Teenage Werewolf and Teenage Frankenstein Combine Under Deadly Direction in "How to Make a Monster"- Tonight!

Posted on February 24, 2024

Tonight on MeTV-it’s time to put on a happy face- happy to scare the daylights out of you! We’re bringing back an American International film that brought back the studio’s Teenage Frankenstein and Teenage Werewolf! Our viewers always request another look at how a master of creature creations decides to strike back at the heartless studio heads who have decided to show him the door- by bringing his monsters back for an encore. This time, however, this isn’t murderous movie mayhem- it’s for real, as he demonstrates “How to Make a Monster”!

This 1958 favorite introduces us to renowned horror make-up artist Pete, as he finishes applying the Teenage Werewolf make-up to a young actor ( FYI: in this case, it’s NOT Michael Landon, who played the part in the original film)! Pete and his faithful assistant Rivero are proud of the finished product- as is the director of a new film which pits the teen wolf man against the Teenage Frankenstein ( who IS played by the young actor from the original AI film, Gary Conway). Pete’s proud moment does not last-when the studio’s new bosses invade his make-up room- and bluntly inform him that his skills will no longer be needed at the studio! He is being let go, because these geniuses feel that monster films have worn out their welcome with audiences, who would rather have laughs, music, and pretty women instead of horror! (Take it from someone who has experienced it in his career-this is often the case in entertainment, with management not caring what the audience really wants, but giving them what they think they SHOULD want!)


Angered that his legendary 25 years as head make-up artist at the studio mean nothing to this new regime (hey- I also experienced THAT at a different company!), Pete comes up with a frighteningly sinister plan-to use his monster creations, the very ones new management disdain, to get revenge on these unfeeling know-it-all executives!

Remembering an accidental discovery he made in the past; Pete starts mixing a “special ingredient” into the make-up – which not only numbs the actor wearing it, but robs him of his free will- leaving him susceptible to follow every command Pete gives him. The maniacal make-up man is now creating REAL monsters that will carry out the carnage that they have previously done on the screen against the arrogant men who want to end his career!

The police, naturally, are baffled by these horrific crimes. Pete’s weak-willed assistant Rivero, who still has a sense of right and wrong but remains loyal to his boss, has his own worries about his involvement in Pete’s scheme-and the young actors being used as Pete’s pawns start to get confused about periods of time in which they seem to have “blacked out” while in make-up. Can anyone stop Pete from carrying out his revenge by using his “children”- the monsters he has brought to life on the screen- to bring down the studio he once helped build into a success?

This film is a favorite of the many viewers who fondly remembering these two famed American International monsters (from “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” and “I Was a Teenage Frankenstein”- two movies we would love to be able to show – but, sadly, they are being withheld by the person who currently owns the rights to them). You’ll see some familiar faces who have been regulars and guest stars on MeTV shows- and we will reveal a common thread among them-while revisiting the familiar make-up of the teen monsters. We’ll talk about some trivia relating to the film, and have plenty of Sven shtick, including my taking pen in hand to convert myself into a monster, as well as another way to change one’s appearance, yet another visit from Nostalgiaferatoo (…again? We need to change the locks on the dungeon door), a song and more! Plus some special memories- including the Svengoolie Burger Challenge held at the old Squared Circle restaurant owned by our friend Lisa Marie Varon ( Victoria in WWE, Tara in Impact Wrestling ) with legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette stepping up to pigging out- our very first chat with the great Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund-and, a special tribute to another friend-top Chicago and nationally known TV weatherman Tom Skilling, who has retired this week, and was kind enough to do a great segment with us! Just like the burger Jim Cornette attempts to conquer, this show is loaded!


“How to Make a Monster” begins its tutorial at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time tonight. During the show, as always, you can live-Tweet along with other thousands of other viewers on Twitter (X)- just make sure to include the hashtag #svengoolie . Once again last week, we were trending high among topics on Twitter during the show. Our encore in the Chicago viewing area is of the beloved classic “Bride of Frankenstein”- which will be available at 11 am on CW26.

We keep hearing how much our viewers love all the new merchandise in our store (I have a …? Fill in the blank) Check out all the great choices of the various Sven and Sven Squad items that have everybody talking!

Meanwhile, join us tonight on MeTV- when monsters go from film reels to frightening reality and cause screams off the screen!!

