The Scream Dream Team Faces a World Proclaiming "Destroy All Monsters"-Tonight!

Posted on May 25, 2024

Tonight on MeTV- we begin the Memorial Day weekend by winding up the month with what we could consider the dream team that fans of the giant Japanese monsters would hope for- a roster of the biggest and baddest Kaiju creatures that ever came from the Toho Studios! This dream team, though, is a nightmare for the people of Earth- when they find out that an alien race has taken control of the creatures they thought they had safely under control-giving them no choice but to- “Destroy All Monsters”!

In this 1968 film, we learn that the United Nations Science Committee (do we still have one of those?) has found a way to corral all these massive menaces on one island, and keep them there through various safeguards- kind of like that invisible fence for dogs, but mostly visible. Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan are among the contentedly confined creatures, kept well fed and comfortable on what they have dubbed “Monsterland”. This idyllic scene for both the kaiju and mankind is shattered when suddenly, all contact with the hidden control center located beneath the island is lost!


Even worse- the confinement system is no longer working- and the monsters escape and attack important cities around the world! The military enlists one Captain Yamabe and his spaceship crew to find out what is going transpiring. They arrive at the base, and discover that the scientists in the control center have all had their minds put under the control of the Kilaacks- an alien race that appears to be young women with a penchant for glittery swim caps. These distaff space invaders explain that they are responsible for all the mayhem, controlling the actions of the giant monsters. Their demand- that all nations surrender to them and hand over the entire planet!

The attacks on various cities are actually a well-planned diversion-diversion by the Kilaacks whose final plan is to sic all the monsters on the usual target in these films-Tokyo!

The world leaders feel that they have only one choice -to eliminate all the monsters. However, when the valiant spaceship crew makes a desperate attempt to regain control of Godzilla and his posse, the Kilaacks bring in their ace in the hole- King Ghidorrah! Will the other monsters remain controlled foes of planet Earth-allowing the Kilaacks to destroy mankind?

We’ll give you lots of behind-the-scenes facts about this epic film, which was, at that time, supposed to be the last of the Japanese giant monster films. We’ll explain why certain monsters only show up fleetingly- and there will be a song, a special visit with our friend Lisa Welchel, hostess of “Collector’s Call”, and more!

“Destroy All Monsters” begins its destruction at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7pm central time. Of course, the live-Tweeting during the show continues on Twitter/X, where the use of the hashtag #svengoolie on all your posts continues to keep our show among the hottest trending topics! In the Chicago area, viewers will get one more chance to treat their ears- and jugular veins- to “Scream Blacula Scream” on CW26 at 11 am.

Be watching our appearances section on this website for some announcements regarding appearances- one of which has a connection to this movie! Also, check out the Sven store- among the newest items: larger coffee mugs!

Tonight, speaking of some big mugs, watch out for Godzilla and his Toho team on MeTV!


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 during show

daleuhlmann 21 days ago
I had earlier wondered why there was only one Rodan in the subsequent kaiju films, when there were two in the first, 1957, RODAN movie. Catbat offered a very probable eXplanation: the single Rodan in the other movies was the other two's offspring.
RobBarnes daleuhlmann 21 days ago
Dale, see my comment in your similar post 9 hours ago.
LmerFudd 21 days ago
Who will be first? The race is on.
Katink LmerFudd 21 days ago
Not me, EP, but I'm shooting for top 5, more likely top 8😁
Klaatu 21 days ago
Sung to The Beatles “Uncle Albert”:

