You're Knotts Going To Want To Miss "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"- Tonight!

Posted on May 13, 2023

Yes, it’s back again tonight on MeTV- the horror/comedy that comes in, neck and neck, with “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” as perhaps the most requested movie our viewers demand to see. The man known for playing one of Mayberry’s best-known public servants plays a similar type of nervous hero. He must endure a night in an allegedly haunted house where a notorious murder took place and now is labelled as haunted! Solving the mystery of the horrific event that took place there requires him to stay there overnight– which could either land him his dream job as a newspaper reporter – and win him the lovely woman of his dreams- or land him in the middle of a real nightmare- only to leave our hero caught between ghost troubles and legal woes. Don Knotts shivers his way through the 1966 classic- "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"!


On a dark and stormy night (don’t most of these stories start out that way?) small-town newspaper type-setter Luther Heggs is out on a late-night drive- when he hears screams at what appears to be- a murder scene! Thinking this is the scoop that will bring him out of the type-setting basement and up to the newsroom, he rushes to the authorities to report the murder-only to find out things are hardly what they appear to be! Luther’s mistake leaves him embarrassed in front of his boss, his paper’s star reporter, and some of the local townsfolk, ready to heap a hefty helping of ridicule on the poor soul.

Luther envies that star reporter, Ollie, not only for his job - but also for his apparent position of boyfriend to gorgeous Alma, a sweet young woman who has captured the typesetter’s heart. He realizes that beating out Ollie for her affections is pretty much a thankless task- until the day when the paper needs a filler item to round out a page, and the fairly inconsequential job of providing it falls to- who else?- Luther! A friendly co-worker encourages him to write about the town's most infamous murder/suicide- a story sure to grab the readers’ interest, since it took place in a local mansion where it is rumored the ghost of the killer still makes midnight appearances playing the pipe organ- and, with the 20th anniversary of the murder coming up, when his boss reads the filler piece, he thinks the story could turn into a great promotional stunt for the paper!

The stunt would have someone spend the night in the allegedly haunted mansion, then write an eyewitness account of the chilling experience- and, naturally, that task should fall to the author of the filler-Luther himself! As you might guess, the meek and chicken-hearted would-be reporter/type-setter has no interest in this creepy challenge- until Ollie begins razzing him again. Finally, no longer able to take such derision- Luther accepts the assignment! In spite of his fears, he feels it’s the sure way to finally get his big break as a reporter- and very likely make some romantic progress with Alma.

The night of the sinister sleepover arrives, and Luther timidly enters the mansion- and, at the stroke of midnight, his terrifying experience begins, complete with secret passages and unexplained phenomena- as he witnesses the actual ghostly late-night playing of the blood-stained keys of the organ (stains that seem to be impossible to remove- “and they used Bon Ami!”)


Having survived that fateful night, Luther presents his thrilling first-person account of his adventure- and becomes a sensation! Hailed as a hero by the entire town, and especially Alma, his future as a reporter seems guaranteed…until a nasty bump in the road appears. The last remaining family member of the murder victims, who still owns the mansion and has considerable influence on the town, calls the story a fraud and totally vicious lie- and makes it clear to all that he will sue the newspaper, and Luther as well, for libel! He makes an unconditional offer-Luther and his boss must print a retraction. This will unfortunately result in the paper being forced out of business, with Luther losing his budding journalism career, and, worst of all, killing his chances with Alma. Do they give in and give up- or can Luther muster the courage to stand his ground, and stick to his story, confident in the fact that he told the truth about what he witnessed?

It all leads to an embarrassing day in court and the risk of one final midnight visit to the haunted house, which can either prove his story, clear his name, and possibly reveal the truth about the legendary murder- or have him permanently labelled as a cowardly liar!

