Nightmare on Chicago Street 2014

Check out these highlights from Elgin's annual Nightmare on Chicago Street, at which Svengoolie judged the macabre costume contest.

Sven Hockey

Svengoolie hits the ice for a little hockey!

Makeup Masters at Flashback Weekend

Svengoolie chats with makeup artists at Flashback Weekend, including Hollywood makeup guru Robert Kurtzman.

Svengoolie's ALS Challenge

Svengoolie speaks about his ALS challenge.

Svengoolie's Mailbag - 8/9/14

Svengoolie's mailbag from 'Curse of the Undead.' Original air date: August 9, 2014.

The Club

30 Years of Svengoolie! Protect your home with The Club!

Aussie Sven!

30 Years of Svengoolie! Ever wonder what Svengoolie would be like if it were on in Australia?

The Hairymooners!

30 Years of Svengoolie! Check out this clip from "The Hairymooners!"

How Many Stooges?

30 Years of Svengoolie! How many Stooges does it take to fix a light bulb?

Jay Lamo

30 Years of Svengoolie! Oh no! It's Jay Lamo!

How to Toss a Chicken at Svengoolie

George Blaise demonstrates the proper technique for tossing a chicken at Svengoolie.

Joan Rivers Interview

30 Years of Svengoolie! Svengoolie interviews Joan Rivers...sorta

How to Shoot Your Own UFO Footage

30 Years of Svengoolie! Learn how to shoot your very own UFO Footage! It's so easy!

Meet Steven Spielbone!

30 Years of Svengoolie! Movie previews from Steven Spielbone!

On the Set with Svengoolie

Aly gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of an episode of WCIU, The U’s Svengoolie.

Kerwyn's Kristmas Kard Corner

Kerwyn thanks Sven’s fans for their support during the holidays.