Welcome Back, Clotter- Bela Lugosi is Taking Blood Samples Once More in "Return of the Vampire"- Tonight!

Posted on September 23, 2023

Tonight on MeTV, it’s a notable vampire film-that ostensibly returned the great Bela Lugosi in the familiar role of an undead caped menace that the grave could not imprison, who seeks revenge against the family that tried to end his practice of making unauthorized transfusions a generation ago in the 1943 chiller “Return of the Vampire” ( but not one certain vampire – we’ll explain later)!

Sir Fredrick Fleet of Scotland Yard is going over notes written almost a quarter century ago by an Oxford professor- one Walter Saunders-describing an unbelievable incident. It involves a vampire, aided by a werewolf lackey, having sought out the whereabouts of one of his victims. She had been taken to the clinic of doctor Lady Jane Ainsley, who was baffled by the cause of the female victim’s anemia ( but I think WE know the cause). Living on the premises of the clinic, unfortunately, were the Lady’s son and Saunders’ grand-daughter. When the vampire arrived, finding that he could not get to his original victim since she was not alone- he attacked the vulnerable young girl! Meanwhile, the original victim had passed away- and Prof. Saunders spent the night reading a treatise about vampires, written some two hundred years ago by one Armand Tesla.

The next morning, he saw the telltale signs on the deceased woman’s neck-marks on it that made him believe she was a victim of -a vampire! He met with difficulty in getting Lady Jane to believe such a fantastic claim- until they discovered the young grand-daughter Nikki now bore the same marks! Miraculously, they managed to save her and, knowing that some action must be taken against this supernatural enemy- the Prof. and Lady Jane searched the cemetery- ready to drive a spike through the vampire’s heart! They succeeded in their mission (at least for the time being)- and, with the vampire’s demise, his werewolf assistant returned to his human form, released from the curse by the vampire’s death.

We return to the present- 24 years later- and some grim news; Sir Fredrick of the Yard demands that the body of this alleged vampire must be found- because, if things match the descriptions in the notes, he has no alternative but to accuse Lady Jane of murder- since there is no actual proof that the victim in question was a genuine vampire- and she would have killed a living person! Lady Jane insists that her victim was a two hundred year old vampire- in fact, Armand Tesla himself- whose morbid fascination with vampires was what caused him to become one (not quite the usual vampire lore we’ve learned in previous movies, but…)!

Back at her clinic, Lady Jane informs her son John, now an adult, about the possible charge against her. They know they can validate her claim if they just find the body, and it see that it hasn’t decomposed! They make a point of refraining from telling any of this to Nikki- the grand-daughter who was attacked by Tesla, and is also now an adult, as well as John’s fiancée. The reason for the secrecy is obvious-they feel it would be psychologically harmful to remind her of her childhood brush with the vampire!

Overhearing their plans is Andreas- the former lycanthrope assistant to Tesla , restored to humanity by his “master’s” demise, and now working at the clinic. When he hears about the plans to find Tesla’s body, he is truly upset, recalling the horrors of his werewolf past.

In a tragic coincidence, since World War II is being waged at this time, a bombing raid on the area causes some damage at the very cemetery where Tesla is interred-and bizarre circumstances lead to Tesla being revived! Andreas, sent by Lady Jane to pick up a visiting scientist who escaped from the Nazis to work for the Allies’ cause, encounters his old master- and reverts to his werewolf form! Once again doing the vampire’s bidding, he arranges for Tesla to assume the identity of the scientist - and begin his scheme to take revenge on Lady Jane and her loved ones!

We’ll explain on our program that this film was actually planned as a sort of sequel to Lugosi’s original “Dracula”-and you’ll learn why that had to be changed. We’ll present information about the cast, which, besides Bela, includes the lovely Nina Foch, plus a song, a commercial for a must-have product for vampire hunters, and lots of bonus Sven-tertainment- including a look at our visit this summer to the Windy City Thunderbolts; interviews with cast members of a certain more contemporary vampire movie, as well as an encore of our visit with our pal WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler; and two of our talented friends whose voices are very familiar to fans- Rob Paulsen and Maurice La Marche- and a new addition to our show!

"Return of the Vampire" awaits you on Me-TV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central, or, if unsure of station and time in your area, please check your local listings or at www.metv.com . MeTV encourages you to live-Tweet ( or X) along with the scores of Sven fans on Twitter/X during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie at the end of all your posts! Chicago viewers can enjoy a second look-if they can stand it- at the frightening face of “Mr. Sardonicus” at 11 am on our main local channel, CW26.

