is called for!
MrsPhilHarris cperrynaples 22 months ago
There is Harry Potter. Lots of cities have a version.
Michael 22 months ago
Note they didn't tamper with the game until recent decades.

I'm pretty sure I bought a used Simpsons Monopoly game.

Board games are like cereal, adaptable to whatever new trend comes along.
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