Take One Giant Step into a Nightmare with the "Night Walker"-Tonight!

Posted on December 16, 2023

Tonight on MeTV- put on your walking shoes ( and maybe your pajamas) when William Castle invites you on a stroll into a terrifying world which Barbara Stanwyck isn’t sure is simply a dream- or a frightening reality! Out of the darkness comes a mysterious unknown dream lover – the “Night Walker"!

Irene (played by Barbara, in what was her last actual movie role before her career segued to the realm of TV and “The Big Valley”) feels tortured by her jealous husband, the aging, blind Howard. This wealthy eccentric enjoys secretly recording things- like his wife talking in her sleep in such a provocative way that he becomes suspicious! He reveals to his lawyer Barry his theory that she has a secret lover- playing the recordings for him, and even suggesting that, since the lawyer is basically the only person who comes to the house regularly, that HE might be the mysterious lover!

Barry, insulted by this inference, is leaving the premises-when Irene stops him, and explains that she does talk in her sleep to a lover – but that it’s a Romeo who only exists in the world of her dreams! After Barry departs, Howard confronts Irene, flat out accusing her of being unfaithful. She angrily storms out of the house, and- once alone- Howard finds himself drawn to his upstairs laboratory- where a strange disaster takes him out of the picture!

But, does it? After his demise, Irene begins to experience odd and terrifying events every night. Unable to tell if they are really happening- or just dreams- she feels that she can no longer stay in the house. She opts to reside in the back-room apartment of a beauty parlor she owns, hoping that being in different surroundings will help her break free of the constant, and all-too-realistic nightmares.

That’s a big “no”- because soon, the dream lover begins making nightly visits, seeming very real- and taking her out to various places, while sharing his plans for their future- and into a bizarre sector of what can only be the Twilight Zone-with nightmarish inhabitants! Upon her return from one particularly horrible experience, Irene enlists lawyer Barry's help to prove that these nightmares are actually happening- or that she is truly out of her mind!

This 1964 chiller is one of those William Castle offerings that, though using some similar techniques as his other productions, relies less on in-theatre gimmickry than his films like "House on Haunted Hill" and "The Tingler". Undoubtedly, part of the reason is his managing to enlist the services of major Hollywood stars like Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor. You’ll also possibly recognize Irene’s husband Howard as an actor known best as a supporting player in a sitcom, along with other familiar TV faces in the cast. We support it all with the usual dosage of Sven shtick- including a visit from some members of our Sven Squad-a chat with a stunt man who has worn the mask of Jason Voorhees, along with other featured guests from a past Flashback Weekend convention-plus revisiting a memorable past event in Sven history!

"Night Walker" strolls onto the airwaves of MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and if you’re unsure at what time and where to find us in your area, check your local listings (or at www.metv.com) . Viewers can again live-tweet on Twitter during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie. In the Chicago viewing area, we have a second round of the battle between magicians Boris Karloff and Vincent Price in “The Raven” at 11 am on our sister station CW26.

Meanwhile, limber up to walk with Barbara Stanwyck tonight -when things get dreamy and screamy on MeTV!

