You Won't Find a Better Price than Vincent-See Why in "House on Haunted Hill" -Tonight!

Posted on November 25, 2023

Tonight on MeTV, we follow up Black Friday with an even Blacker Saturday-in a tale that mixes a gaggle of ghosts with domestic tension- and a group of needy subjects given the chance to gain wealth- if they can avoid losing their lives! It’s William Castle’s original 1959 version of “House on Haunted Hill”-starring Vincent Price!

As this beautifully clear remastered print of the film opens, we join a group of people, all strangers to each other, as they make their way to an unusual house being rented by Frederick Loren- a millionaire- and his sultry wife Annabelle. These five folks, invited by Frederick for some sort of unusual party, have one thing in common-they desperately need money. Frederick offers to fulfill those needs- by giving them the chance to get $10,000 each! There is, however, one stipulation- they must spend the entire night sealed up in this house, from midnight through to the next morning. It sounds simple enough- until it is revealed that this place is haunted by treacherous spirits- the ghosts of victims murdered here-who seem more than willing to welcome more to their number!

Adding more tension to the situation is the fact that Frederick and Annabelle are not exactly a loving couple- in fact, Frederick thinks that his wife tried to poison him to gain control of his wealth, while Annabelle (actually his fourth wife!) believes that HE was responsible for the deaths of his previous wives, and she suspects that he is planning something sinister for her with this sleepover party.

Among the guests who obviously realize this is not an episode of “Big Brother” is the house’s actual owner, Watson Pritchard, who relates the haunted history of the place- indeed, his own brother is among the spirits supposedly inhabiting the house. He gives the party a tour of the premises, including a dungeon-like cellar that includes its own acid pit- reputed to be the site of one of the murders. Before long, a few apparitions appear, causing some panic among the already uneasy guests.

Frederick lays down the contest rules, provides each guest with a gun for protection (will that have any effect on ghosts?!), and offers the final option that anyone who doesn’t want to play may leave. Unfortunately, they lose that choice when the caretaker couple of the house leave early, and lock the house up BEFORE the midnight starting point- leaving everyone stuck in the house, like it or not!

Thus begins the quest to try to survive until morning and gain the funds they need- as the guests encounter more frightening occurrences and what appears to be a death by suicide- or is it a murder? Suspicions arise that someone in the group may indeed BE a murderer- as terror and treachery stand in the way of survival!

We’ll have background information on our cast and the production, and talk about the gimmick William Castle invented for this film- a process he called “Emergo”! We’ll also bring you a song, promotion for a questionable mortgage finance company, and Nostalgiaferatoo playing spokesman for a new product. Additionally, we’ll bring you some vintage segments including clips from the film in Svensurround, a Sven appearance at a Chicago Blackhawks game, and more!

“House on Haunted Hill” opens its doors to you tonight at 8 pm eastern/ pacific, 7 central time. As usual, you can join in on the “Live-Tweet” posting during the show on Twitter- please add the hashtag #svengoolie to your posts. Those tweets have been keeping our show among the most-posted-about subjects just about every week. In the Chicago viewing area, due to high school football, there will be no Sven encore this week on CW26.

With holiday shopping in full swing, now is the time to do your shopping for all the Sven fans in your life here in our store -the MeTV Mall! You’ll find shirts, including t shirts, polos, and button-downs; hats, mugs, and more -with some new merchandise that includes the new members of our Sven Squad! Now is the time to order, to avoid items being sold out, and to make sure you will take delivery in time for holiday gift-giving!

And tonight, MeTV has a great gift for you-the opportunity to spend the night with me, Vincent Price and a gallery of ghosts! (Please note- the offer of $10,000 for staying through the entire show is NOT valid!)


