We Join in Monstrous Matrimony a Classic Creature Couple-in "The Bride of Frankenstein" -Tonight!

Posted on February 17, 2024

Tonight on MeTV- what could be better than some Universal horror perfect for the “after Valentine’s Day” weekend? That’s just what we have for you-one of the finest of the Universal classics- featuring Boris Karloff in his second appearance as the Monster! It’s the film that picks up the story where the original "Frankenstein" movie had left off-and features the ONLY appearance of the one Universal monster who didn't kill anybody- and, in spite of her limited screen time, became a true icon of Universal horror- the “Bride of Frankenstein”!

This 1935 film- based on the claim that the “Frankenstein” story came to authoress-Mary Shelley in a dream- starts off on a dismal, stormy night- with said authoress revealing that her Frankenstein tale did NOT end at the original story's conclusion! She proceeds to tell the tale of what happened next- starting at the exact point where the original “Frankenstein” film ended.


We see the burning remains of the windmill where the final battle between the monster and his maker took place. Poor Henry, thrown from its heights by the Monster, is now being carried home by the crowd that witnessed it all. While they mourn his “demise”, they also celebrate the "end" of the Monster. The father of little Maria (the unfortunate child from the original story that the Monster threw into the lake, unaware that she would drown, and not float like her flowers) remains at the smoking ruins, determined to make sure the Monster is no more. His luck- and his life- run out- because the Monster still lives!

Meanwhile, Henry is carried back to his lovely young fiancée Elizabeth at their castle, where everyone is startled to discover that he -just like the Monster he created- has survived! Henry begins his slow road to recovery, and is on his way to healing when he gets a disturbing late-night visit from a creepy caller- Dr. Pretorius. This spectral figure is actually a mentor of Frankenstein’s, who somehow is well aware of what his recovering student has achieved, and now seeks his Henry’s help with his own experiments in creating life.

Bringing Henry to his laboratory, Pretorius displays some of the bizarre results of his work- in an effort to convince the younger scientist to share his knowledge and expertise- and join forces with him to finally create a true perfect living being! Henry, having endured so much, wants no part of such an undertaking- he has come to the realization, through the awful results of his own experiment, that playing God is a mistake.

His Monster, still alive, burned and hurting, has fled from the ruins of the windmill, and ends up again being followed by angry pursuers, to whom he is nothing more than a dangerous wild killer. He seeks solace in the forest, eventually stumbling upon the hut of a blind hermit (yes, the basis for the famous- and hilarious- scene in “Young Frankenstein”). The hermit is grateful to have a new "friend"- as is the Monster, who is taught some basics by the kindly blind man. This tranquil alliance is disrupted when two hunters (one of whom is John Carradine), having lost their way, come to the cabin for directions-and, in shock, recognize the Monster! The misunderstood creature escapes and, trying to hide from his pursuers, enters a crypt in a graveyard- where, coincidentally, the devious Pretorius just happens to be, enjoying a snack while in search of "parts” for his latest project!

Completely unfazed by the appearance of the Monster, Pretorius perceives that he can use the lonely creature as leverage to get Henry to cooperate with him in his work- simply by threatening his young bride's safety! Frankenstein, unwilling to let anything happen to Elizabeth, submits to Pretorius’ demands, and heads uneasily back to work with him- as they endeavor to create the Monster's fondest desire- a “friend”- his own bride! But- will this fiancée of fright turn out to be a match made in...well...a laboratory? Will this new creation really provide the happy union he is wishing for?

This classic film is not just one of the best horror films ever made, but also included in lists of all-time great motion pictures- period. Karloff continues to add new facets to his portrayal of the Monster- including the addition of speech- and Dr. Pretorius, portrayed by the "flamboyant" Ernest Thesiger, is, without a doubt, a truly memorable addition to the Frankenstein film legend, as is the Bride, portrayed ever so briefly, but effectively, by Elsa Lanchester, who we recently saw on our show in “Willard”. We will tell you all about the entire cast and certain deletions from the production, as well as getting another visit from Gwengoolie and a song. Plus- a look back at a special memorable visit to a beauty contest for which the Bride would make a perfect contestant; an even more inhuman contest from the past; one of the first visits from an actor pal who was just on the show recently; and watch for a quick cameo from one of our favorite MeTV actors!

