The Final Frontier is Arachnid Fear When We Enter the "Kingdom of the Spiders"-Tonight!

Posted on November 4, 2023

This week on MeTV- you’ll see a familiar face from our “Super Sci Fi Saturday Night” in a different environment- instead of going where no man has gone before, William Shatner must battle terrestrial terror that somehow has ended up where no tarantulas had been before! These fuzzy freaks prove to be a much greater danger than Tribbles- as they establish the “Kingdom of the Spiders”!

We beam you down to Arizona- where local veterinarian Rack Hansen ( Shatner) has a new puzzle to solve when a previously healthy prize calf suddenly takes ill and dies. Surprisingly, the cause of death does not seem to be a known cattle disease-and Rack, stuck for what the cause actually is, sends blood samples to the Flagstaff university lab.


The answer arrives in the form of a pretty arachnologist, Diane Ashley. She shocks Rack by revealing that the cause of the calf’s death was-a massive dosage of spider venom! Rack is skeptical- no spider has that kind of lethal amount of venom! She asks to go to the ranch where the calf came from, and they travel to the Colby farm- where it appears the Colbys’ pet dog has unexpectedly died. The reason becomes clear- when Colby shows them a huge hill that has appeared on the property- loaded with tarantulas! Though they are not native to the area, Diane theorizes that, with pesticides killing off the spiders’ food supply in their home area, they have migrated- and resorted to attacking larger animals in order to gain sustenance.

They attempt to halt this horror by burning the spider hill-but that plan fails, and soon, more local residents are attacked. The town’s mayor, who is more worried about tourists not coming to the area for the upcoming county fair, decides that use of pesticide will solve the problem- with devastating results. Before long, a small group including Diane and Rack, end up trapped- with seemingly no way to escape the deadly arachnids as they claim the area as their new kingdom!

This 1977 addition to the “nature strikes back” themed movies of that time period used about 5000 actual tarantulas in the production. Needless to say, if you have a phobia about spiders , you might want to avoid this one. We’ll tell you about the production, as well as the cast, which includes such notables, besides Shatner, as Woody Strode, Tiffany Bolling, and- Mrs. Sammy Davis Jr.?! We’ll send the gorgeous Gwengoolie out for an on-the-spot report, bring you a new song, present a few scenes in “Svensurround”- and bring back a parody of William Shatner’s best known starring vehicle.

“Kingdom of the Spiders” begins its reign at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. MeTV encourages you to again join in the live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter-just make sure that you add the hashtag #svengoolie to your Tweets! In the Chicago viewing area, the second Kolchak made-for -tv movie “ The Night Strangler” will encore at 11 am on our local station, CW26.

We again want to thank you for your support of “Svengoolie’s Halloween BOO-nanza”- it looks like it will return next year, complete with double features every Saturday night. Thank you also for the great turnouts at our Halloween season appearances- the Elgin IL “Nightmare on Chicago Street” event and our annual visit to the amazing Volo Auto Museum, where we ended up staying a couple hours overtime to make sure we got to meet all the fans in line. The loyalty and enthusiasm of our fans is something we never take lightly and are so honored to see so many people who enjoy our show.


It's a good time to check out our store here in the MeTV Mall- watch for new merchandise, and perhaps start thinking about holiday gifts for your favorite Sven fans- and maybe yourself! Could that be the new Sven holiday sweater? Make sure you order early- supplies are limited!

Join us tonight to enter a southwestern web of terror-sadly, without a single phaser in sight!