Get ready for a full month of scares- including double features of our show-all October with “Svengoolie’s Halloween BOO-nanza”! See lots of our favorite MeTV shows that deal with the scary and bizarre! Look for the schedule soon!

Please join us tonight on MeTV for Bela being back- and back to his plasma-filching old habits!

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 during show

1MikeM 2 months ago
...and now it's time for The Late, Late, Late Show. Charlie Chan and the Galloping Ghost of Mystery Gulch.
Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago

(hee hee hee I'll post photos of my cat Turbo and while everyone is going "awwww pretty kitty" I'll sneak over the new movie blog. Mwah-ha-ha-ha)
Katink Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
Awwwww, what a pretty kitty, Carl!
Carl_N_Brown Katink 2 months ago
(My plot is working!)
Mikeyyy Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
Hello turbo!
HoneyBee456 Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
Such a pretty kitty
Drang 2 months ago
I'm not working tonight, but Ghost is snoozing on my speed-posting hand, so Mikeyyyyyyy's title may be safe.
Katink Drang 2 months ago
Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. . . .
deadringer42 2 months ago
My second favorite farside cartoon.
Why? You ask: that was the name of the elementary school I went to i Michigan as a weee lad. 😁
And all of us on this blog are just a little “gifted”
Klaatu deadringer42 2 months ago
I have a T-Shirt with this Far Side printed on it. I never word it because i cherish it❤️
foamergirl deadringer42 2 months ago
That’s a favorite of mine too!
Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago

Klaatu Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
We need a Werewolf 👍
Katink Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
Beautiful shot, Carl!
Klaatu Drang 2 months ago
Ha! You got it👍🥵
Klaatu 2 months ago
I’m out with the wife and kids getting ready for the New Blog mad rush (from which I’m retired🤣), and here is my Preparation Sven:
daleuhlmann Klaatu 2 months ago
I like the way you think! KLINK!🥂
foamergirl Klaatu 2 months ago
Those are sure pretty!
Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
I spotted stealthy gray flying saucers hiding in the clouds over my neighborhood.

Hopefully I won't get abducted before tomorrow's movie.
HoneyBee456 2 months ago
HoneyBee456 LmerFudd 2 months ago
Have a good night
daleuhlmann HoneyBee456 2 months ago
Good night, Honeybee!
HoneyBee456 daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Good night dale
1MikeM HoneyBee456 2 months ago
Good night HoneyBee456!
Cartoondave 2 months ago
I'll have to snap a pic of the Halloween decorations on my lot it's done every and someone puts out skeletons sitting on lounge chairs sitting by a campfire
daleuhlmann 2 months ago
I know I've raised questions about continuity problems and unanswered questions in THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE, but, overall, it is still one of my favorite 1940s horror movies: eerie and atmospheric, and with one of Bela Lugosi's best starrling performances for a major studio (not for a Poverty Row outfit, like Monogram). I also like Freida Inescort's strong, feminist character as Tesla's adversary. Here are three other assets):

1) "MCT's" (Thereman's anagram) musical score. Some critics have knocked it as redundant, and not as effective as Hans J. Salter's and Charles Previn's more spirited music
for such Universal horror films as SON OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE WOLF MAN, but I've always found it
It appropriately mysterious and grim.

2) The movie's abundant fog, including scenes of the vampire or his shadow disappearing in swirling mist, sometimes accompanied by clasps of thunder.

3) Such memorable touches as the wind blowing through Nikki's open bedroom window, causing breeze-blown leaves to litter the floor as Tesla calls to her, and the copious room-level fog during his first attack on Nikki.

4) Tesla's plan to gain revenge on Lady Jane "through those she loves the most." This was a plot twist that, as one reviewer commented, was new to vampire movies at the time, and that was used in some of Hammer's later Dracula films.