The “Bride of Frankenstein" comes to life on MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for time and channel in your area in your local listings or at www.metv.com . You can throw rice by live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter/X, using the hashtag #svengoolie. This morning at 11 am on CW 26 in Chicago, local viewers get another look at our slugfest (pardon the pun) “ The Monster That Challenged the World” at 11 am on CW26.

More new merchandise is in the MeTV Mall- the latest hot items include the Sven pizza shirt (of course it’s served hot) and the Svengoolie lunch box! Various t-shirts have been added recently as well- featuring members of the Sven Squad-so, take advantage of the 14% discount available all this month!

Meanwhile, we invite you to come serve as a witness to an electrifying splicing ceremony tonight on MeTV!


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 during show

4 months ago
Now, I'm blown. Physicist Michio Kaku is explaining that time isn't what we see.
What I see in the mirror is me, but a billionth of a second ago. Not "me" now.
You don't see the moon, you see what it was seconds ago. Sun? Eight minutes ago.
If time isn't real,
Smilodon 4 months ago
What is?
Svenboy 4 months ago
Watched the sci fi movie spider man: homecoming tonight for the first time. I liked it. After being on webslingers at dca several time, I felt like seeing Tom holland’s version of Spider-Man in a movie.
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Smilodon 4 months ago
I used to be a drummer, started at 8yoa, am 64 and still play, but...
The psoriatic arthritis is killing my speed and endurance. Sit a drum set. It takes real work. I'm scheduled for a shoulder replacement next April, I'm a disabled combat vet with, ah, issues. Bass guitar doesn't hurt me, and since I've always been in the rhythm section, the music is readable and relatable. Bass clef, not treble clef.
I'm sorry you were trolled. As I said, I'm immune. Just don't care. Do they go after you, Dale, or Doc Serizawa again, I'll leverage my computer nerdy ex USAF/DoD computer friends to, well, run it back. Doesn't matter how much you spoof your phone # or online presence, Uncle Sam has trained people to find you... and has the hardware. And 😸 the bad cat eats and drinks with these folks, since 1980.
Svenboy 4 months ago
I had a conversation with Klaatu about a comment I made in reference to a military friend's survivalist father. I'm still embarrassed and sorry it even came up. Never happen again. Klaatu is good people, let me know. Hope I am still ok, cuz I meant no harm.
Smilodon 4 months ago
I usually only mention "Bored Panda" a Lithuanian based site that combs Reddit, etc al, for funny animal and kid memes. See
daleuhlmann Svenboy 4 months ago
I hadn't sen that. Thanks for the heads up, Svenboy, and. Again, good vibes to you.
1MikeM 4 months ago
...and dat was Charlie Brown Meets Frankenstein...and dat's da name a dat tune!
1MikeM 4 months ago
Svengoolie had a monstrous time with Dr. Z! -Hanging with Doctor Z S3EP5. It's on youtube. Hilarious stuff!
The1Butler 4 months ago
Watching Bats 🦇🦇
1MikeM The1Butler 4 months ago
Not to be confused with William "Billy Batts" Bentvena who told Tommy to go home and get his friggin' shinebox!
The1Butler 4 months ago
Oh, stop😋
abc123 4 months ago
just emailed myself my fan post and am going to see if my tablet will refresh and load faster than this old laptop...
Cartoondave 4 months ago
Good night y'all I'll try to be here for cartoon duty and to whomever may be first blogger (mainly Mikeyyy) good luck!
BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Good Night all, gotta turn in early, wife & I have a Jam packed City Tour to run tomorrow-
Be well 🙏🏻
Klaatu 4 months ago
Klaatu 4 months ago
Honeybee, after you watch Carnival of Souls, just wait…the Academy Award Winning film The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre will appear🤣. Well, I won’t be watching.
Cartoondave 4 months ago
Spending the weekend at my sister's in snow covered laconia New Hampshire will be heading home Sunday
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 4 months ago
Have fun Dave!