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 during show

Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Oops almost lost track of time tonight! Watched my grand nephew get sworn into the marines, then came home and started playing my video game and looked up and was 11:30! Picked out my movie quote and sitting here all revved up.
abc123 Mikeyyy 6 months ago
I am waiting until after new blog to fire up a game myself
deadringer42 Mikeyyy 6 months ago
Congratulations to your nephew. Some of my best friends are Marines. May he succeed in his path.
Cartoondave 6 months ago
I'm watching the last 40 minutes of THE PINK PANTHER starring Peter Sellers David Niven and Robert Wagner with an encore showing afterwards it will also be on tomorrow afternoon at 1pm eastern so on case I fall asleep I can watch again I can't believe it's turning 60 on December 18th I'm pretty sure that's the right theatrical release?
Cartoondave Cartoondave 6 months ago
In case not on case
daleuhlmann 6 months ago
While I'm watching Allan Arbus as Dr. Sydney Freedman in this movie, it's interesting to recall that the character's very first appearance on the show was a purely comedic one. It was an episode in which Henry Blake called him to the 4077 to examine Klinger and decide whether or not he should be granted a section 8 discharge.
Svenboy 6 months ago
I watched trog with joan crawford. Seen it before and like it. Wish sven would show it. Looking forward to this weekends movie. Another one i have seen Berle but that’s okay. I like that one too and the munsters in general. I got attached to the Addams family when they were on me tv.
PARANORMA Svenboy 6 months ago
With the extended time slot, might be fun if Sven got to do a double feature of Tron and Berserk
Trog, not Tron!!
daleuhlmann 6 months ago
We're watching the M*A*S*H finale movie, "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" now. Although it was the last M*A*S*H episode AIRED, it was not the one FILMED. It had been completed BEFORE the series' truly final episode had been shot. It was entitled "As Time Goes By." The closing scene of that episode, in which each member of the 4077 buried an item of his or her own choice in a time capsule, had to be reshot a number of times, because of the actors breaking into tears.
abc123 6 months ago
1. Happy Birthday and Semper Fi to all the blogging Devil Dogs. And all other Vets too.

2. Got a Copyright warning from Youtube when i uploaded my video. There was also a message that the copyright holder is cool with it being included in videos. Sadly, this weeks video was just thrown together and is not really Munsters specific, but I liked the way it all "blends".
daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Here's another colorful Al Lewis story. During the 1990s, Lewis was a guest on the syndicated RICHARD BEY SHOW, which was a popular tabloid talk show at that time. Also appearing that night, on this special New Years Eve edition, were two big breasted exotic dancers, one of whom went by the name of Lulu Devine. At one point, Lewis walked up behind Ms. Devine, hefted her huge breasts, and began jiggling and shaking them to his spirited singing of "Jingle Bells." Can we all say, "dirty old man?"
PARANORMA daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Never mind Grandpa, more like Uncle, as in Miltie!
daleuhlmann PARANORMA 6 months ago
Yes, to say the least!
PatS PARANORMA 6 months ago
Um, "Funny Uncle"??
PARANORMA PatS 6 months ago
Um, not so much.
Klaatu 6 months ago
I know I may be hallucinating, but am I the only one who see a parallelism between the early B&W Lost in Space and Mysterious Island? And WHY don’t we ever see the Robot inside the Chariot and yet when the Robinson’s exit the Chariot the Robot shows up? Uuggh, I guess I’m bored🙄🙄
daleuhlmann Klaatu 6 months ago
It was because Don had temporarily disassembled him and stored the parts away for easy storage. In the final sequence, we see the
robot inside the Jupiter 2, strumming a guitar to the tune of "There's No Place Like Home," apparently after having been reassembled.
PARANORMA Klaatu 6 months ago
Interesting, I've never gone farther than the common comparisons with "Forbidden Planet"... This kind of up there with "if they're going where no one's gone before, why do they keep meeting all these people?"...
VanGooliac PARANORMA 6 months ago
For the same reason that people always find their way to Gilligan’s Island…the show would get very boring very fast otherwise
PARANORMA VanGooliac 6 months ago
Yeah, I take your point...
Klaatu daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Makes sense Dale, but I’m still focused on Al Lewis and LuLu Devine as per your description above😳😆🥹
daleuhlmann Klaatu 6 months ago
You would be!😆😅🤣😂
Klaatu 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Jack 6 months ago
I’ve been working on a post—or series pf posts—inspired by Pat’s song parody. I could slap it together and finish it, but it’d be an unreadable mess. Instead I’m gonna wait ’til Sventurday.
Klaatu Jack 6 months ago
Sventurday is only a few hours away.
PatS Jack 6 months ago
Wrangle away, Jack! A very important step is to ignore the Grand Work for a day or so, then read it with a fresh mind. Fixes all kinds of slips and lame choices. I gladly share the spotlight.
Cartoondave 6 months ago
I was just about to get my movie snacks together and suddenly realized it's Friday night not Sventurday
MrsG Cartoondave 6 months ago
We’ll just blame it on the time change ~ losing DST really rocks our world !
⏰ 🌎 ⏰
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 6 months ago
Deadringer thought the blog rolled over last night
DrSerizawa 6 months ago
Been away all week, here's the short version: after delivering my granddaughter my daughter in law started having upper gut pain. Turned out it was a gallbladder filled to capacity with stones. She was to see a surgeon this week, but was in agony starting last Saturday night. She was hospitalized from Sunday morning to yesterday afternoon, 2 surgeries, gallbladder out, pancreas inflammation. So my wife and I and the other grandma spent this week tag teaming taking care of the kiddos while my son did what he had to do. It's not over, another surgery in store.

