A Kerwyn Public Service Announcement

Introducing the Svengoolie Costume T-Shirt!

This exclusive, costume t-shirt brings you the look of America’s favorite horror host. 

Sven with the Windy City ThunderBolts

Svengoolie traveled to Crestwood, IL, to play ball with the Windy City ThunderBolts.

Svengoolie's Chicken Throw

See if you have what it takes to hit Svengoolie with a rubber chicken in this interactive game!

Kerwyn's Christmas Corner - 2016

Kerwyn would like to thank all the fans who've sent cards, gifts and warm wishes to our dungeon this holiday season. Happy holidays, and "thank you for all the cards and letters"!

Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon & The Svengoolie Stomp

Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon, Svengoolie and a group of groovy ghouls perform “The Svengoolie Stomp”!

Where did Svengoolie come from?

Though Svengoolie’s strange origin may be a mystery, you can always catch him on MeTV, Saturday nights at 10PM | 9C.

David Dastmalchian Meets Svengoolie

You've seen him in 'Ant-Man' and 'The Dark Knight,' now see him with Svengoolie! Actor David Dastmalchian speaks about his love of classic horror films, how he got into the movie business and his latest projects.

Mama Meets Svengoolie

Vicki Lawrence drops by the Svengoolie set in character as Thelma "Mama" Harper from 'Mama's Family.'

Kerwyn's Christmas Corner - 2015

Kerwyn reads his favorite Christmas cards from 2015.

Svengoolie's Xmas Corner

Svengoolie and Kerwyn wish you season's greetings!

Svengoolie Xmas Songs

These Svengoolie Christmas songs are ho ho horrible!

Svengoolie Mailbag - 7/18/15

Original air date: 7-18-15

Svengoolie at C2E2 2015: Part 3

Svengoolie got to visit his dear friend, WWE champ Jerry "The King" Lawler, at this year's C2E2 Comic & Entertainment Expo in Chicago.

Svengoolie at C2E2 2015: Part 2

Svengoolie walks the floor at this year's C2E2, meeting super heroes, super villains, writers, artists, wrestlers and all kinds of wacky characters.

Svengoolie at C2E2 2015: Part 1

Svengoolie met legions of fans at this year's C2E2 Comic & Entertainment Expo in Chicago.