Wax Figures Figure in the Murderous Mayhem of the "Mystery of the Wax Museum"-Tonight!

Posted on December 2, 2023

Tonight on MeTV, we bring back a creepy tale whose story may seem somewhat familiar, thanks to its later “remake”- but this is the original version, presented in close to its original state, thanks to some skillful remastering! In all its two-strip Technicolor glory, we proudly present a masterpiece of body sculpting, body snatching, and somebody’s revenge of the most gruesome kind- as we ponder the “Mystery of the Wax Museum”!

This 1933 horror classic begins on a dark and stormy night in London- as sculptor Ivan Igor halts his artistic endeavors for a welcome interruption- a visit from a patron of the arts, who is so moved by Igor’s incredibly lifelike wax sculptures of historical figures (including his personal favorite, Marie Antoinette) that he plans to submit Igor’s works to the Royal Academy! He plans to do so as soon as he returns from a trip to Egypt-but this happy occasion turns tragic, when, later, Igor’s business partner Worth arrives with bad news. The wax museum is actually in financial trouble, due to the public going to other such establishments that specialize more in crime and horror than history. The scheming Worth has a simple solution- burn the place down for the insurance money! Igor naturally refuses-unwilling to sacrifice his creations for money, especially with the promise of fame and appreciation of his art within his grasp. The impatient Worth could not care less about the artworks, and starts the place ablaze- as he and Igor tussle! Igor is knocked out, and Worth escapes the fire, heartlessly locking his partner in the museum as it becomes an inferno.

We pick up the story twelve years later in New York- where, surprisingly, Igor is alive and preparing to open an all-new wax museum. He has survived the fire, but has paid a terrible price- he is confined to a wheel chair, and his burned hands can no longer sculpt- so he has hired artists to do that in his place.

A new character enters the scene- a brassy female reporter, Florence, whose career isn’t exactly on fire (no offense to Igor for that one). Her editor is ready to fire her (sorry again) but gives her another chance, sending her out to investigate the suicide of a lovely young model.

Something strange is going on at the morgue, though, as a mysterious misshapen figure prowls among the dead bodies, and makes off with one- coincidentally, that of the model! The heisting of the body makes the local authorities start to think this could mean her death was murder- not suicide, and that a major suspect would be her boyfriend, a wealthy playboy named Winton. While he is in custody, Florence comes to interview him for her story- and smells a scoop as she begins to think he is innocent!

We meet Florence’s roommate, the beautiful Charlotte, whose boyfriend Ralph just happens to be among the sculptors working for Igor. The two women drop by to visit with Ralph before the museum’s grand opening- and Igor is struck by Charlotte’s resemblance to his ideal vision of Marie Antoinette. Meanwhile, Florence is struck by the figure of Joan of Arc’s amazing resemblance to the deceased model whose case she is investigating. This leads her to sneak into the museum basement- where she sees that monstrous being we saw in the morgue earlier- but she can’t get the police to believe what she saw!

Things get tense as Igor pursues Charlotte to become his new Marie-entombed in wax- as he and his unsavory cronies endanger the lives of both Charlotte and Florence- and horrible secrets are revealed!

You probably realize that this is the original version of the story we see in the Vincent Price 3-D hit from the 1950s, “House of Wax”- and, although many of us know the story, we AGAIN ask that no one post spoilers to ruin the surprise for those who have not seen either film. This is another show done during COVID in the top secret Sven cave, but with new segments added. We’ll be explaining a little about the early version of Technicolor used for this movie, and about the film’s restoration; introduce the incredible cast, including Lionel Atwill and the woman who made “King Kong” famous, Fay Wray; present a song and another edition of “Too Drawn Out”; and have visits from Toony the Tuna from “Toon In With Me” and our Sven Squad. Plus, we have some vintage Sven bits including another look at Kerwyn through the years!

“Mystery of the Wax Museum” begins tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central on MeTV, which invites you to live-Tweet during the program on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie . Our Chicago area fans can enjoy one more look at the Vincent Price favorite “House on Haunted Hill” at 11am this morning on our main local station, CW26 (We regret the local confusion last week, when our show actually aired on “The U” due to high school football on CW26).

Now is the time to check out our store ( I have a…? Oh, never mind…) for the return of the “Sventa Claus Shoppe” with holiday items, right down to the new Sven wrapping paper! Plus new hoodies and other favorite items that make great gifts. Order as soon as you can to avoid items being sold out, or not delivered in time for your holiday gift giving.

We invite you to join us tonight for an early horror classic -with a wise-cracking dame and a wax-working fiend!


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 during show

Katink 7 months ago
Back in time for the race to the new blog! Won't be able to stay up very late to hang out with you all because we are in the second half of our Christmas Stars run, so tomorrow is two shows🌲🌲
Jack 7 months ago
Happy second night of Chanukah...
Klaatu 7 months ago
Oh look!!! One hour till the horse race😳😳
Klaatu 7 months ago
Two weeks exactly until I indulge in this👍. A slab of Prime Rib with a Metamucil chaser.
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Klaatu 7 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Klaatu PARANORMA 7 months ago
Patty’s would be nice. It’s still there👍.
And RobBarnes…yes a Jack would be good with that slab. Bourbon goes really well with BBQ too👍
Klaatu abc123 7 months ago
abc123, not to worry. Meat cooked the way you like is like the old saying about Whisky: The best Whisky is the Whisky you like, the way you like to drink it (with ice, with water, straight, etc.). Who am I to tell anyone how they should enjoy food🤔
Katink Klaatu 7 months ago
That prime rib looks lovely, Klaatu!
CountCurt 7 months ago