We're so sorry, Uncle Tingler
We're so sorry if we caused you any pain
We're so sorry, Uncle Tingler
But there's no one in my spine
And I believe I'm gonna scream
We're so sorry but we haven't screamed all day
We're so sorry, Uncle Tingler,
But if anything should happen
Vincent Price will give a ring
🙄🙄I know🥴🥴
PatS Klaatu 21 days ago
I like it! (Even though I don't know "Uncle Albert.") Anyone is free to play with the satire toys. I share.
Katink Klaatu 21 days ago
I love a Sven-blog sing-along, Klaatu!🎶🎵🎶🎵
Drang PatS 21 days ago
Haaaaands across the water, water, haaaaands across the sea...
Engineer_Poelzig 21 days ago
TGIF-Almost Svenday!
Cue the Tingling jokes...
Drang Engineer_Poelzig 21 days ago
Are you tingling with anticip
Klaatu Engineer_Poelzig 21 days ago
I didn’t like Tingler when I first watched it on Sven. I blogged during that showing. On the second showing I watched it without blogging and I really enjoyed the movie. Tomorrow I will watch again without blogging.
Im tingley all over ! 😳 maybe i should call a doctor. Nope .
abc123 Engineer_Poelzig 21 days ago
I was at a sports game, so missed last showing. Do know, my verse is not my best work, but i think people will like it anyway...
1MikeM Drang 21 days ago
Say it!
abc123 1MikeM 21 days ago
Saving it for First Post?
BEATNGU2 22 days ago
VanGooliac BEATNGU2 21 days ago
Vin Diesel is in tomorrow night’s movie??
The1Butler VanGooliac 21 days ago
Vin cent price is wrong !
The1Butler The1Butler 21 days ago
Diesel penny drew
1MikeM VanGooliac 21 days ago
He is Groot!
GrannyAnnie 22 days ago
Im just wondering if you have ever shown The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
PARANORMA GrannyAnnie 22 days ago
Ooooh, another classic jewel. However, I'm thinking it's also another one that would very probably require a ridiculous amount b of editing to make it safe for a "family" show.
PatS GrannyAnnie 22 days ago
Welcome to the blog family! I've been watching for over ten years and never saw it listed. Probably too expensive or too new or a bit too edgy for the Sven program (or its lawyers). Our administrator may have more to say. Do keep suggesting films you'd like. We've been getting one or two "new" films every month this year.
Jack GrannyAnnie 22 days ago
[image= of Us.gif]
Aceman2 GrannyAnnie 22 days ago
Drang PatS 22 days ago
Not that new. I saw it my freshman year of college.
I hope SVENGOIE shows that on his last retirement show!
It would have to be edited too severely
Aceman2 22 days ago
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PARANORMA Drang 22 days ago
Well, it'd could be something that'd theoretically draw people back to the theatre, too, vs sitting at home during lockdowns and then the marathons of streaming.
Aceman2 Klaatu 22 days ago
I agree Klatuu!
ElizabethBoop Aceman2 22 days ago
Was "Paul N Lazarus Jr" a real person, or a fictional character covering for William Castle himself? Wouldn't put it past Castle to do something like that both to make his "organization" seem larger and also cover himself in case there were complaints about the stunts. (I can still remember the oh-too-recent discovery that producer "Ponsonby Britt" for Rocky and Bullwinkle was fictitious.)
BEATNGU2 Aceman2 22 days ago
Great stuff Ace
daleuhlmann 22 days ago
As we prepare to leave Monsterland for a visit to Dr. Chapin's home and lab in America, I have time for one last, nitpicking question about DESTROY ALL MONSTERS. The original RODAN film, which was released in America in a re-edited, dubbed-into-English version by the King Brothers studio in 1957, featured two pteradactyls, male and female mates. However, all subsequent kaiju films featuring the winged, prehistoric creature (including last week's movie) contained only one Rodan. What had happened to the other one?
DrSerizawa daleuhlmann 22 days ago
It was a messy divorce. Stanley Rodan felt that flying around Japan an knocking things over with sonic booms was a fulfilling job in itself, Sheila Rodan wanted to spread her wings, so to speak.

