Ygor and Sven's "Brother" Fraido Create Basket Cases with the "Ghost of Frankenstein"- Tonight!

Posted on April 16, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- you can knock on wood that a certain dummy from the Svengoolie family ( one besides Sven) steps in to provide a week’s respite from werewolves-in the film that reprises Bela Lugosi’s gripping portrayal of Ygor- who is out to help his massive “friend” return to full power – and deviously try to help himself to said power- in "Ghost of Frankenstein"!

Outraged citizens of the village that Dr. Frankenstein called home feel their homeland is cursed by his legacy-poverty and anguish seem to hang over them like a dismal cloud. They feel that all of tragedies that the Frankenstein family has inflicted on them are the reason for their condition- so they decide to destroy what's left of the Frankenstein castle, in hopes it will lift the curse. They storm the castle, ready to level the evil place- and finally be rid of the wily Ygor, who somehow survived what we thought was his death in the previous film “Son of Frankenstein” and still resides among the wreckage. As they advance with their attack, Ygor realizes he must escape, and heads down to the castle's catacombs- where he discovers the Monster, hidden and preserved in sulfur (after his fall into the sulfur pit in the previous film)! Since it cannot be killed- the Monster is still alive- but devastatingly weakened. Ygor helps the Monster sneak away from the mob destroying the castle, stumbling out into a thunderstorm- where a freak lightning strike helps to re-energize the undying creature! This gives Ygor hope that there may be a way to restore the Monster to his old powerful self- but the only one with the right knowledge to do so would have to be- another Frankenstein! The lone Frankenstein offspring he knows of is surviving son Ludwig Frankenstein, who now practices medicine in Bavaria.

So- the fiendish Odd Couple wend their way there, to the place where  Ludwig’s work has met great acclaim. His remarkable research has brought about a major breakthrough in brain surgery- being able to remove a damaged brain- repair it- and then put it BACK in the patient's skull - totally cured! At his side to assist him are two colleagues- Dr Kettering, and one Dr. Bohmer- who was originally his teacher, but was disgraced after a surgical error. Bohmer is grateful for Ludwig’s standing by him in spite of that mishap- but still, he is bitter and more than a little jealous of his protégé’s achievements.

The citizens of Vasaria are treated to Ygor and the Monster making a scene when the Monster innocently tries to help a young girl retrieve her ball. The townspeople, remembering what the Monster has done with another small girl ( you remember, as well-the one he thought would float like a flower?) think the massive brute has grabbed the child with evil intent! It takes many men to take the still powerful Monster into custody! Ygor hides from the crowd, dismayed by their capture of his “friend”.

He realizes that only Dr Frankenstein might be able to save his father's creation. By coincidence, the town authorities also feel that perhaps the doctor can help them deal with the huge silent brute they have restrained. Ygor secretly drops by the doctor’s clinic, and, in no uncertain terms, tells the doctor that he will reveal Ludwig’s familial ties to the hulking menace to everyone- unless he steps in to help the Monster!

Ludwig visits town to help the authorities with their powerful captive- who, upon seeing the doctor, smiles as if in recognition of some family resemblance. As usual, his treatment enrages the Monster, who breaks free and escapes from the police with the help of Ygor. The fugitives take refuge in a hidden part of Ludwig’s clinic, but soon the doctor's lovely daughter finds out the truth about her father's family; and Ludwig finds himself at odds with whether to destroy the monster through dissection- or to restore his father’s creation to his previous power, as he is urged to do by- his father's ghost! (Yes, that’s where the title of this movie comes from!) Bohmer's jealousy and yearning to have his genius recognized and his standing in the scientific community restored leads to some double-crossing as he aligns himself with Ygor -to pull off a dastardly plan that can only make the Monster even more deadly!

This 1942 film falls in the Frankenstein series between “Son of Frankenstein" and "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man", which we will air next week. It gives us the final performance by Bela Lugosi as Ygor- with Lon Chaney Jr. taking on the role of the Monster. Sir Cedric Hardwicke is Ludwig, Lionel Atwill is his aide Bohmer, and stock Universal player Evelyn Ankers is Ludwig’s daughter Elsa. Learn about the cast and the production, and enjoy a visit with the funny and adorable Dana Delorenzo of the late great “Ash VS Evil Dead" TV show – along with the whole movie framed around my "brother" Fraido taking over the show-while I am allegedly out on jury duty! Between him and Sventoonie, we are in the grip of a puppet regime!

