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Posted on July 31, 2012

Find your complete answers to our Sven quiz from two blogs ago- as we finish up giving the answers, and go to the scoring department! Good luck! Let’s see- where were we? Oh, yes… 7. Which movie never aired on Svengoolie? - “Jack Frost”- “Jack Frost II”- “The Nurse”- “The Raffle”- “Witchboard”-“The Whispering” (choose one!) ANSWER: “Witchboard”- though I’d like to run it. All the others have run, odd as it may seem – “The Raffle “ was not a horror movie- it was a goofy film about two guys pretending to hold a beauty pageant as a way to meet hot chicks. “The Nurse” was a scary thriller with Lisa Zane as… well… a maniacal nurse! “The Whispering” had an adult Leif Garrett as a cop fighting a supernatural being that caused death (possibly to his career…)-(also, “Jack Frost” is a horror movie, not the Michael Keaton family film!) 8. My longtime pal Doug Graves and I met in what class (or- hint-organization) back in high school, at Maine East in Park Ridge, IL ? ANSWER: Where else?- in band ! Doug has been a part of every TV series I’ve ever done- including an unaired pilot. 9. Why have I never been hit in the face with a pie on my show? (Sure, Rich Koz has been, on a couple of his Stooge-a-palooza shows, but- why not Sven?) ANSWER: For a practical reason- I only have ONE good Sven tuxedo, and ONE good hat. We don’t want to risk them being ruined. 10. True or false- I have never appeared on WGN TV. ANSWER: False- I have appeared on that channel when they’ve run parades, and with my friends on the WGN Morning News.

BONUS QUESTION: What movie about a rock group did I ALMOST appear in- and- why was I NOT in the movie?

The movie was 1999’s “Detroit Rock City”- featuring KISS. I was not in the movie because, at first, the kids who were angling to attend the KISS concert were supposed to be from someplace like Wheaton- but when the story relocated them in a town in a different state, it didn’t make sense (at the time) for me to be on their local TV! Since then, director Adam Rifkin has endeavored to include me in other productions he has done- and promises to include me in future ones, which I find very flattering. He is an immensely talented man, who grew up watching my shows, and, as yet another Sven fan who was inspired to get into the business, has been very kind to me. He has a new program coming up on the Showtime pay cable channel!

SCORING: ( Include the bonus question- if you got it right- instead of any question you got incorrect.) 8-10 correct: You know enough to write an article about me for any major horror publication! 5-7 correct: You’re a typical devoted Sven fan with a pretty good memory! 2-4 correct: Hey, at least you enjoy our shows- you don’t need to know my history that well for that! 0-1 correct: maybe you should spend a little more time in Berwyn…

Thanks for playing! It’s all in fun anyway- and, maybe you learned some stuff you didn’t know!

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