“Trilogy of Terror” Kicks off a Trilogy of Frightful Fun Tonight!

Posted on October 1, 2022

Yes, tonight we kick off a full month of trick-or-treats, all part of “Svengoolie’s Halloween BOO-nanza”- beginning with what has been called the most frightening made for TV movie of all time- “Trilogy of Terror”! This anxiety-filled anthology is just the start of a full night of fight and fun- followed by the new special “Svengoolie Uncrypted” and the return of Sventoonie!

We begin with the 1975 film based on three stories by the legendary Richard Matheson, with each tale starring Karen Black. The first “Julie” features Karen as a quiet and reserved English teacher who has Chad, one of her college students, obsessed with her. This is no healthy crush- Chad has nasty intentions that include spiking Julie’s drink at a drive-in- and blackmail. We learn there are some other sinister secrets involved!

The second story- “Millicent and Therese”- has Karen playing a dual role as two very different sisters-Millicent being the straight-laced, reserved one, while Therese is the flashy, somewhat immoral party girl. Each disapproves of the other, with Therese creating havoc, like trashing Millicent’s room and playing up seductively to Dr. Ramsey, the family therapist, that her sister has called in to try to talk some sense into her. The doctor will have no part of it- and Therese is furious that Millicent had called him in. Since she is into the occult and voodoo, it appears that may be the only way to end the conflict- with death!

The final story is the best known of the three, and the most unforgettable-“Amelia”-based on the Richard Matheson short story “Prey”. While someone adapted his first two stories for the movie, Matheson himself wrote the screenplay for this one. It really plays as a one woman tour de force- with Karen as the lone character Amelia, who is constantly being nagged by her mother. She calls dear old Mom to cancel that night’s get-together, claiming she has a date. Amelia has brought home a unique artifact- a small figure of an aboriginal warrior. According to the paperwork included with this hideous doll, it actually is imprisoning the spirit of a warrior known as “he who kills”- and that the chain that encircles its waist keeps the spirit confined inside the doll. Oops! What do you know- the chain falls off!

As Amelia is preparing her dinner with a large carving knife, she sets it down after hearing a noise in the other room. She is confused to find that the doll is not where she left it- and soon also realizes that- neither is her knife! She soon becomes painfully aware that the doll has come to life- and wants to end hers!

We do need to warn you- this film, even though made for TV, does include some adult situations and dialogue- and the final story with the nerve-wracking assault by the murderous doll may be far too intense for some viewers. PLEASE use caution and your jurisdiction regarding who should watch- and that includes you!

Also, please note that tonight’s show will start ONE HOUR EARLIER than usual- 7 pm eastern/pacific, 6 central- we don’t want you to miss any of this chiller!

For this movie, we try to lighten the mood a little, giving information about the film and its cast-and bringing back some classic Sven stuff, including beloved song viewers always ask to see again- and a segment about possible updates for the story when they made a sequel. Plus- we have one of the replicas of the Zuni warrior doll- hopefully we will keep the chain on it!

Then, you will see the reason for the early start of our movie- with the presentation of a new special- “Svengoolie Uncrypted”! This semi-documentary, created by Anomaly Productions, gives you a summary of my career- combined with my quest through various parts of Chicago to recover some Sven artifacts to bring to, of all places, BERWYN- for a special “Svengoolie Day” event! Be watching for some cameo appearances of film stars-they might surprise you! And- watch for an announcement of something very special that Sven fans might just want to get involved in!

And THEN- it’s the return of the Red Tuna of Terror, Sventoonie, in a special one hour edition of his show. So, we have this trilogy of entertainment to kick off “Svengoolie’s Halloween BOO-nanza”- in which, all through the month up to Halloween, I’ll be popping up in the MeTV schedule, to bring you spooky episodes of your favorite shows- including Sunday afternoon blocks of classic shows, including “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, “Kolchak: the Night Stalker”, and “The Twilight Zone”- along with collections of your favorite sitcoms that have scary themes! And, watch for some of the scary episodes of the various shows during the week in their normally scheduled time!

As mentioned “Trilogy of Terror” begins the fun and fright at 7 pm eastern/pacific, 6 central time, followed by “Svengoolie Uncrypted” at 9 e/p, 8 c- and the return of Sventoonie at 10 pm e/p, 9 c !

I also want to make sure to showcase the incredible new products premiering in the MeTV Store today! First, the final shirt of the 2022 Svengoolie Artist Collection has launched! Check out the incredible design by our friend Scott Shaw! "Welcome to the Sveniverse" is available right now in the, yes, Svengoolie Store (I have a Store?!). But that's not all! Looking for something a little classier to wear on your own adventure outside the crypt? How about this new Svengoolie print button-up shirt? It's sure to impress your mummy! This is limited-edition, and would make a great gift! These will sell out, so order one now! And, watch tonight in Svengoolie Uncrypted to see this shirt make its TV debut worn by a very noteworthy model. Another special product makes an appearance in the show tonight that'll have your head bobbling with excitement. Yes, our newest bobblehead launches today and this time I'm not alone. Kerwyn managed to convince someone he needed to be included. The Svengoolie® and Kerwyn™ Bobblehead is available to order right now! Wow, what a day for the store I didn't know I had!