Don Knotts perfectly transfers the characteristics of his Mayberry character Barney Fife to the role of Luther- actually, the trademark type of character he played so well in various shows and films. Along with Joan Staley as the winsome Alma, there is a roster of familiar faces from TV shows and commercials- even one or two of Barney’s fellow Mayberry citizens! We'll talk about them, provide a little background on the movie, including where the idea for the film came from, and explain one of the most-quoted lines of the film- which isn’t delivered by any on-screen cast member, but someone important to the movie, regardless. Of course, we’ll be haunting you with plenty of Sven shtick through the whole proceedings-and, since it’s prom season, a vintage tutorial on prom etiquette.

“The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” appears on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- if you’re not sure of time and channel where you live, just check your local listings, or go to ! MeTV invites you to live-Tweet along with the many viewers who do just that during the show on Twitter- just make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie – and join the Sven-tweeters who have put us among the top popular subjects trending nationally every week! This morning on our main local Chicago station, CW 26, viewers can get another look at the 70s scare fest “Blacula” at 11 am.

Every time we bring this movie back- there is a certain faction whose first response is “again?!” They also will swear that we run this movie three times a year. I hate to have reality spoil their fun, but- we run it, at the most, ONCE a year- for the reasons we have stated- it’s a favorite film that viewers constantly ask for and enjoy. Since this film means so much to so many viewers, we have no problem with making it an annual thing.

We have also gotten some comments on the fact that we have suspended the monthly giveaway of a retired rubber chicken used on the show. The reality of the situation is- the whole idea was to give away a chicken that was worn out from long use, and being “retired”. Maybe they are making chickens more durable these days, but, whatever the reason- we have run out of the deteriorating chickens-so, none are left to give away.

Regardless, we are not giving anything away by letting you know that Don Knotts hits it out of the park- and into the horrors of the haunted house- tonight on MeTV!

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 during show

Catbat 6 months ago
Sorry gang lost signal for a few
1MikeM 6 months ago
Charlie the deputy just wanted to say "Arrivederci!"
Cessna1960 6 months ago
I'm never usually here for the Friday night title fight , no , not WWE or WWF but the fight for the first blogger trophy....does it start at 11pmEDT or 12 midnight CDT ?
Kyle Cessna1960 6 months ago
Midnight Eastern.

I am in Mountain.

My channel is from Central.

But I get the Eastern Svengoolie.

Which means that the blog is Friday 10pm and Svengoolis is Saturday 6pm.

Void where prohibited.

Not valid in the parts of Canada that are half an hour off.
CountCurt 6 months ago

A movie that I would like to see Sven show is Red Planet Mars.

A husband and wife scientist team, Peter Graves and Andrea King, are able to contact and communicate with Mars with shattering political, economic and spiritual consequences.

I liked this movie because:

1. Science and spirituality connect.
2. Positive ending of hope.
3. Andrea King plays a strong woman that has influence on the decisions of leaders. She is passionate in her role as both mother and scientist.
4. PI is served but not a la mode.
PatS CountCurt 6 months ago
Sounds promising indeed for "Sci-Fi Saturday."
Cessna1960 CountCurt 6 months ago
Another good one is "When World's Collide"
Drang 6 months ago
How am I supposed to beat Mikeyyyyyyyyy with all these people demanding I deal with their silly problems?!
Kyle Drang 6 months ago
You got no grenades?
Kyle Kyle 6 months ago
Cuz people are more polite when you have grenades.

And they tend to figurr out their problems without bothering you.

