“The Mummy’s Ghost” Appears on Me-TV Tonight!

Posted on July 7, 2012

Thanks to everybody who came out to Joliet for the big Slammers game last night- I’ll elaborate on that in tomorrow’s blog- but- tonight on Me-TV, John Carradine hits a home run when he joins the team of Kharis (with Lon Chaney Jr. stepping in as the living Mummy) for ‘The Mummy’s Ghost”! Some years after “The Mummy’s Tomb” (which, if you need a refresher in Chicago, you can catch on WCIU this morning at 11 am)- Yusef Bey ( Carradine)is informed by the ancient high priest that Kharis, thought to have burned to oblivion in America, actually still lives! He instructs Yusef in the secret tanna leaf brewing ritual that will attract and nourish the Mummy, keeping him alive (so- in all these years he was thought dead- who was feeding him the tanna leaf tea? Oh, well- never mind…) and sends him off to the U.S. to find and retrieve Kharis , and bring back the remains of his true love, the Princess Ananka, whom the American infidels have placed in one of their museums. In the college in the town where the Mummy once wreaked havoc- we listen to a professor who lectures about the story of the Mummy’s murderous rampage to some young students, including a beautiful young woman with Egyptian roots. For some reason, when she thinks of Egypt, she begins to feel…strange… One night, the professor is at home, researching – and finally thinks he has discovered the ancient formula of Egyptian lore! He proceeds to brew up the old tanna leaf concoction- and it attracts Kharis from wherever he’s been in hiding- which isn’t good news for the professor. Nor is it too good for our young coed, who suddenly rises, sleepwalks, and collapses outside the professor’s house as the Mummy shuffles away after killing the poor man and drinking the tanna tea. Of course, the local police find it suspicious that she was found outside the murder scene- but her boyfriend intervenes and tries to help his confused love. Some of the locals recognize the mold left on the dead professor’s throat- and can’t believe that it means the Mummy has returned! Meanwhile, Yusef Bey has arrived- and does his own tanna brewing to attract Kharis and place him under his control. They begin their search for the remains of Ananaka, but plans change when it appears that the Egyptian princess has been reincarnated- with her soul taking residence in…guess who!- the young coed! Soon, it’s the town versus the Mummy- and things get complicated when Yusef Bey finds himself attracted to the reborn Ananka! Will his control of Kharis be strong enough to overcome the Mummy’s desire for his beloved? The big name cast of the great John Carradine and Lon Chaney Jr. as Kharis make this entry in the Mummy saga especially noteworthy. We’ll talk about them and the rest of the cast- plus, provide some trivia- like who actually got hurt during filming and is visibly bloody in one scene! Lots of Sven fun as well, and, as a bonus, since the movie is short- another “Svensurround”-spangled serial episode- this time, it’s “Commando Cody”! “The Mummy’s Ghost” will run at 9 pm central time (check your local listings) all over North America on the Me-TV network. For local Chicago viewers- as I said, you get one more look at “The Mummy’s Tomb” at 11 am on WCIU- and , at 3 pm on U Too- the “lost” 1950s Sven show, ”Phantom from 10,000 Leagues”! Remember, I’ll be at the Lake in the Hills Rockin’ Ribfest tomorrow, from noon to 2 pm-click on “appearances” on this site for details!

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