You May Be on the Menu when Trouble Brews with the “Killer Shrews”- Tonight!

Posted on August 27, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- it’s time to bring back a 1950s low-budget favorite- as a seemingly simple visit to deliver supplies to a remote island turns into a battle to survive the onslaught of mutated carnivorous creatures- yes, it’s the “Killer Shrews”!

This 1959 film, famous for its laughable special effects (and for the amount of alcohol consumption), begins aboard the boat of Captain Thorne Sherman, who, along with his first mate Rook, has been assigned to bring supplies to a scientific outpost on the aforementioned island.  Leaving the boat anchored offshore, they use a rowboat to transport the supplies to the island itself- where they meet its only inhabitants-scientist Marlowe Craigis, his beautiful daughter Ann, research assistant Dr. Baines, Ann’s boozy supposed fiancé Jerry, and their servant, Mario. Thorne is surprised when Craigis tells him he should leave immediately and take Ann with him- especially in view of the fact that a hurricane is heading for the island, and leaving now is not an option! Thorne plans to stay overnight in the scientist’s compound, while his associate Rook goes back out to their boat and batten it down to weather the storm.

Still unsure why he was being pressured to leave, Thorne is told about the research being done at the compound-Craigis wants to find a way to genetically shrink humans, in order to make the world’s food supply last longer! He has been experimenting with some small creatures with very short life spans, so he can trace his progress over multiple generations. These smelly little creatures- shrews-must consume multiple times their weight in food to survive- and therein lies the problem Craigis has not revealed to Thorne.

That problem is- the genetically altered shrews, instead of shrinking, have mutated and grown to enormous size! They  originally escaped the compound due to soused Jerry’s ineptitude- have multiplied rapidly- and now present a danger to that makes the hurricane the least of their worries.

Things only get worse- when tragedy befalls Rook- and the shrews, having devoured all the small animal life on the island, have the compound under siege every night in search of humans for their nocturnal feeding frenzies! We see first hand how Jerry is a scheming coward, only worried about his own survival- as the shrews’ attacks become more frightening, with them willing to do anything to get at the people. Craigis had the theory that, having no other food, the shrews would turn on each other and devour each other- but the storms effect on the compound has made it even more vulnerable to the shrews being able to break in. Adding to the problem- due to consuming poison bait that the scientist had hoped would kill them off, the mutated shrews have adapted to the poison- and now their bite is lethal!

Thorne must try to protect the group from both the shrews and the devilish lowlife Jerry- if they can escape the terrifying onslaught of the hungry beasts!

As I mentioned, this film is known for the somewhat laughable appearance of the shrews (played by disguised dogs and/or puppets) and for the fact that the cast is constantly downing martinis and other alcohol. We’ll tell you about the production and cast (including “Dukes of Hazzard” star James Best and “Gunsmoke” notable Ken Curtis) and bring you a commercial very suitable to the imbibing in this film, as well as a song, and- since the movie is a little short- a heaping assortment of Sven shtick from the past!

“Killer Shrews” will begin eating up your time tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. MeTV again invites you to join the many viewers who are live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie . This morning, Chicago area fans know they can watch an encore of “The Land Unknown” at 11 am on our man local station, CW26.

We have already locked in some appearances for the Halloween season- keep watching the “appearances” tab here on our website for them to be revealed- and there are some exciting plans for MeTV for our favorite month! Keep watching for more information.

Join us tonight when somebody has to pay their dues for creating mutant shrews!


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 during show

JimDowell 19 months ago
I'd like to see Svengoolie do a skit where The Invisible Agent tries to shave.
Drang 22 months ago
daleuhlmann 22 months ago
I got reception in a different room
I'll watch the show in there.
daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Bad rabbit ears reception tonight--very frustrating.
The1Butler 22 months ago
Well make sure to stop your elvira fan club app if your trying to be first, she will blind your eyes and steal your dreams 🦇 but mainly apps slow your phone .
Katink 22 months ago
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The1Butler Katink 22 months ago
Ugh i was going chores so i dont have to do any all weekend, that's the plan 😅
Klaatu Katink 22 months ago
Everyone is at their keyboard tapping incessantly the Refresh button.
Katink The1Butler 22 months ago
Good plan, Butler!
Katink Klaatu 22 months ago
Kyle 22 months ago
567 miles from home at my little shack in the mountains.

Off the grid, except for getting cell signal if I leave my phone in the window.

Also in the recently de-Svengoolied part of the world.

Got the Frndly subscription, though, so I am still with you!
Katink Kyle 22 months ago
Good to hear from you, Kyle! Have a peaceful off-the-grid visit!
The1Butler Kyle 22 months ago
Can u use frndly at your shack?
Kyle The1Butler 22 months ago
If I leave my phone in the right place.

Best Buy looks to have a deal an a 32" tv that I can mirror to for $129. Unknown if it will work on a cheap inverter or how much power it uses.