"Ghost of Frankenstein" hits your screen on MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central – if necessary, check local listings or at www.metv.com for time and channel in your area. MeTV invites you to again join the scores of Sven fans who live-Tweet during the show on Twitter, keeping our program trending right at the top of the list across the nation- just make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie . Chicago area viewers can enjoy a second look at Larry Talbot becoming “The Wolf Man”- at 11 am on our CW26 station!

We will be dedicating tonight’s show to our friend Gilbert Gottfried, who passed away this week. Any time he visited our dungeon studio, we knew there would be so many laughs in store. We hope to pay tribute to him in a future program. We were so honored to have him as a fan- and as a friend.

Thanks to everyone who attended the live stage show anniversary of the classic radio showcase “Those Were the Days” last Sunday in Chicago. Appearing as my alter ego, it was great fun to help recreate some classic radio shows- including a George Burns and Gracie Allen routine. It was a great surprise to learn that some of the celebrity participants were longtime fans of our show! Look for more about this event- and Gilbert- in our next monthly newsletter.

We wish those celebrating it a happy Easter tomorrow- while tonight, that bad egg Ygor leads the Monster to turn his enemies into basket cases on MeTV!

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 during show

daleuhlmann 9 months ago
The working title of this movie was THE WOLF MAN MEETS FRANKENSTEIN, which is really a more accurate description of the movie's plot than its final title. Larry Talbot ventures out in search of Dr. Frankenstein and finds his daughter Elsa, played by Ilona Massey.
MaeBenito daleuhlmann 8 months ago
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1MikeM 9 months ago
...and now it's time for The Late Late Late Show...tonight it's CHARLIE CHAN AND THE GALLOPING GHOST OF MYSTERY GULCH
Shayla 1MikeM 9 months ago
Is that a movie??
The1Butler Shayla 9 months ago
Hey you we started the new blog . Dont be late 🤣
1MikeM Shayla 9 months ago
...just kidding again Shayla! That's not really a movie. It was from the comedy tv series The Honeymooners from the 1950s. Ed Norton was watching that on the tv in an episode where Ralph and Ed buy a tv set.
Shayla 1MikeM 9 months ago
You dirty, dirty bird.
1MikeM 9 months ago
...and dat was da Ghost of Frankenstein...and dat's da name a dat tune.
Drang 9 months ago
Shayla Drang 9 months ago
Wolf Man: “You wants go?!”
Frankenstein: “Your fur don’t scare me!!”
The1Butler Drang 9 months ago
How does he shave so fast!
The1Butler Shayla 9 months ago
Wolfman vs Frankenstein
Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
Frankenstein versus The Wolfman!! I know!!
Drang The1Butler 9 months ago
I wish I knew.
Shayla Drang 9 months ago
He uses a powerful hair dryer!!🤣
Shayla 9 months ago
Pat: Saw ur post bout y’all meeting each other. Of course I miss it all. I won’t be able to make it in August. I will not be able to travel till next year cause I’m still living with my parents. Can’t wait to get out! I understand bout the personal info. I just want to get to know y’all without having the public on the blog to see. Ya understand? I claim y’all are friends because of what we have in common, but I feel like I don’t know y’all well enough. Hope y’all understand!
PatS Shayla 9 months ago
Hey, after 8 years or so of this, I still don't know where some folks live or what they do for a living. It's a mixed blessing -- you can be as anonymous as you choose. For sure we ARE friends!
Shayla PatS 9 months ago
Oh alright! I’m glad to have a fun friend like you FOR SURE!! That goes for everyone else on here too!
Kyle 9 months ago
Over 3500 for the week. Not bad.
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Shayla Kyle 9 months ago
Got a point there Kyle! I so agree!
Kyle Shayla 9 months ago
I have always had a point.

I wear a hat, so nobody sees it.
The1Butler Kyle 9 months ago
Yeah is a goofy statement
Shayla Kyle 9 months ago
Shayla 9 months ago
Aceman: Thanks!! I haven’t been to the zoo in bout 10 years!! Like I said they didn’t have every animal out due to the heat. If they did, I would’ve had more pics!!
Drang 9 months ago
I see that Weigle's Movie channel is showing John Carpenter's Dark Star tonight.
That'd be a hoot for Sven to show.
(Meanwhile, the channel that is supposed to be MeTV+ here still mirrors MeTV over the air.)
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LmerFudd Shayla 9 months ago
Sven showed it a few months ago. A 1950s classic.
Jack Drang 9 months ago
Oooo _Dark Star_! I saw that in college… it was written by and starred Dan O’Bannon, who later wrote _Alien_ (and about thirty other sci fi or horror films).
Shayla LmerFudd 9 months ago
Yeah!! I watched when he showed it!!
Shayla Jack 9 months ago
Smarty pants!!🤓
Shayla 9 months ago
Impractical Jokers are hilarious!!🤣🤣
Shayla 9 months ago
Jack: The bright red one. The mostly black with white on it.
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Jack Shayla 9 months ago
This one is a scarlet ibis...