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 during show

abc123 4 months ago
I saw full rainbow driving home today. Both ends were in water (lake), and it crossed over the floating bridge. Looked like a second rainbow was trying extra hard to appear, but couldmonly produce a faind little bit... Last time I saw a full rainbow like it was Hawaii in 2015.
Katink abc123 4 months ago
Rainbows and bridges, abc. Our neighbors' schnauzer crossed the rainbow bridge today. She was 12, and she stayed with us when her parents traveled.💕
CountCurt Katink 4 months ago
Your life was enriched by that schnauzer.
“Somwhere over rhe rainbow skies are blue”.
Katink CountCurt 4 months ago
She was our dog CoCo's best friend💕
Cartoondave 4 months ago
Does Sprite count as a movie themed beverage tomorrow? I can't think of anything to eat except for my popcorn
abc123 Cartoondave 4 months ago
That is what I had for invisible ray a few weeks ago. Good in my book. I am going for fish and chips for the England angle... beverage to be named later.
RobBarnes Cartoondave 4 months ago
I would say yes, if mixed with a clear colored alcohol ie: gin, rum, vodka or tequila.
Katink Cartoondave 4 months ago
I think it does, Dave! Clearly! (See what I did there?)
CountCurt RobBarnes 4 months ago
The concoction sounds a like a nice invisibility formula.
Mikeyyy 4 months ago
Just got home short while go. 425 miles and for about 200 mile was raining. Oh well I’m having a quick bite and hitting the rack. Good luck to whoever gets first post.
Aceman2 Mikeyyy 4 months ago
Next week you can start another streak!
Katink Mikeyyy 4 months ago
Good night, Mikeyyy! Glad you are home safely.
Katink Aceman2 4 months ago
Aceman, did you see the fan photo in the newsletter? It was a diorama shadowbox of The Bride of Frankenstein! Very cool!
Cartoondave 4 months ago
Sorry I forgot to post the photo from my comment below
abc123 4 months ago
Okay. I was able to verify this other computer I have can follow the links I made. Problem being from the time I hit the power button to the time the link opened, 25 minutes passed. this thing is almost nine years old and it shows. If I tried to use this for the 'first post race", I would come in the bottom 25. Now to test my android tablet.
abc123 abc123 4 months ago
Android tablet seems to be okay with my links, so I will be ready, fingers crossed...
Cartoondave 4 months ago
I forgot to mention something for Catbat yesterday I got an add on my phone from NECA it's a 1966 Batman Adam West Batman figure but when I saw the price I was like uh no!
BEATNGU2 4 months ago
These 2 walking down the street not to far from me, did anyone hear that we were being invaded by extraterrestrials 👽??????
Drang BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Are you in Seattle? Emerald City Comicon is this weekend.
Klaatu Drang 4 months ago
Comicon is 24/7 in Seattle🤣
RobBarnes BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Maybe, the dude in back with glasses looks sus.
Cartoondave 4 months ago
A buddy of mine sent me these which were originally supposed to be for Christmas so now I have to find something for his birthday which is in April he doesn't do Svengoolie, DVDs or Blu-ray so that's out of the question
Svenboy 4 months ago
Several movies this month will be new to me. Good deal!looking forward to seeing gargoyles again. I have not seen the original 13 ghosts but the remake with monk.
daleuhlmann 4 months ago
HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, makeup artist Pete Dumond cited psychologists' defense of horror movies because of the way they may help us cope with our real-life fears. A parent wrote an article in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND MAGAZINE entitled "Monsters Are Good For My Children, and for Yours, Too!" setting forth a very similar argument. Here is the link to that article.