I’m going for #3 tonight! Wish me luck.
TheKodakKid Mikeyyy 4 months ago
Wow, Mikeyyy, after all those first place finishes, I’m surprised that you’re going to try to come in third tonight. 😂🤣😂
abc123 Mikeyyy 4 months ago
yes. third place is good.
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Haha nice one!
BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Here’s a few more Horror classics I’d love to be featured on Svengoolie.
Klaatu BEATNGU2 4 months ago
I know for a fact (I still have it on my DVR) that Sven showed Thing. Also, Amazing Colossal Man. Night of Living Dead may present issues to air. The others (IMHO) 🤮🤮
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 4 months ago
No he Showed The War of the colossal beast the sequel to the Amazing Colossal man which he has said many a time that the film is difficult to procure But he is trying to obtain it.
FKrueger Klaatu 4 months ago
Remember when Sven showed The Thing there was big secrecy about who played the alien.
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 4 months ago
And there is no reason not to show The Thing Again
As for Behemoth it’s similar to 20’000 fathoms no issue as with Piedras Blancas
Good tame horror
NOTLD is a George Romero classic that can be shown on the October B00NANZA 10:30 2nd Feature-
It’s ridiculously tame compared to todays horror films
Klaatu BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Always up for watching The Thing again. That’s why I have it on my DVR and BR disc👍
Aceman2 BEATNGU2 4 months ago
WOTCB was last shown by Sven 8/26/2023. In his Blog post he described the problem obtaining the right to air TACM.
Klaatu 4 months ago
Wasn't the original "Thing" (not John Carpenter's Kurt Russell vehicle) James Arness? I also think I read that Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible and Airplane! star) is his brother?
BEATNGU2 4 months ago
It would be great if Sven could procure these films loaded with all kinds of mythical beings, monsters, sorcerers, beasts, belle’s and undead.
Klaatu BEATNGU2 4 months ago
All those Sinbad and Jason films are fantastic! I’d much rather see those that the Hammer oatmeal Frankenstein movies.
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 4 months ago
Sure change of pace is always good - as for Hammer Horror I like ‘em all
But its nice to show new stuff
abc123 BEATNGU2 4 months ago
A month of Argonauts/Sinbad would rule!
HoneyBee456 4 months ago
This cat is made from oranges. Isn’t it cute?
Klaatu HoneyBee456 4 months ago
Wow! Who made it? Maybe Svengoolie can hire the artist🤔
HoneyBee456 Klaatu 4 months ago
I don’t know who made it. A friend sent me the picture
Jack HoneyBee456 4 months ago
Mebbe it’s in honor of renowned feline actor of the 1950s and 1960s, Orangey, who other that appearing in _Breakfast at Tiffany’s_ (1961), was in a number of Sven-worthy films: _This Island Earth_ (1955), _The Incredible Shrinking Man_ (1957), _Visit to a Small Planet_ (1960), _The Comedy of Terrors_ (1964), and _Village of the Giants_ (1965). Orangey was also all over TV, including 21 episodes of _The Beverly Hillbillies_ and three episodes of _Batman_ (guess which ones!).
HoneyBee456 4 months ago
I'm blown away by the orange feline relative. Felinoids have to stick together, cuz the hairless monkeys love dogs😿
Aceman2 4 months ago
Dang! The Blog Delete Robot struck my post on words unique to Philly as well as many of the replies to my post. Bummer; was a fun post!
HoneyBee456 Aceman2 4 months ago
I noticed that. I don’t understand why it was deleted
Mikeyyy Aceman2 4 months ago
I’m gonna guess one of the words someone used was in the filter list and got it deleted.
HoneyBee456 4 months ago
Carnival of Souls is on tonight. You know where to find it
VanGooliac HoneyBee456 4 months ago
I like that one, HoneyBee.
It’s a nice creepy little movie.
1MikeM HoneyBee456 4 months ago
Thanks, HoneyBee. That movie! That would be a good one for Sven's program.
HoneyBee456 VanGooliac 4 months ago
It is weird
HoneyBee456 1MikeM 4 months ago
It would. Maybe he will show it someday. For some reason I like it
Svenboy HoneyBee456 4 months ago
I like that movie.seen it a few times. How have you been stranger? Long time since we last communicated here. Hope all is well. That movie would be a good one for sven to show and is fairly short.
BEATNGU2 4 months ago
A little known fact, Mike Brady was the actual founder of the
Zoom technology.
1MikeM BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Were they ever on The Hollywood Squares?
1MikeM BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Did Peter Marshall ever make a guest appearance on The Brady Bunch? I don't think so.
BEATNGU2 4 months ago
My Daughters came over today from New Jersey and gifted me these 2 sets as a belated Birthday 🎂 Present !
WOW, never expected this !
DrSerizawa BEATNGU2 4 months ago
It's a Bonanza!
Jack BEATNGU2 4 months ago
The Granddaddies (_Opas_) of them all!
BEATNGU2 DrSerizawa 4 months ago
A B00NANZA !!!
Cartoondave BEATNGU2 4 months ago
The classic monsters set is cool I've got to watch it again hmm maybe after I retire?
abc123 BEATNGU2 4 months ago
DrSerizawa 4 months ago
I've gone in a minor buying spree. There have been a couple of Vincent Price classics I've wanted to see that are behind pay walks or just not out there, so I picked up DVDs.