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 during show

HoneyBee456 5 months ago
I think I’m going to have to go to the hospital today. I think my platelets have dropped. I’ve been bleeding and that really scares me. Don’t know who I’m going to get to feed HB. I could just cry
Carl_N_Brown HoneyBee456 5 months ago
Don't put it off. Take care.
abc123 5 months ago
There was No Minus in this movie! I did not believe they could surpass Shin Godzilla. I can hardly wait to see what they do next.
Katink abc123 5 months ago
Wonderful, abc! I'm looking forward to going to see it!
deadringer42 5 months ago
For those of you who saw my story of pocket and the opossum earlier this week, she caught it again tonight and I fear it may not have faired as well as it did the other night. It was breathing but there was blood. I hope I don’t have a little zombie opossum in my back yard.
PARANORMA deadringer42 5 months ago
Is any Pet Sematary conveniently located nearby?
deadringer42 PARANORMA 5 months ago
I have the pet kill cemetery in the back yard. 😁
PARANORMA deadringer42 5 months ago
Ahhh, gotcha.
deadringer42 deadringer42 5 months ago
Looks like it got away again.
MrsG 5 months ago
Don’t forget our beverages for the WAX MUSEUM ~

CountCurt MrsG 5 months ago
Those bring back memories.
RobBarnes MrsG 5 months ago
I liked the big lips they use to sell around Halloween.
Carl_N_Brown MrsG 5 months ago
I remember those.
Carl_N_Brown RobBarnes 5 months ago
I remember the wax lips too.
Cartoondave 5 months ago
Just curious does anyone know how long it's been since Svengoolie has shown the original King Kong (1933) or even the sequel Son of Kong (1933) ?
VanGooliac Cartoondave 5 months ago
I remember he showed Son of Kong a few years back.
I don’t think he ever showed the original King Kong.
DrSerizawa Cartoondave 5 months ago
I've just gone through the blog for about 7 years 2012-19 and the answer appears to be not at least since 2012.

Seeing all the films shown back then does illustrate that Sven's selection of films was once broader than we seem to be getting now. But just A& C Meet Frankenstein, but Hold that Ghost and the other scary films they did. Dracula's Daughter, all 3 Black Lagoons, several Godzillas, Mothra, etc etc. I have to assume the show had access to a wider variety of films than they do now
Drang DrSerizawa 5 months ago
It's easier to schedule movies for a local market than for a national one.
CountCurt 5 months ago

Honeybee I found the Goofy Grocer.

Discontented Milk was one of the gags.

VanGooliac CountCurt 5 months ago
I wonder if Night at the Museum(2006) was inspired by this!
CountCurt CountCurt 5 months ago

And Wiggley Gum
CountCurt VanGooliac 5 months ago
I think they got inspiration.