Or so I hear.
1MikeM 6 months ago
There was a movie like this one before. THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT (1971) with Bruce Dern, Pat Priest and Casey Kasem. "This next song is dedicated to the guy with two heads."
CountCurt 1MikeM 6 months ago
Wow Casey Kasem! I Judy know him for his radio work. Pat Priest, our very own Marilyn from the Munsters.
Klaatu 6 months ago
As I posted earlier, I’m getting ready to be first on the new blog
abc123 6 months ago
Today I Learned: There are 19 screws on the bottom of my laptop that I needed to remove to replace the battery.
It took longer to boot up than it did to remove the screws and swap the battery (i have not screwed all the screws back in yet, that is a lesson I learned years ago).
This may or may not help me regain my first blog post trophy.
daDoctah abc123 6 months ago
If you take the case off a laptop in a room with carpeting, add to the usual list of recommended tools a big magnet. You can use it to dredge the floor afterwards and retrieve any of them that get away from you.
abc123 daDoctah 6 months ago
a trick i learned years ago: batteries come packed in anti static foam. screws stick into foam super easy, and in the pattern you removed them from, so you are sure to return the screw to the same hole it came from.
Carl_N_Brown daDoctah 6 months ago
Tool retriever - small magnet on a telescoping rod - is great for picking up lost screws. Beats the traditional "foot detection" mthod.
DrFish28136 abc123 6 months ago
Some laptops use different screws in specific holes -some ASUS models for instance
Lynn abc123 6 months ago
Oh - I like that!
Jack daDoctah 6 months ago
First, take out one screw and test if it’s ferrous (magnetizable). If you can’t pick it up with the magnet, be careful with the rest!
mstormer2000 6 months ago
Good evening and happy Sven Eve SvenPals from Storgoolie! Since I will continue to be on the road to Georgia tomorrow (currently in Mayberry/Mount Airy, NC), I will be doing this weeks post early. There is no artwork this week, so as a special treat this week, I have pictures of me in my Sven gear at Mayberry!
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TheKodakKid mstormer2000 6 months ago

Andy & Opie didn’t object to my dropping my mask long enough to get a pic with them.

TheKodakKid Kyle 6 months ago
When I was there, I didn’t smack him, but I did steal his sidecar.
PatS mstormer2000 6 months ago
Great set of pictures!
Kyle TheKodakKid 6 months ago

He is #3 on my "do not watch" list.

Jim Carrey is #1.

Engineer_Poelzig 6 months ago
TGIF-Almost Sven Day!
The Big Broadcast has a "Double Header" on Tap for Tomorrow!
Kyle 6 months ago
Sad day in Kyletopia.

Cooked my last piece of salmon.

Maybe, If I don't crack the top 10 tonight, I will go fishing tomorrow.
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CountCurt abc123 6 months ago
A smoked salmon omelet works for me. Fresh dill definitely does the trick. I just bought some the other day. Another dish where fresh dill is crucial is cucumber salad where the creamy dressing has dill in it.
CountCurt Katink 6 months ago
Not that is yummy. I don’t know the Alouette brand of cream cheese but it sounds good to me as I grew very close to a lake called Alouette Lake.
CountCurt CountCurt 6 months ago
Meant to say “now” and not “not”
Cartoondave Kyle 6 months ago
Hopefully you won't catch Walter you'll know what I mean if you seen ON GOLDEN POND
TheKodakKid 6 months ago
Just updated the operating system on my phone. (Only because one of the grocery store apps I use updated without supporting my current version, and I needed coupons to save some💲)

Long story short (too late, I know), I’ll be lucky if I can crack the top 10 tonight. So you all can fight it out to see who comes in 2nd or 3rd to Mikeyyy.
Drang 6 months ago
I think Mikeyyyyyyyyy bribed my manager to rig my work schedule to eliminate competition for tonight.
Mikeyyy Drang 6 months ago
If that didn’t work I had something setup with Mrs Drang also..
Drang Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Don't get cocky. Assuming I'm not saving the universe, I might swoop in on the phone.
MrsG Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Yo Mikeyyy me Brother📣
Are You carbing up and resting for the Midnight Special ?
Sorry that I could not chime in earlier but saw that gorgeous black Mustang (awesome !) , , ,
And know that I pray for the best possible results for You next week , with You ALL the way ~
💙 *_* 🧡
Jack MrsG 6 months ago
Darn! Altho’ the song has been around since at least 1905, the earliest recording I could find to post was 1926!
daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Very enjoyable and heartwarming episode of WAGON TRAIN today--and, no, James Arness did NOT play Clyde, the buffalo!
MrsG daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Saw some of that episode ~ such soulful eyes !
Klaatu 6 months ago
DrFish28136…In honor of your 1-panel comic strips, I’ll post a few by my hero Gary Larson. Did you know that an actual Owl louse was named in his honor?
Klaatu Klaatu 6 months ago
DrFish…Ard you familiar with Thag Simmons, after whom the tail of the Stegosaurus was named? (Thagomizer)
CountCurt Klaatu 6 months ago
Do you think that he got a lousy deal?
DrFish28136 Klaatu 6 months ago
Best Louse-y picture I have ever seen.
DrFish28136 Klaatu 6 months ago
I helped the guy in grad school who discovered he first Antarctic carnivore dinosaur
William Hammer found this
DrFish28136 DrFish28136 6 months ago