This guy is a king vulture...
Shayla Jack 9 months ago
Thanks on the first bird! I knew the Vulture. Guess I wasn’t specific enough…. What’s this one?
Jack Shayla 9 months ago
It’s a female or immature yellow-knobbed currasow.
Shayla Jack 9 months ago
Thank you Jack!!
Shayla 9 months ago
Lmurr: Don’t ever think that I would be offended. I’m not 27 though.
LmerFudd Shayla 9 months ago
Okay-dokey. Being into classic horror movies, you're wise beyond your years
Shayla LmerFudd 9 months ago
Thank you!! I get a lot!!
Shayla 9 months ago
Evening pals!! I have my phone!!
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The1Butler Shayla 9 months ago
I forgot , a couple weeks ago . Maybe Gasbte too
Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
So around the same time as me…. good enough guess!
PatS Shayla 9 months ago
Dale (and his twin brother Dave) are April 6. Carrie is March 14; Catbat is March 15. Now we can add TheButler. Scottie and Kodak Kid are both February 12.
Shayla PatS 9 months ago
So we got 3 birthdays in April!! At least I’m not the only one! Dale, my ram pal!!
MrsG 9 months ago
Good evening my SvenFriends ~
I hear that there’s going to be a beatdown in Vassaria tomorrow night ~ so who’s the money on , Frankie or Wolfie ?
Should be about as good as KING KONG vs. GODZILLA !
It never ends well , , , but what will end well , for one fleet-fingered fiend , is the mad dash at midnight ~
Good luck ALL ~ my $’s on , , ,
to be continued , , ,
💛 Love Yinz 💙
Katink MrsG 9 months ago
I'm getting sleepy, MrsG 😴
MrsG Katink 9 months ago
You look like a scaredy-cat !
No tarantulas In this one Girl !
I’m pooping out too ~ nitey nite !
💤 😴 💤
Katink MrsG 9 months ago
Sleep tight, MrsG!
The1Butler 9 months ago
I forgot i was first this week 🕺im feeling my reign is about over 👑
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Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
Compete to be first again!!👑
TheKodakKid The1Butler 9 months ago
That’s what Dracula said!
Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
🩸 Now ur talking my language!
The1Butler TheKodakKid 9 months ago
Yes he did ! 🧛‍♂️
NoPersonalChicks 9 months ago
Happy 85th, Jack.
Jack NoPersonalChicks 9 months ago
Comparison to Victor Sjöstöm’s 1921 _Körkarlen_ (_The Phantom Carriage_):
HB jack ! Heres comes Johnny !
1MikeM Jack 9 months ago
Wouldn't it be funny if the door wasn't locked?
Shayla 1MikeM 9 months ago
And he never knew!!🤣
MADave 9 months ago
Tomorrow possibly after cartoons I am on a mission to find the last 4 seasons of the original Hawaii Five-0 at my local media store
The1Butler MADave 9 months ago
The originals are better than i remembered! I did like the remake series also .
MADave The1Butler 9 months ago
Yes Scott Cahn is really good as Danny and he so resembles his father James
1MikeM MADave 9 months ago
Admiral James T. Kirk would say "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
Shayla MADave 9 months ago
Good luck Dave!!!! Have fun!!
Lucyc 9 months ago
As a Hammer film fan, I always like to analyze the difference approach that they took with their take on the Frankenstein monster as opposed to the one taken by Universal. Of course, the main reason they had to differentiate to start with was because they didn't want to run afoul of Universal's copyright to the character. Tomorrow I am going to pay special attention to how Lugosi plays Ole' Frankie, but-in general
Shayla Lucyc 9 months ago
They will change some things so there is no copyright. As long as your final decision is that Bela was Franktastic, spot the difference!! All the more to you!!🤗🤣
daleuhlmann Lucyc 9 months ago
Looking forward to your post tomorrow, Lucy!
MrsG Lucyc 9 months ago
💕 We Love Lucy 💕
Lucyc Lucyc 9 months ago
Sorry about that-dumb thing posts if you just sneeze it seems.
As I was saying, though the Universal movies always point out that the "monster" has been inadvertently given not only a psychologically defective criminal mind, but a physically damaged one as well-though there is some characterization of the monster as having some perception of him being different, and subsequently rejected, and understandable anger. Mostly, though, it seems that the monster, as portrayed by Karloff, is trying to find a way to cope with this new existence thrust upon him, and-depending on the movie-either decides on a suicide mission, input on what kind of brain he wants, or just a slave with no will of his own.
As for Hammer, with the exception of a few of the productions, they examined how the new "creature" was traumatized by regaining consciousness and-at some point- seeing different face looking back at them in some mirror.
Lucyc 9 months ago
Hello, gang.
First, let me give my condolences to MADave concerning the loss of his niece. Good thoughts and prayers to his family-and also to anyone else facing any adversity at this time
On a happier note-welcome back, Shayla! Hope you can hang around for a while.