There was a relatively recent cartoon with Seth Rogan called Sausage Factory where all the grocery items come alive. The movie has a good premise but it is crude.
VanGooliac 5 months ago
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Deleted 5 months ago
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5 months ago
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Deleted 5 months ago
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Jack 5 months ago
_Jan_ is the common male name, equivalent to “John;” _hagel_ is “hail” (the frozen precipitation). Together, _Janhagel_ can refer to the common man, e.g., “John Q. Public,” or to the common rabble, “hoi polloi,” or even “low lifes.” Perhaps because the cookies are simple and easy to make? An alternative is that the granulated sugar on top resembles hail.
CountCurt 5 months ago
Thanks Dr
PatS 5 months ago
Thanks, Jack. Now I know what to look for in the "deleted" comment.
CountCurt 5 months ago
Good morning Jack.
Thanks for the explanation.
The pearl sugar on top does look like hail.
Yes relatively easy to make except in my case. My kitchen was a mess. Historically, the average Dutch did not have big ovens. They would and still do buy bread from the baker. They could bake cookies ( koekjes) in their ovens. I like Jan Hagel but my favourites were my mom’s Boeterkoek and gemberkoek.
Deleted 5 months ago
This comment has been removed.
PARANORMA 5 months ago
What a face, can tell he's a true BFF. But it's like he needs little wire-rimmed spectacles, no...?
Klaatu 5 months ago
Yes, wired rimmed spectacles would be hilarious 🤣. They would add to his look of intelligence. Tucker is so smart…give me 5 minutes and a treat and I will teach him a new trick.
CountCurt 5 months ago
There is a TV commercia we had in Canadian TV not sure if it was a Canadian or American commercial. It showed how dogs look like their masters. I also saw an exlax commercial pairing people with zoo animals.
Jack 5 months ago
From the newsletter: Costumed as Tabanga at Flashback Weekend was none other than Son of Friend of the Show, Aiden O’Connell! My, how he’s grown from a wee Batman!
RobBarnes Jack 5 months ago
Nice work whoever actually made it!
PatS Jack 5 months ago
It's not easy to see in this picture, but the eyes of the Tobanga were lit up -- and flashed!
PARANORMA 5 months ago
CountCurt, along with the rainy-day grocery cartoon, wasn't there an identically styled one set in a closed bookshop?
CountCurt PARANORMA 5 months ago
Paranorma, yes all the classic books came to life.
PARANORMA CountCurt 5 months ago
Whew, thought so. Could recall those same sorts of puns and celeb parodies riffing off the book titles. Thx.
CountCurt PARANORMA 5 months ago
Lots of fun
DrSerizawa 5 months ago
Perfect accompaniment to tomorrow's fun would be a clip of Stan Laurel eating wax fruit in Sons of the Desert. Too long to attach though.
CountCurt DrSerizawa 5 months ago
I remember that
Deleted 5 months ago
This comment has been removed.
VanGooliac 5 months ago
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Don’t forget the parsley!
NoPersonalChicks 5 months ago
Thanks for the great December lineup, Sven. Can't beat a double dose of Karloff, squaring off with Price followed by him and Béla. And the quintessential scream queen Wray. Kudos on the shoutout from Seth. Remember us little people.
PatS NoPersonalChicks 5 months ago
Oops. Sorry NPC. THE BLACK CAT is the name of two different films, 1934 and 1941. I'm pretty sure we're getting the one with no Karloff. Pooh.
MrsG 5 months ago
Here comes Sventa Claus , here comes Sventa Claus ~
*So much for bah humbug*
🎅 *_* 🎅
MrsG 5 months ago
This comment has been removed.
MrsG daDoctah 5 months ago
Hahaha yes ! With wee SvenElves *_*
HoneyBee456 5 months ago
CountCurt I think I found your cartoon. I replied to you below
CountCurt 5 months ago
Speaking of rain, I have fond memories of a cartoon. It is a rainy evening outside but inside the grocery store all the packaging comes to life. I recall a box of Niagara laundry soap with the falls running out of the package. I looked for it on YouTube with no success.
HoneyBee456 CountCurt 5 months ago
I think I found it is it called goofy groceries?
HoneyBee456 CountCurt 5 months ago
I just watched it on
CountCurt 5 months ago
Excited to see Mystery Of The Wax Museum tomorrow.
I was thinking about wax decorations. I recall that when I was small that we had wax candles of many characters. They were painted. I am certain that when they were burned they weren’t good for you.
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Jack HoneyBee456 5 months ago
I remember those guys! With indistinct features and the pale blondish hair, they looked like they were already melted.
Jack CountCurt 5 months ago
Once upon a time, candle wicks contained lead core (I guess so they’d stay vertical?). The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission didn’t ban these until 2003.
CountCurt Jack 5 months ago
The beautiful days of lead with children teething on windowsills painted with lead levels paint. The good old days!
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve, group! Here are some pics of the house that our party (16 in all) are staying at). It's rumored that the house's owners have used the fire pit for human sacriifces (LOL).
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Jack daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Cool retro console TV set! Will you be able to watch Svengoolie on it? [The wedding’s prob’ly right through Saturday prime time, isn’t it?]
TheKodakKid daleuhlmann 5 months ago
I’m certain a few cans of Blue Moon will be sacrificed over the next few days.
CountCurt daleuhlmann 5 months ago
I want to watch Perry Mason on that console tv.
RobBarnes CountCurt 5 months ago
and when we walked on the moon for the first time Count.
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