VanGooliac 4 months ago
I would add Forbidden Planet to the list of Most Rewatchable '50s Horror Movies.
MrsG VanGooliac 4 months ago
Also , personal favorite THE TINGLER 1959 with Vincent Price 🩸_🩸
BEATNGU2 VanGooliac 4 months ago
Absolutely, so many classics it difficult to scale down to only 10.
CountCurt VanGooliac 4 months ago
Yes Forbiddn Planet. It ticks a lot of boxes. It was a high budget production.
CountCurt MrsG 4 months ago
I did not know the Tingler until I entered the Sven Realm but I immediately fell in love with it.
RobBarnes VanGooliac 4 months ago
Add? Its not near the top already?
HoneyBee456 4 months ago
Klaatu, 1MikeM, LmerFudd, The Day the Earth Stood Still comes on tonight
Klaatu HoneyBee456 4 months ago
On your favorite (I don’t wanna mention it😵) channel?
HoneyBee456 Klaatu 4 months ago
You’re funny
HoneyBee456 Klaatu 4 months ago
One of my favorite movies
Klaatu HoneyBee456 4 months ago
It’s my favorite!! Lots of social messages hidden in that film. I see it listed for 9:30pm after a bunch of lousy “horror” movies, if they can be called that.
CountCurt Klaatu 4 months ago
I listened to a radio version today. It was from 1954, a few years after the movie. Michael Rennie reprised his role. No Patricia Neal ( tears of disappointment). I really enjoyed it. However, I missed seeing the tanks melt from the laser beams.
CountCurt 4 months ago
I don’t get to take part in the morning tunes. One of my favourite toons as a kid was a Popeye cartoon I believe. An alien comes to earth disguised as a street mail box. Every time someone deposits a letter, the alien would spit it out. I would howl with laughter.
DrFish28136 4 months ago
1MikeM 4 months ago
Happy Birthday gabste!! Blow out the candles and make a wish! Want something. Want something!
Katink 1MikeM 4 months ago
Happy Birthday, gabste!
gabste 1MikeM 4 months ago
Thhhhhhannnkkkkk youuuuu MikkkeeeMmm
gabste Katink 4 months ago
Thank you Katink
1MikeM gabste 4 months ago
You're verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy welcooooooooomeeeeeee gabste!!
BEATNGU2 4 months ago
5 Movies 🎥 for the price of 4
CountCurt BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Now that’s a good deal!
How much is the popcorn?
BEATNGU2 CountCurt 4 months ago
Gotta ask Orville Reddenbacher
VanGooliac 4 months ago
Happy Birthday Gabste 🎉
gabste VanGooliac 4 months ago
So cool ! Thank you Vangooliac !!!!😘😘😘😘
Aceman2 4 months ago
I stumbled upon this list of “The 10 Most Rewatchable '50s Horror Movies, Ranked”. As far as I am concerned, PLAN 9 has got to go and THEM has got to be on the list.

10 ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space' (1957)
9 ‘The Curse of Frankenstein' (1957)
8 ‘The Blob' (1958)
7 ‘House on Haunted Hill' (1959)
6 ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man' (1957)
5 ‘House of Wax' (1953)
4 ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon' (1954)
3 ‘The Thing from Another World' (1951)
2 ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers' (1956)
1 ‘Godzilla' (1954)
BEATNGU2 Aceman2 4 months ago
Mine would be in no particular order ;
“The Thing from another World”
“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”
“The Day the Earth stood still”
“20 Million miles to earth”
“The War of the Worlds”
“It came from beneath the sea”
“The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms”
“The Blob”
“The Giant Behemoth”
Honorable mention “The Brain that wouldn’t die”

Klaatu Aceman2 4 months ago
I think Plan 9 is on the list purely from a standpoint of being recommended as a movie so bad you have to watch. Have you invited friends over for pizza, beer and rowdy fun? Then Plan 9 is icing on the cake.
Klaatu BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Beating…your list is a proper list👍👍
CountCurt Aceman2 4 months ago
Aceman, I saw that list as well. Yup Plan 9 From Outer Space has got to go. What is missing for me is The Day The Earth Stood Still.
Noteworthy: There are two Vincent Price movies on the list.
Aceman2 BEATNGU2 4 months ago
Count and BEATNGU2 - I'm with you. The Day The Earth Stood Still has to be on the list. I also really like “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” and “The Giant Behemoth” and would replace Godzilla with one or the other. I can here DrSerizawa screaming at me: "Heresy!"
Aceman2 Klaatu 4 months ago
PLAN9 is perfect for drunken fun or blogging if Sven ran it. Drunken fun while watching it on Sven would be best.
MrsG 4 months ago
Celebrate gabste , as we honor the wonderful woman You are

💙💜🩷 *_*🩷💜💙
Aceman2 MrsG 4 months ago
HB Gabs!
gabste MrsG 4 months ago
Oh my gosh thank you so much MrsG
gabste Aceman2 4 months ago
Thank you Aceman
DrFish28136 4 months ago
Klaatu DrFish28136 4 months ago
Wow😵. I’m 70 too. Do I look that old?? I better go check.
HoneyBee456 DrFish28136 4 months ago
I wouldn’t have ever recognized him. He looks so old
Aceman2 Klaatu 4 months ago
look a lot older unless I put on my sunglasses and my Sven Cappie. Then I look 70 ish!
Klaatu Aceman2 4 months ago
I’ll take your picture and raise it with this. Shield your eyes🤣
Aceman2 Klaatu 4 months ago
LmerFudd DrFish28136 4 months ago
Did he skip a rock across a pond to celebrate? Happy Birthday, Opie.
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