Spacial Delivery Tonight-Because “It Came from Outer Space”

Posted on September 10, 2022

Tonight on Me-TV, we have unexpected company arriving-so be prepared for some visitors who will try to be like us- literally! Fortunately, one local resident sees what's really going on- but, as it always seems in our movies, can't convince his neighbors that some of the other neighbors aren't acting like themselves- because- they AREN'T really them! Beware the deceptive duplicates spawned when “It Came from Outer Space”!

In a story from master of science fiction, Ray Bradbury, the normally peaceful desert town of Sand Rock, Arizona, is witness to a bright object streaking across the sky-and striking the ground nearby! Author John Putnam, an amateur astronomer, and his girlfriend Ellen witness the celestial touchdown from afar– and John, eager to explore this phenomenon, arranges for a copter ride to the point of impact. After arrival, he heads down into the huge crater created by the object, expecting to see the remains of a smoldering meteor. To his surprise, it’s not a meteor at all- but a strange spherical metallic object- with a hatch in it! He's positive that he sees-something- about to emerge from inside the object- but an unexpected avalanche occurs, and he barely escapes a premature burial under the collapsed dirt and rocks that conveniently cover up whatever it is he saw!

John begins to try to explain what he saw to his copter pilot pal and skeptical girlfriend- who both find it hard to believe his story. Regardless, Ellen is willing to stand by her man, and aid him in trying to get the facts about whatever it is that is now buried – but even she can't really help him convince the local authorities that there's something unusual out in that desert area. Soon, however, she herself doesn’t need any further convincing- when the two of them get a fleeting glimpse of some sort of creature- not to mention some unexplainable glittering slime trails on the ground. Things get more unsettling when some of their local friends are missing- and abruptly re-appear- but don't seem to be acting like their normal selves! When the authorities finally do realize something is terribly amiss- and want to do something about it- it ends up being John’s responsibility to convince them that taking the wrong course of action could mean the end for all of them! Will they discover what's really in the crater- and- will their fear of what it might be bring their own destruction upon them?

Our friend Nick Digilio of “The Nick D Podcast” has told us that, years ago, when he interviewed John Carpenter, he related that, as a youngster in 1957, this movie frightened him so badly that he ran from the theater in fright- and that it so affected him that it began his interest in creating his own scary movies! We've pointed out before that this was originally a 3-D film, Universal’s first- and you’ll notice a few specific scenes designed to take advantage of the 3-D effects. We’ll go over our cast, featuring Richard Carlson and Barbara Rush, as well as a recognizable face from “Gilligan’s Island”- and, naturally, there are plenty of Sven antics to break the tension-including a classic Sven bit playing off one of the greatest sitcoms of all time (talk about someone pretending to be someone familiar...) We thought it would be appropriate to show you this ‘50s segment in a 1950s film!

"It Came from Outer Space" comes at you tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- or check for the time and channel in your local listings, or at Join the multitudes who live-Tweet about us during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag # svengoolie . In Chicago, at 11 am on CW26, viewers get an encore of Ray Milland and Sam Elliott facing off against “Frogs”!

Be watching very soon for us to post a few public appearances under the “appearances” tab here on our website- including one of special interest to our fans on the east coast!

Join us tonight for classic 1950s science fiction where you can’t be sure who’s who- or where they actually came from!


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 during show

deadringer42 12 months ago
Good luck all.
MADave deadringer42 12 months ago
Thanks deadringer see ya in the morning
The1Butler 12 months ago

Heres monsters in da house ! Pork hot banana peppers green peppers jalapeno peppers and red onion! 👍🏻all from home gardens.
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Katink The1Butler 12 months ago
Nice, Butler! And you knew those veggies since they were flowers!🌸
Katink abc123 12 months ago
I'm going to make stuffed peppers from my undersized yellow peppers Sunday, abc. I use orzo and spinach in mine!
The1Butler Katink 12 months ago
Thats why you dont name them 😂
Katink The1Butler 12 months ago
Point well taken, Butler 😶
The1Butler 12 months ago
You guys/gools better step it up at midnight , i cant get past mikeyyy on my own 🤣🚖🚖🚖🚖
Jack 12 months ago
So, Jill Thompson is the fourth of this year’s Svengoolie Artist Collection artists? This can only mean one thing: MeTV couldn’t talk Trina Robbins into creating a design because they had already contracted Bob Crumb for number five—even giving him a six month head start! I can’t wait!
Mikeyyy 12 months ago