Just to make things extra special I got my RSV shot on Monday and got every side effect. Felt rotten all day Tuesday and my arm is still slightly sore, although that may have been exacerbated by having to wrangle the kids.

Other than that, it was a great week.
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VanGooliac DrSerizawa 6 months ago
Good vibes to your daughter in law, Dr S.
And congratulations on the new addition to your family!
RobBarnes Klaatu 6 months ago
I suggest alot of chipped (not cubed or crushed) ice. You will never find a finer sippin' whiskey. Whose deal is it?
deadringer42 DrSerizawa 6 months ago
Oh my. Keeping her in our thoughts and prayers for a healthy and speedy recovery. May next week be better.
Jack 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
CountCurt 6 months ago

Looks like the people up the street are getting ready for Munsters Go Home.
I think this painting is of Lily in her college days in Transylvania.
1MikeM CountCurt 6 months ago
daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Later in his life, according to his Wikipedia page. Al ("Grandpa") Lewis was a frequent guest on THE HOWARD STERN SHOW, where he was an outspoken critic of government regulation and control, particularly on the part of the FCC, which he regularly accused of censorship.

During one appearance on the show in 1987, he said, "'F***' the FCC!" Surprisingly, that agency did not fine the station for Stern's having let that profanity go out over the air. In fact, for quite a few after, Stern used Lewis' uncensored comment as a promotional sound byte for the show.

In 1998, Lewis ran as a Green Party candidate for governor of New York, where he was denied permission to run under the name, "Grandpa." In 2000, he was New York's Green Party candidate for state senator, and actually finished second in the balloting! I'll have another colorful story about Lewis' "golden years" later today.
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RobBarnes daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Isn't it amazing who jumps into poltics when the career which made them famous is over: Body Builders, Wresters, Actors, Comedians and so on.
RobBarnes 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
daDoctah 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
PARANORMA daDoctah 6 months ago
So it screens for apparent bad racist pidgin-English...? (snort)
CountCurt 6 months ago

I have always admired character actor Carmen Mathews. She delivers her dialogue with such a calm demeanour. She captivates you and you wait for the next thing she is going to say.
Every time I see her listed to be on the Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock, I am compelled to watch it.
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CountCurt CountCurt 6 months ago
Like many Canadian actors of his time, he started out doing Shakespeare at the Stratford Festival in Stratford, Ontario. Others include Bill Shatner, Chris Plummer and I even think Lorne Green.
PARANORMA CountCurt 6 months ago
Stratford has indeed been like the "and -- 'Perry Mason' " of Canadian actors...
CountCurt PARANORMA 6 months ago
Touché Paranorma.

Hmm was Raymond Burr ever at Stratford? He grew in a community close to me. I think he went direct to Hollywood.
One last thing, the lovely Lily Munster is from my city.
PARANORMA CountCurt 6 months ago
He was moved down to CA at 6. Some back & forth to Canada over time; hard to say, as there was a certain amount of Santosing going on (understandable). However, looks like his main affiliation with any theatre company was with Pasadena Playhouse.
Aceman2 6 months ago
"Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present."
-- Marcus Aurelius
CountCurt Aceman2 6 months ago
A great quote Aceman
Katink Aceman2 6 months ago
Thank you, Aceman! I will try to keep that in mind!
CountCurt 6 months ago

With Remembrance Day tomorrow, it is time to reflect on the Canadian & American armed forces that sacrificed so much so that we could be free.

“Lest We Forget”

Katink CountCurt 6 months ago
Beautiful, CountCurt!
Aceman2 6 months ago
Thank you Veterans!
daleuhlmann Aceman2 6 months ago
Right on, Aceman!
Lynn Aceman2 6 months ago
Katink Aceman2 6 months ago
Fabulous post, Aceman! (Hubby says to thank you😀)
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