The Comedy of Terrors is a Sven natural and I hope it is shown some time this year. Enjoyed it the other day.

One I hadn't heard about and came on a multi film disc is The Pit and the Pendulum from 1961. It's a Roger Corman effort and shares about 5 minutes with the Poe original. Otherwise it's Vinnie chewing the scenery and is a good watch. Also in the cast is John Kerr, a favorite actor mine who didn't get to do much before chucking it all and becoming a lawyer. He has some excellent parts in the mid 1950s but then basically torpedoed his career when he refused the part of Charles Lindbergh in The Spirit of St Louis. His reasonable objections were Lindy's overt flirtations with the Nazis in the years before Pearl Harbor and his other racial and religious bigotries. Little did Kerr or anyone else know that Lindbergh had gone off to Scandinavia to father children with a woman more Aryan than his long suffering wife.

Kerr never got another good part and Lindbergh is still idolized by people who think being a good pilot balances out being a horrendous human being.
Jack DrSerizawa 4 months ago
Kerr received a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for his role in _Tea and Sympathy_ (1956) and was cast as the heroic Lt. Joseph Cable in the film version of _South Pacific_ (1958). At least Kerr lived to see the publication of Philip Roth’s _The Plot Against America_ in 2004.

The production of _The Spirit of St. Louis_ weirdly involved studio head Jack Warner and director Billy Wilder, both of whom were Jewish. Lindbergh did stop sympathizing with the Nazi regime once the US declared war on Germany. However, what statements Lindbergh made against antisemitism generally included concern that such hate degraded the antisemites. In a 11 September 1941 Des Moines speech he stated “No person with a sense of the dignity of mankind can condone the persecution of the Jewish race in Germany.” But in the same speech Lindbergh argued against intervention in the European war saying, “The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt Administration.” He continued “[The Jews] greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government.”

I couldn’t find any confirmation of Lindbergh’s Scandinavian dalliance, but he did father seven children between two Bavarian sisters and an East Prussian aristocrat. These children were all born after 1957, so they weren’t the result of the Lebensborn program—unless ODESSA was involved.
Deleted 4 months ago
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4 months ago
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4 months ago
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4 months ago
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Aceman2 4 months ago
Jimmies used in Philly also. In Philly, a Grinder or Sub is a Hoagie.
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