And, make sure you check out the “appearances” tab on here our website- for our limited schedule of Halloween season appearances-like next weekend’s return to the New York Comic Con on Friday and Saturday! We look forward to meeting our east coast fans at the MeTV booth- and I will be doing a special panel on Friday!

But tonight- it’s an entertainment extravaganza- anchored by the most frightening movie ever made for TV! Be prepared!


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 during show

daleuhlmann 20 months ago
So, we shouldn't annex Mars after all?
Mikeyyy 20 months ago
very appropriate song playing now. Pressure by David bowie!
Mikeyyy Mikeyyy 20 months ago
under pressure to be exact!
Mikeyyy 20 months ago
I watched hocus focus for the first time tonight.. Now I know why my nieces kids named there kitty Mr Binx...
abc123 20 months ago
My movie "Snack": Swanson's Chicken Pot Pie AND a Swanson's Apple Pie, because while at a grocery store, these jumped out of the freezer case and screamed "Take us home with you"!
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Mikeyyy FKrueger 20 months ago
First thing I thought of too!
The1Butler Katink 20 months ago
That sounds good to me!
Katink FKrueger 20 months ago
DOCHAHA abc123 20 months ago
frozen dinners talk to me too, especially Stoufer's Meat lovers lasagna
Klaatu 20 months ago
I’m going to the home page to practice Refresh🤣. You never know, I may not fall asleep and get lucky.
The1Butler Klaatu 20 months ago
Yes its a little different than b4
Mikeyyy Klaatu 20 months ago
knock knock!
Aceman2 20 months ago
Drang Aceman2 20 months ago
You and me both, Larry, you and me both. They just don't understand!
Aceman2 Aceman2 20 months ago
The moon as it appeared this evening in Yardley PA.
An unhappy Larry Talbot, as he looked up at the moon in A&CMF.
Drang Aceman2 20 months ago
We're getting wildfire smoke over the mountains again, so the moon has a nice rosy glow to it.
Aceman2 Drang 20 months ago
My photo displayed on an iphone doesn't do it justice unless you expand it. Looks good on the 15" laptop screen with the clouds.
1MikeM Aceman2 20 months ago
"What are ya lookin' out the window for? Is someone else after me?"
Cartoondave 20 months ago
Here's another song for Catbat's playlist paint it black by the rolling stones
ihaveamigraine 20 months ago
Klaatu ihaveamigraine 20 months ago
I love trailers like that. I wonder why the crew is shooting .45cal guns inside a spaceship 🤔🤔
PatS Klaatu 20 months ago
War surplus?
Aceman2 Klaatu 20 months ago
They figured the bazooka might breach the hull of the spacecraft they borrowed from another movie.🤣
Klaatu Aceman2 20 months ago
Can you hear KABOOM! in space?🤔🤔
Klaatu 20 months ago
We are in for a great classic SciFi movie tonight. That’s all I gotta say…and I guarantee that it will not rate any pillows from my wife🤔
Klaatu Klaatu 20 months ago
I meant tomorrow 🤣😟🤪
The1Butler 20 months ago
Oh my gosh the moon is brite ! 🌚 Hunterd moon Mrs G said .
The1Butler The1Butler 20 months ago
Hunters moon
MrsG The1Butler 20 months ago
Awooooo !
Katink The1Butler 20 months ago
It sure is pretty, Butler!
Deleted 20 months ago
This comment has been removed.
The1Butler 20 months ago
I like EHH ! I thinkni watched some of it last week , lots of good screaming ! Shes good corny fun 🦇
20 months ago
This comment has been removed.
1MikeM 20 months ago
...another song for Catbat's Halloween playlist...The Munsters theme by Los Straightjackets.
DrFish28136 20 months ago
The Eyes Have It
abc123 DrFish28136 20 months ago
Optometrist on that world must be Kings...
Drjim 20 months ago
off to the sunshine state tomorrow for a week of sun ( and maybe drinking ) for a much needed break ..... hope to be a temporary east tomorrow night....hope you accept me back ?
Drjim Drjim 20 months ago
Cartoondave Drjim 20 months ago
Of course you're like family here
Drjim Cartoondave 20 months ago
thank you Dave....this is a great group of people who know how to live life and have good clean fun
abc123 Drjim 20 months ago
I was an Eastie for a week when I went to BlogCast 4. Good Times.
Drjim abc123 20 months ago
cool abc....bet you had a blast
The1Butler Drjim 20 months ago
There is a penalty fee which will be due at a later date . 🤣😂🤣🤣😂
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