Cryolophosaurus was first excavated from Antarctica's Early Jurassic, Pliensbachian aged Hanson Formation, formerly the upper Falla Formation, by paleontologist Dr. William Hammer in 1991. It was the first carnivorous dinosaur to be discovered in Antarctica and the first non-avian dinosaur from the continent to be officially named. The sediments in which its fossils were found have been dated at ~194 to 188 million years ago, representing the Early Jurassic Period
DrFish28136 6 months ago

RIP Jim Brown 87
daleuhlmann DrFish28136 6 months ago
Indeed, RIP, Jim Brown: the greatest running back in NFL history.
1MikeM DrFish28136 6 months ago
He appeared in THE DIRTY DOZEN and THE RUNNING MAN. RIP, Jim Brown.
Jack 1MikeM 6 months ago
And _Mars Attacks!_
daDoctah Jack 6 months ago
And in Keenan Ivory Wayans' blaxploitation spoof I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA, which also starred a number of other actual blaxploitation biggies parodying themselves. Brown joins Isaac Hayes and Bernie Casey who predeceased him, leaving only Antonio Fargas from the "old guard". (Ron O'Neal declined to appear in the spoof, saying he was tired of being typecast as Superfly; Fred Williamson was also offered a part but turned it down.)
Klaatu 6 months ago
Don’t bother trying to be the first blogger tonight on the new blog. You know, I’m retired, and I have nothing better to do…than…to… stay awake💤
VanGooliac Klaatu 6 months ago
The only way you’ll beat Mikeyyy is if you have a supercomputer like Deep Blue, only dedicated to posting on the blog instead of chess.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 6 months ago
Riping! Ripping!
Klaatu 6 months ago
I wonder if this episode of the Simpsons was directly lifted from this weeks movie?
VanGooliac Klaatu 6 months ago
It sure looks that way!
CountCurt Klaatu 6 months ago
There is no doubt about it
DrFish28136 Klaatu 6 months ago
Heads Up!
daDoctah Klaatu 6 months ago
Groening repeated the gag on "Futurama" when Fry's head had to be grafted onto Amy's body for a time while they grew him a cloned replacement body.
Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Well, surgery center called with a time for my eye surgery and some instructions. At 2:15 wed the 24th I go under the knife or whatever they use on eyes. I think Wednesday is a good day for this. Monday would probably still be hungover and Friday they might rush or start klinking early. Only thing is that it being at 2:15. I hope they clean the surgical instruments between surgeries. Oh well at least I’ll know if I will be two eyed again or have to buy an eye patch.
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Cartoondave Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Good vibes to you Mikeyyy
1MikeM Mikeyyy 6 months ago
I'm sending good vibes, Mikeyyy.
Mikeyyy Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Thank you everyone for the well wishes n vibes!
Katink Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Sending good blog vibes and cleansing yoga breaths your way, Mikeyyy!💕
CountCurt 6 months ago

I hope that Ray & Rosie don’t run in to these guys. If so, it would be a head on collision.
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