Thereman daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Great points one and all, sir! When I go to do these write ups, I usually have to listen to the movie music at least once. This one was one that I needed to listen to several times, and w ever grew tired of it.
Like MANY, if not MOST movies 🎥 we can easily find faults with ROTV, but at the end of the discussion, it’s one of my faves. Admittedly, I’m always partial to older black & white movies/ television shows in general, but this is a good one!
Thereman Thereman 2 months ago
Should have been “never got tired of”…AAARGH!
MrsG daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Thanks to You Professor Horror , I appreciate the Classics ALL the more 🧛
daleuhlmann Thereman 2 months ago
Thanks, Thereman!
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 2 months ago
RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE has so many good points about it, the few flaws are easily forgiveable.
CountCurt daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Thanks Dale. I enjoyed these assets. In particular, I liked #4 Revenge.
Also, for me the Nazi war element added modernity to a classic gothic story. Ancient horror meets modern horror. History repeats itself. What are our worst fears?
DrFish28136 2 months ago
HoneyBee456 DrFish28136 2 months ago
MrsG DrFish28136 2 months ago
👊 See that fist ~ Doc’s gonna get popped !
HoneyBee456 DrFish28136 2 months ago
That’s hilarious
MrsG 2 months ago
Dumb joke du jour ~

May come in handy for Happy Hour before Svengoolie ? !
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HoneyBee456 Klaatu 2 months ago
I watched that show every day when I was in the hospital
CountCurt MrsG 2 months ago
Lol. Is this what they mean by wet bar?
MrsG CountCurt 2 months ago
Hahaha that’s it CountCurt *_*
Mikeyyy 2 months ago
12 Eastern, 11 central, 10 mountain, 9 pacific…
Mikeyyy Mikeyyy 2 months ago
For honeybees question
HoneyBee456 Mikeyyy 2 months ago
Thanks Mikeyyy. Good luck
Mikeyyy HoneyBee456 2 months ago
I took two naps today I’m ready!
HoneyBee456 Mikeyyy 2 months ago
I bet you are
HoneyBee456 2 months ago
When trying to get first place, do you go by eastern time zone?
PatS HoneyBee456 2 months ago
Yep. The blog flips at midnight EST (or EDT). 11 pm for me, 9 pm for the Westies. Maybe 6 pm if we have any viewers in Hawaii?
Aceman2 2 months ago
We also drove through Newtown PA, a town that dates back to the late 1600’s with beautiful old stone homes and colorful Victorians. We came upon this home whose owner got a head start on Halloween and went way over the top with the decorations.
daleuhlmann Aceman2 2 months ago
Wonderful decorations!
HoneyBee456 Aceman2 2 months ago
Aceman that’s something else. All those big spiders
MrsG Aceman2 2 months ago
Ahh tis the Season Aceman ~ it’s getting festive around here too (but I am not as good a photographer) ~
💀 🎃 👻
Mikeyyy Aceman2 2 months ago
Klaatu Aceman2 2 months ago
I’m jealous 😆. I always were people keep these massive decorations.
HoneyBee456 Klaatu 2 months ago
Klaatu I wouldn’t have anywhere to store them. My house would probably fit inside your house it’s so small lol
CountCurt Aceman2 2 months ago
It is too beautiful to be a haunted house.
HoneyBee456 2 months ago
Any thoughts on tomorrow’s movie?
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HoneyBee456 Mikeyyy 2 months ago
Ok will do
HoneyBee456 Mikeyyy 2 months ago
I did . He’s pretty cool
Thereman HoneyBee456 2 months ago
Coffee never works for me, in fact I can have a cup and sleep after.
HoneyBee456 Thereman 2 months ago
Sometimes I do too
Thereman 2 months ago
From my hearing aids, to the glasses both Regina and I wear, to our table and chairs out on the patio, to the umbrella that shades the patio set, to the mushrooms, onions and strip steaks we're about to gorge on for din-din, to the fact that this is the barest start of the list; it is NO wonder that Regina and I frequently refer to ourselves as the poster children for shopping at Costco. So when this showed up this PM in their monthly members magazine (after we'd gone shopping at...you guessed it!):

Why do I find this more disturbing than Sir Frederick Fleet being in charge of Scotland Yard?
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MrsG Thereman 2 months ago
One thing You won’t find is sheet music 🎵 ^_* 🎼
Mikeyyy Thereman 2 months ago
I tried to order one for my niece cause she collect monopoly games, but since I’m not a member they charge another $2-3 and have to make an account.
Thereman Mikeyyy 2 months ago
Sounds like business as usual, sadly.
Thereman MrsG 2 months ago
So true, but I handle so many pages of that per year, I’m not gonna miss it 😢
Aceman2 2 months ago
Have not been out of the house much lately but took a drive with Mrs Aceman. Stopped on a country road and met this young pair- I am guessing brother and sister.
HoneyBee456 Aceman2 2 months ago
They’re beautiful. I have several of them that are always in my moms backyard. They run away every time they see a person
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