I want to read that article about Lon Chaney, Jr. I have always thought that he had more talent than he got credit for, though some of that-to be fair-was brought on by his own actions. You can't give an admirable, memorable performance if there isn't talent there somewhere.
There's another idea I would like to expound on further, but I'll do that in another post shortly.😁
Shayla Lucyc 9 months ago
Hello Lucy!! Long time!! Thanks!! Glad to see your still here!! Hope ya doing well!!
Lucyc Shayla 9 months ago
Thankfully, I'm doing pretty good right now.
Shayla Lucyc 9 months ago
Good to hear!!
MADave Lucyc 9 months ago
Thanks for the kind words Lucy she was 1 in a million
daleuhlmann 9 months ago
For tomorrow's movie, we remain in Vassaria, but we switch directors, from Erle C. Kenton to Roy William Neill. I'll have more to say about Mr. Neill tomorrow, but let's first consider the career of Mr. Kenton, the director of THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN.

This was not the first horror film Kenton had directed. Nine years earlier, in 1933, he had directed one of the grimmest, most envelope-pushing horror movies released during the pre-Code era, Paramount's ISLAND OF LOST SOULS. He would go on to helm several more Universal shockers, its two final monster mashes, HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and HOUSE OF DRACULA, and the 1946 mystery-chiller, THE CAT CREEPS.

Surprisingly, Kenton's forte and background were not in horror or melodrama, but comedy. He had started out working for Mack Sennett, first, as a Keystone Kop, and later as a writer and director. During the 1940s, between his horror film assignments, Kenton directed several comedies for Universal, including three of Abbott and Costello's better vehicles from that period, PARDON MY SARONG, WHO DONE IT? and IT AIN'T HAY.

I had mentioned in previous posts how comedy directors have used some of the skills from that genre (logical use of contrivances, timing, and pacing) and transferred them effectively to the horror medium, since such material also demands attention paid to these same features.

Besides Kenton, four other comedy directors who made effective horror and sci-fi films were A. Edward Sutherland, Charles Barton, Arthur Lubin, and Edward Bernds. Sutherland was W. C. Fields' favorite director, yet he also helmed, for Paramount, one of its most audacious pre-Code chillers, MURDERS IN THE ZOO.

Similarly, Abbott and Costello's favorite director, Barton, helmed the classic horror-comedy ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (even his earlier film with the team, THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES, featured some horror mood, in the genuinely chilling seance sequence). Speaking of Abbott and Costello, there had earlier been Arthur Lubin, who had directed their first five starring vehicles for Universal Lubin later directed the studio's lavish 1943 Technicolor remake of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, with Claude Rains.

Finally, we have Edward Bernds, who had earlier directed the Three Stooges at Columbia from 1946 to 1952. He later did more macabre fare like WORLD WITHOUT END, QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, RETURN OF THE FLY, and VALLEY OF THE DRAGONS.

Perhaps screams and laughs are not all that different after all.
Shayla daleuhlmann 9 months ago
Thank you so much Dale!! Our Horror Encyclopedia!! Different: maybe not!!🤣😏
daleuhlmann Shayla 9 months ago
You're welcome, Shayla!
Aceman2 daleuhlmann 9 months ago
Thanks Dale for reminding me of QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE. Sven and the bloggers would have lots of fun with Zsa Zsa Gabor and crew
TheKodakKid daleuhlmann 9 months ago
Dale, I’m sure that you’re familiar with the old saying about actors, “If you can do comedy, you can do anything.” Maybe the same is true of directors.
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