Only have 45w solar and 100ah of battery up here.
Kyle Katink 22 months ago
Is a kind of working vacation, helping work on the ex's place. Last trip was hanging sheetrock, this trip is linoleum in the bathroom/utility room and some plumbing.
DrFish28136 Kyle 22 months ago
May the Sven be with You!
FARMGAL56 22 months ago
I posted a couple of hours ago, but I'm not seeing it!
Katink FARMGAL56 22 months ago
Hey there, FARMGAL! The blog has been weird over the last several weeks. Some posts disappear, but when you "red name" the author, the comments show up, but it won't connect to the comment in conversation. Other times, a person's reply will show up int the thread as having been deleted., but can be viewed using the "red name" method. Anyway, good to see you, Sven-sister! I've missed you!
PatS FARMGAL56 22 months ago
Moving again? That's a headache, all right. Good vibes to you -- hope you can take Saturday evening off.
abc123 22 months ago
186 dollar paycheck says movie snack is going to be popcorn.
Cessna1960 22 months ago
The movie "Frogs" as some of you might know was filmed at Eden State Park in the Florida panhandle just north of Seaside/Seagrove Beach in the Santa Rosa Beach is just over an hours drive south of where I live in south family and I visited the park about a year or so after the movie was filmed in 1973-4 time frame....I was a teenager at the time and I couldn't concentrate on the beauty of the park because after having seen the the film , I was terrified we would run into frogs , snakes , lizards, spiders and all the creepy crawlies featured in the film !....The mansion in the movie is called the Wesley House and is open nearly year round for tours...what a lot of people don't know is the mansion is a popular place to hold weddings....a vast majority of the frogs used in the movie were imported because that particular species isn't native to Florida...The Tarantula spiders were also brought in as well...I remember my Dad asking the tour guide how many of the frogs , snakes and such were recaptured after filming....The tour guide said many were just let go free that couldn't be accounted for !.....all that being said though , it really is a beautiful place with lovely gardens , grounds, pools and such....
JimDowell Cessna1960 19 months ago
Thanks for the information, Cessna!
The1Butler 22 months ago
Who will make that leap to star status as first blogger 👽the truth is out there .
Aceman2 22 months ago
Aceman2 Aceman2 22 months ago
Aceman2 Aceman2 22 months ago
The1Butler Aceman2 22 months ago
I like the jumpy one best !👍🏻🐸
Lucyc 22 months ago
In terms of where this movie falls into in the history of actor Sam Elliott's career, it's p.m. That stands for "pre-mustache."
Aceman2 22 months ago
I often visit a feral cat colony at Core Creek Park-Langhorne PA. During fall 2015 and winter 2016, a large-scale TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) project was undertaken. The project was only possible through community collaboration. County officials, shelters, rescue organizations, veterinarians, police officers, and others got involved. 457 cats from the park were trapped. More than half of the cats were determined to be adoptable. 157 cats who were returned to the park now live in a safe environment with volunteer caregivers. The shelter in the picture is one of many that were built by prisoner volunteers who requested to be part of the project. Except for the caregivers, no one is allowed to interact with the colony.
daleuhlmann Aceman2 22 months ago
Wonderful endeavor, Aceman!
PatS Aceman2 22 months ago
Nice kitties! Bet they keep down the vermin population, too.
Jack 22 months ago
In response to Pat S’s suggestion:

Vincent Price’s Toad in the Hole
Heat 1 tablespoon cooking oil in a shallow 9×12-inch baking tin. Put in 1 pound of Vienna sausages. Prick lightly with fork and fry for 5 minutes.

Have all the ingredients at room temperature. Sift into bowl: 1 scant cup flour and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Stir in 1 cup milk. Beat until frothy: 2 eggs. Beat into the batter. Let batter stand for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to hot – 400 degrees F [200 degrees C / 180 degrees C for fan oven / gas mark 6]. Heat baking tin with sausages and fat in the hot oven. Pour batter into tin and put in the hot oven. Bake for 20 minutes and reduce heat to moderate – 350 degrees F [175 degrees C / 155 degrees C for fan oven / gas mark 4]. Bake 10 to 15 minutes longer, or until batter is browned and puffy.

Vincent Price’s MINI Toad in the Holes
So for my mini toads I did the following: I put about 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil in each dip of a muffin tray, added the cocktail sausages and popped the muffin tray in a 180 degrees C fan oven for 3 minutes to get the oil hot. I then added the batter (about a dessert spoon for each toad) and baked in the middle of my oven for 20 minutes.
[From Silver Screen Suppers:]
PatS Jack 22 months ago
Thanks, Jack!
The1Butler 22 months ago
Time for howling mad mudock !
The1Butler The1Butler 22 months ago
Murdock ?
MrsG The1Butler 22 months ago
🦜 Perrtty Bird 🦜
Drang 22 months ago
At the fair...
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Drang Jack 22 months ago
Negative. Washington, as opposed to the other Washington, AKA swampland...
Jack The1Butler 22 months ago
…Or the World Wildlife Fund!
Jack Drang 22 months ago
Oh, that fair just started today! Texas Deb’s sister in Minnesota has given us reviews of the cuisine at the Minnesota State Fair.
Lucyc Drang 22 months ago
The price of food everywhere is obscene. Those food vendors are probably going to find out that business has taken a turn for the worst. Lots of people will do good to pay for the rides, and probably just buy cotton candy or some funnel cakes they can share.
MADave 22 months ago
Hey dale I need a favor could you please send me the link to the article regarding Svengoolie from yesterday's walk street journal to my cell phone?
MADave MADave 22 months ago
Disregard that post my sister printed it out for me thanks anyway!
Aceman2 22 months ago
PatS Aceman2 22 months ago
Good cast. But who-in-heck can keep up with a cast of over a dozen? (Shrews had only seven.) Also wastes time for the film to introduce everybody and relationships. I try to set up a "score card" in advance.
Aceman2 PatS 22 months ago
I would agree PatS.
Aceman2 22 months ago
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