Sven's Got Jokes: Episode 3

Jokes, jokes and more jokes!

Sven's Got Jokes: Episode 4

Check out this joke! Do it! Seriously. Watch this!

Sven's Got Jokes: Episode 5

Wanna laugh? Then check out this joke!

SVNZ: Episode 1

Sven attempts to uncover celebrity dirt…but his plan backfires

SVNZ: Episode 2

Gossip Gossip and MORE Gossip with Svengoolie!

SVNZ: Episode 3

Sven is determine to find Hollywood gossip!

Mailbag: Tons of Chickens

Mailbag! Tons of Chickens!

Mailbag: Out of Town Mail

Where in the world can you watch Svengoolie? Sven explains...

Mailbag: Sven's Face

Sven, didn't your face used to be white?

Mailbag: Saving Scripts

Sven, do you really save all your scripts?

Sporty Sven: Episode 1

Sven and the crew play some bags

Sporty Sven: Episode 3

Sven shows his moves in a friendly game of Dodgeball

Sporty Sven: Episode 4

Sven and the interns battle in a football contest

Sporty Sven: Episode 5

Sven's Huddle Pep-Talk

Svengoolie on the Road: Part 1

Sven takes to the road, visiting Disturbia and Fright Fest.