The judge awarded her pretty much everything, leaving Stan with little more than a rundown double wide in a trailer park. The neighbors complain about the empty Colt 45 bootles in the back yard and visitors at all hours. Sheila took the money and kids and moved to a tax shelter estate in Costa Rica.
daleuhlmann DrSerizawa 22 days ago
Oh, that's so sad! (LOL)! 😥
RobBarnes daleuhlmann 21 days ago
Per Wikizilla the 2 beasts were tracked to their nest in Mt. Aso where the JSDF used artillery fire which led to an eruption and at that point in time it was assumed that both had been killed. However, in Ghidorah the 3 headed monster, Rodan, but not his mate, is seen arising from a crater on Mt. Aso and began to battle against Godzilla until Mothra convinced them to all join together against Ghidorah. Rodan would remain an ally of Godzilla in subsequent movies including Destroy all Monsters. Hope that helps you Dale.
RobBarnes RobBarnes 21 days ago
Fun Fact: The JSDF or Japanese Self-Defense Force was formed in 1951 to protect Japan during the Korean War. They are often seen protecting Japan from Kaiju (translated Strange Beasts) type of monsters.
Aceman2 22 days ago

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
daleuhlmann Aceman2 22 days ago
Excellent quote, Aceman! Or, as Robert Frost wrote, consider taking the "path less traveled."
Kylethesecond Aceman2 22 days ago
That is how you get lost.

And ticks. That is how you get ticks.

Man, I hate ticks.
Drang Kylethesecond 22 days ago
Also how you get arrested for criminal trespass, and/or shot by the guys running the illegal grow operation or meth lab
ElizabethBoop Aceman2 22 days ago
Good advice in some situations. If you're running a railroad, maybe not so much.
Kylethesecond Drang 21 days ago
Trespassers don't get reported here.

Missing persons, on the other hand, are plentiful.
Katink Kylethesecond 21 days ago
We are having a LOT of ticks this year, Kyle!
Mikeyyy 22 days ago
Ok I looked back and Gabste is out of town and last comment she said she was going to a wedding and a tea party.
Mikeyyy 22 days ago
I just thought of something ( yeah scary huh?). We won’t get Junes new letter till Saturday this time.

And I don’t mean June Cleaver.
NoPersonalChicks 22 days ago
The wife and I were gabbing about the old days of going to Blockbuster and my grandson piped in, "What's a Blockbuster?" It made me sad that he'll never be able to experience the pain of waiting for someone to return the new release you really want to watch.
I think the last Blockbuster is still open. It’s in Bend, Oregon.
Or later, waiting for one of those newfangled DVDs to arrive in the mail...!
Or to discover that somebody had forgotten to rewind the VHS tape!😬
Klaatu daleuhlmann 22 days ago
Remember the sticker on VHS tapes “Be Kind. Rewind.”?
daleuhlmann Klaatu 22 days ago
Oh, yes!😁
PARANORMA daleuhlmann 22 days ago
Wasn't there a comedy by that name?
Deleted 22 days ago
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22 days ago
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22 days ago
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Carl_N_Brown 22 days ago
During tonight's movie, if you feel a tingling in your seat, scream loudly.
Klaatu Carl_N_Brown 22 days ago
Can I take a Rain Check on my tingly seat until tomorrow?
PARANORMA Carl_N_Brown 22 days ago
There's medication for that.
Deleted 22 days ago
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22 days ago
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22 days ago
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22 days ago
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22 days ago
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22 days ago
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Klaatu 22 days ago
Uuggh boy…the classic toon train just jumped tracks. Woody🥴
daleuhlmann Klaatu 22 days ago
I agree!👎
Klaatu 22 days ago
I found my doppelgänger…
Jack Klaatu 22 days ago
I found mine in college—he was a long dead Lithuanian.
PARANORMA Klaatu 22 days ago
Impressive, but I still have to say it reminds me of what an angry kitten *thinks* it looks like...
Jack PARANORMA 21 days ago
Deleted 22 days ago
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22 days ago
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22 days ago
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Carl_N_Brown 22 days ago
This comment is still here
(For now).
Klaatu 22 days ago
Mr Quizzer looks like someone I know…he looks like someone Dale doesn’t like😖
daleuhlmann Klaatu 22 days ago
Definitely someone Dale doesn't like.😆
RobBarnes Klaatu 22 days ago
and Dale doesn't dislike very many people, if anyone, so that says alot about Mr Quizzer likeablility IMHO.
Carl_N_Brown Klaatu 22 days ago
Dang. I forgot to tune in to Toon in With Me.
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