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 during show

Geno1 2 months ago
What's the name of tonight's show?
Heathertebbutt 3 months ago
Tonight my husband and I watched, Hiw to make a minster while enjoying my homemade lasagna for dinner.
Great night in!
Drang 5 months ago
So Micky and Minnie enter the public domain on January st.
RobBarnes Drang 5 months ago
January Street?
Drang RobBarnes 5 months ago
The numeral one seems to be AWOL.
abc123 5 months ago
After tomorrow, only one movie remains for the year.
I have been playing with the spreadsheet I made to try and track all the posts each week starting in two weeks. we will see how it works, or doesn't...
Klaatu 5 months ago
I sent my oldest brother a photo of my Whisk(e)y and Bourbon collection, and he replied back with this bottle. A 1938 Macallan Red Ribbon, unopened 😳. My son found a value online ranging from $17,000 to $35,000. When I visit my brother in the Fall, I told him that I would help him open this bottle👍
deadringer42 Klaatu 5 months ago
Let me know where and when😃
RobBarnes Klaatu 5 months ago
Dang, thats more than my second car cost.
DrFish28136 5 months ago
Klaatu DrFish28136 5 months ago
Make it so!
Jack DrFish28136 5 months ago
QaDlu'meH QaQ jajvam!
RobBarnes DrFish28136 5 months ago
I wonder if he occasionally gives those briefs a Picard Tug?
HoneyBee456 5 months ago
LmerFudd HB says Merry Christmas to you and Cleo
LmerFudd HoneyBee456 5 months ago
Very sweet of you two! Wishing the HoneyBees a wonderful Christmas.
HoneyBee456 LmerFudd 5 months ago
Thank you so much LmerFudd
DrFish28136 5 months ago
Drang DrFish28136 5 months ago
Christmas in the Pacific Northwest!
Klaatu DrFish28136 5 months ago
That’s a great illustration! I visit Oregon often (wife’s sister and husband live there), and so much revolves around Big Foot. This was my Big Foot burger eaten at a beer brewery food truck. Darn good👍
PARANORMA Klaatu 5 months ago
Not to belabour the obvious, but more of a Big Mouth burger, no...?
Upon reflection, that came out So Wrong. Point being, has to be a Major Production to ingest (neatlyish) for anyone not buying it as a week's groceries! Sorry, still reeling from all the festive Dad Jokes...
RobBarnes DrFish28136 5 months ago
Somewhere in a remote forest in British Columbia Big Foot Pontificates whether or not there really is a Santa Claus, because if so he knows all to well what it feels like when some people simply don't believe that you exist.
RobBarnes Klaatu 5 months ago
I guess you have to sit on it first before it will fit in your mouth.
HoneyBee456 5 months ago
Cartoondave that bird feeder I bought a few weeks ago wound up not being squirrel proof. That darn squirrel has been eating all the seeds. I ordered one that’s supposed to be squirrel proof and I hope it is
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HoneyBee456 Cartoondave 5 months ago
I’m hoping this new one will be better
LmerFudd HoneyBee456 5 months ago
Been busy busy busy but the gifts are wrapped and ready to put in the FuddMobile. How are you and HB?
HoneyBee456 LmerFudd 5 months ago
We’re doing pretty good. Are you getting together with family? I only bought one gift this year lol
Klaatu Jack 5 months ago
Jack, I love the green Alien cactus in the planter👍
Klaatu 5 months ago
I saw this old billboard ad for turkeys from long ago. 😳
LmerFudd Klaatu 5 months ago
Now politically incorrect but still funny
PARANORMA Klaatu 5 months ago
Ah, can always count on Ralph's...
Lynn 5 months ago
HoneyBee456 Lynn 5 months ago
That’s pretty
Katink Lynn 5 months ago
What a beautiful double rainbow, Lynn!
HoneyBee456 5 months ago
Here’s a picture of my bubble light snowman. I think he’s cute
Cartoondave HoneyBee456 5 months ago
Looks like Michael Keaton
HoneyBee456 Cartoondave 5 months ago
Lol that’s funny
HoneyBee456 Cartoondave 5 months ago
I don’t see it
Lynn HoneyBee456 5 months ago
Cute, indeed!
VanGooliac HoneyBee456 5 months ago
Yes it’s cute.
Better keep it out of reach of Honey Bee, otherwise…
HoneyBee456 VanGooliac 5 months ago
That’s funny 😄
VanGooliac 5 months ago
Woody the talking Christmas Tree
is a beloved attraction at the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
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Jack VanGooliac 5 months ago
Oh cripes! Just like in _Son of a Critch_!
Jack VanGooliac 5 months ago
There’s also a Mic Mac Park in Windsor, ON… go figure.
RobBarnes Drang 5 months ago
You mean like the Clevland Indians?
HoneyBee456 5 months ago
I hope Thereman is doing well. I haven’t seen him on here in a long time. He’s probably really busy this time of year. Just a shout out to you hello Thereman
Lynn HoneyBee456 5 months ago
I've been thinking about Thereman, too. Good of you to say so!
HoneyBee456 Lynn 5 months ago
Thank you Lynn
Cartoondave 5 months ago
Trees are almost done here a pic what they look like
HoneyBee456 Cartoondave 5 months ago
That’s pretty Dave
Aceman2 Cartoondave 5 months ago
I'm loving it!
MrsG Cartoondave 5 months ago
Oh Cartoondave ~ soooo gorgeous and homey/cozy ~ glad You are enjoying precious family time *_*
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 5 months ago
Looking good there Dave!
RobBarnes Cartoondave 5 months ago
It looks like all of your Action Figures have their own sleeping bags (When I was in the Boy Scouts they called them fart sacks when we went out camping).
Klaatu 5 months ago
Y’know, the MeTV Mall seems like they missed the Holiday boat. They don’t have Gift Certificates. Woulda Coulda been a great things to give MeTV fans🫤
Cartoondave Klaatu 5 months ago
Hmm maybe they shoulda had like 50 percent coupon or something?
HoneyBee456 Klaatu 5 months ago
Good morning Klaatu
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