The city is coming alive with the Fleur De Ville live flower display. Even Elf’s pants are made out of yellow rose petals.
Klaatu 7 months ago
Is the blog always “dead”🤣 until the strike of midnight (Eastern time)?
Jack Klaatu 7 months ago
It seems that way… no stamina!
ihaveamigraine Klaatu 7 months ago
[image=https://weigel-comments.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/Bpt9u-1702089269-dead clown.jpg]
Klaatu ihaveamigraine 7 months ago
Ha! Exactly 😆
Svenboy 7 months ago
Happy day before sventurday. Hope you are doing well. Had a good day at merry farm with my cousin Britt who lives in la Mirada. She had to leave before the ice show but fortunate for the time I had with her. Glad I got I use my free bring a friend ticket benefit for her. She was my first choice. She is 27. Yes there is an age difference between us but we still get along well. Some say I look and act younger than my age. my aunt and uncle had kids and got married later in life. My cousins on my dads side are all close to my age but not on my moms side. Hope everyone had a great week.
Svenboy Svenboy 7 months ago
Svenboy Svenboy 7 months ago
I wish she could have stayed to see the ice show
Klaatu Svenboy 7 months ago
Knotts is always fun. I live in Burbank but sadly I’ve only been once in the last 20 years😢
Svenboy Klaatu 7 months ago
I love Knotts! Been a passholder for awhile now. Cheaper than Disney and less crowded and more laid back and relaxing. I love the old timey feel of the park.
CountCurt Svenboy 7 months ago
It looks like you had a good time together.
Svenboy CountCurt 7 months ago
I did. Shorter day than I would have liked but great to spend time with her.
Cartoondave 7 months ago
I was just in the Svengoolie store (he has a store???) And I didn't see the Svengoolie super7 Reaction figure is it sold out?
Klaatu Cartoondave 7 months ago
Maybe it got deleted like some of our comments 🤣
DrSerizawa Cartoondave 7 months ago
Yes, sold out here and most other places.
Bill_K 7 months ago

Both my morning posts deleted despite my not mentioning either the restaurant I had breakfast in or the theater I was going to.

Nor did I refer to either the people involved in fixing my breakfast or the ones appearing on stage as “Extraterrestrials”!
Jack Bill_K 7 months ago
CountCurt Bill_K 7 months ago
Weird Science
daleuhlmann 7 months ago
If Columbia's NIGHT OF TERROR was Hollywood's first slasher film, then Warner Brothers' DOCTOR X was the first serial killer film. In this two-color Technicolor precursor to the same studio's MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM, a disabled man, who has been a previous victim of cannibalism, coats his face and hands with the flesh of his victims, thereby creating layers of "synthetic flesh"
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 7 months ago
These help him carry out his crimes during each new night of the full moon. The movie's grim themes predate similar ones in such later films as THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Here are a few scenes from this grim, pre-Code shocker.
Klaatu daleuhlmann 7 months ago
I think I’ve seen Doctor X on a streaming channel. Decent movie.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 7 months ago
Yes, maybe a little too much comedy relief by Lee Tracy as the obnoxious newspaper reporter, but, overall, very good of its kind.
Jack daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Woah! I just checked the blurb for _Doctor X_ at Wikipedia—four socially deviant themes in one movie! I was going to add that it looked like William “Wonder Woman” Marston got the idea from the polygraph from this film, but he was actually publishing on the polygraph before World War I///as an undergraduate!

I’m gonna have to see if this movie is available on the interwebs!
PatS Jack 7 months ago
I believe it's also the same lab set as used in THE MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM. Also the same odd color-strip process. Interesting to see Atwill as young and handsome.
Bill_K 7 months ago
Good Evening, Everyone:

The end of a long, great day!

And hope everyone is feeling a little better than they did this morning!
daleuhlmann Bill_K 7 months ago
Thanks, Bill!
HoneyBee456 7 months ago
Wow it’s 81 degrees right now in North Texas
daleuhlmann HoneyBee456 7 months ago
Last week, It was about 60 each day in Fort Worth, where our family wedding was held.
HoneyBee456 daleuhlmann 7 months ago
I live in Fort Worth
HoneyBee456 daleuhlmann 7 months ago
I bet the wedding was nice
daleuhlmann HoneyBee456 7 months ago
Yes. It was.
HoneyBee456 7 months ago
Has anyone ever seen O. Henry’s Full House and did you like it?
daleuhlmann HoneyBee456 7 months ago
I've seen it--charming, entertaining anthology, especially "The Ransom of Red Chief." Good cast, too, including Richard Widmark, Charles laughton, and, in an early role, Marilyn Monroe.
HoneyBee456 daleuhlmann 7 months ago
I think you have the channel it comes on
daleuhlmann HoneyBee456 7 months ago
Yes, I think so, too.
HoneyBee456 daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Thank you dale
HoneyBee456 daleuhlmann 7 months ago
My previous comment to you disappeared
The ransom of Red Chief is a hilarious, and Richard Widmark gets to do his Tommy Udo routine. Heh-heh-heh!
DrFish28136 7 months ago
Klaatu DrFish28136 7 months ago
I wonder how the North Pole was designated the headquarters of Santa when the South Pole was available too??🤔🤔
LmerFudd Klaatu 7 months ago
He's allergic to penguins
RobBarnes DrFish28136 7 months ago
Work it Mrs. Claus, Santa has been a good boy all year.
DrFish28136 7 months ago
rebeccafargo DrFish28136 7 months ago
Haha just a tiny bit off course, eh?
PatS DrFish28136 7 months ago
Look up the song "Eight White Boomers" for an Australian take on the Santa Claus story. It's mid-summer there!
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