Sven Sweats It Out with the Slammers!

Posted on July 8, 2012

Yeah, it was about 100 degrees or so- but nothing could keep yours truly from making the scene at Joliet's Silver Cross Field (see? Even a "silver cross" couldn't stop me!) for the big Slammers game against the Normal CornBelters Friday night! We made our way to Joliet, passing the old Joliet Prison we've seen so many times in "Blues Brothers" and "Prison Break"- enjoying the still-posted road signs warning drivers NOT to pick up hitchhikers-and found the great ballpark easily.After spending a few minutes in the air-conditioned comfort of the Joliet Sports Hall of Fame room, listening to a fine chorus of youngsters practicing the National Anthem (yes, I DID remove the old stovepipe during their rendition)-we headed out into the heat of the concourse to meet the Slammers fans. With the high temperatures and some health concerns, I opted to wear one of our Sven t-shirts (hey- if it's good enough for you guys, it's good enough for me!) instead of the traditional red tuxedo shirt and black jacket.This turned out to be a wise decision! Yes, it was incredibly hot- but that certainly didn't deter all the fans from coming out for the game, and patiently waiting in line to get an autograph or take a photo with me! I'm sure this was the record number of baseballs (real ones and rubber ones) that I had ever signed- not to mention a few bats (no, not the vampire kind...)I give a lot of credit to the Slammers fans- they were all so nice, in spite of the heat! It was time for one of the fun "between innings" activities that Slammers games are known for-and this one involved me, as two charming little gals engaged in a "rubber chicken throwing contest" (somehow I don't think they do that at EVERY game!) I got to do play-by-play as the young ladies tried to toss rubber chickens through hula hoops held by the wacky Slammers mascots (and I think one of those mascots just may have chucked a chicken at ME after the contest was over!) We then returned to the people who had kindly,patiently and politely waited in line for me to come back and sign more autographs.It was awfully hot, but my face did NOT melt, thank you very much! We continued signing until it was time to sing the traditional 7th inning stretch tune of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"-accompanied by a squadron of Little League players! Since I had been warned NOT to end the tune with the cry of "let's get some runs"- since they said that had always been bad luck for the Slammers- I declared "let's get a touchdown!" Well, that must have worked- because the Slammers beat the Cornbelters,snapping a losing streak!The team president himself made the connection between me being there and the Slammers being victorious- it's about time I was good luck to SOMEbody! We had a great time- and I think the crowd did too- and I wouldn't be surprised if we make another visit to Silver Cross Field next season! Thanks to the staff and management of the Slammers, and to the many fans who were nice enough to visit with us. Hey, you can have a chance to do the same-at a different location today- and, in somewhat cooler weather! I'll be at the Lake in the Hills Rockin' Ribfest from noon to two pm this afternoon- and be happy to sign an autograph or take a picture with you-plus, you can enjoy some great food, hear some great music,and- not risk heat prostration, with temps only in the 80s! Find all the Ribfest info under "appearances" on this site-and no fair building a model skeleton out of the used rib bones!

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