Is this a sign of things to come?.
MADave Mikeyyy 12 months ago
Wow what a lucky guess here's your trophy 🏆
Katink Mikeyyy 12 months ago
3001 for me, so probably not, Mikeyyy 😉
Mikeyyy MADave 12 months ago
Thanks Dave! I just popped in and saw it was 2999 so….
First blogger won’t be so easy though!
Katink Katink 12 months ago
Or maybe 3002?
MrsG Mikeyyy 12 months ago
You can DO it !
MADave Mikeyyy 12 months ago
Use the force
Kyle Mikeyyy 12 months ago
A likely story.
NoPersonalChicks 12 months ago
Leigh French and Rob Reiner on Gomer.
Kyle 12 months ago
Won't be me, but I will help the count along.
MADave 12 months ago
Who will be Mr 3000 this week and/or first blogger this week? I'm betting on Mikeyyy
Engineer_Poelzig 12 months ago
Did everyone get the e-mail about the King Sven shirt?
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Drang Engineer_Poelzig 12 months ago
I thought at the time maybe I was too subtle...
Drang Engineer_Poelzig 12 months ago
...which is not something I am accused of often...
We have a store and i just seen it. I would like to get the burning rubber chicken 🚖👍🏻
MADave Engineer_Poelzig 12 months ago
I'm still trying to get my email account back on my phone but I'm not having any luck
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Love that first M*A*S*H episode tonight, with all the references to Ohio.
Kyle 12 months ago
Hey now, that ain't fair!

Comments went from 2981 to 2978!

Of course, it is Chicago.
abc123 12 months ago
It has been decided that I will be siding with the Mad Scientist option (bubbly beverage) from my Snack Ideas. 2022 VooDEW released a few days ago and I was able to get some today. No official word on what it is, but I agree with a lot of people and say Sour Candy.
abc123 abc123 12 months ago
And as an also on hand, Candy Corn Red Vines. A Man Made creation from the darkest depths...
Drang abc123 12 months ago
Sugar free gummy bears. The horror, the horror...
Lucyc 12 months ago
Wow, is it Friday already?
I have a few thoughts about "werewolvery" that had never occurred to me before, in that I realized just how conditioned I am to the "Larry Talbot" model.
I've become a pretty big fan of Kolchak over the past few years that it's been shown on MEtv-looking forward to the marathon they will have for the special October programming. As a result, I have pretty much seen the episodes enough that I know which ones I like, and which ones I don't particularly care for. The "werewolf" episode is one of those that I don't usually care for. That was the one shown last Saturday, and I decided to watch it-Darren McGavin is always entertaining to watch, if nothing else. I have seen it several times already, and it dawned on me that I don't think I really paid a great deal of attention to it before. Now one of the reasons I have not liked it is because they set it up where the werewolf gets on a cruise ship, and I think you'd have to be pretty dumb to be a werewolf and get on a cruise ship, during a full moon, where you are going to be trapped with no where to go when you start killing people. However, something occurred to me this time that had never occurred to me before, and that was that the guy either didn't realize that he was a werewolf, as weird as that sounds, or he was in some pretty deep denial. Not to be spoiler-y, but he seems to think he's having bad nightmares, and wants to be sedated; however, he does realize that he's causing mischief during his "dreams"-and that's an understatement-because he also tries to restrain himself physically. In the original Wolfman, it doesn't take Larry T. very long to figure out he was a werewolf, and why. He did have some initial denial, but it was short lived. In the movie we know exactly why Larry becomes a werewolf. Of course, in the Kolchak episode, we aren't given any background on how the guy became a werewolf, and what little we are told about his actions previously are rather nonsensical, IMO.
Anyway, I never realized before how much I judged other werewolf stories by the original film until last Saturday.
I hope they show that one when they do the marathon, as I'd like to see other people's opinions on the episode.
The1Butler Lucyc 12 months ago
Theres no penaltys for not following werewolf rules to the letter is the problem. 🧐 also cant a full moon rise in the daytime?
Lucyc The1Butler 12 months ago
True, that. We've discussed before the difference between the mythos created by the Universal movies and the actual folklore. Concerning the full moon during the day, that's an interesting one, but right off hand I'd think that-since sunlight negates the effect of the curse normally, maybe "moonlight" has to be the dominant light source for the curse to kick in.
Mikeyyy Lucyc 12 months ago
There’s rules to werewolfery??.
TheKodakKid Lucyc 12 months ago
Since the guy on the ship had a fairly fresh wound, I’d assume that he was just attacked and turned during the previous full moon.
Lucyc Mikeyyy 12 months ago
Well, yes, but. I guess it depends on the story. In actual folklore, werewolves aren't humans that sprout a lot of hair and bigger, sharper teeth, they actually transform into a wolf form, and it's always a supernatural occurrence. In some of the more modern fictitious works, there is a mythos where one is born a werewolf. So, their are rules, but they are obviously changeable, depending on the myth or story.
Jack Lucyc 12 months ago
What if the Bumpus’ dogs were actually werewolves, and one of them bit the Old Man?!
Mikeyyy Jack 12 months ago
Jack, that’s one of my favorite Christmas movies!
MADave 12 months ago
Wow getting closer to 3000 comments this'll be 2975 and I just thought of another cool idea for my Halloween costume I was just thinking a television set with the MeTV logo on the screen
Kyle 12 months ago
Home in time for A-Team!
The1Butler Kyle 12 months ago
Just got home myself thanks for reminding me. 👍🏻
MADave 12 months ago
Happy 56th anniversary to Catbat's beloved Batman yesterday sorry I didn't post it earlier.
Drang 12 months ago
Raise a glass of inexpensive wine in memory of Fred "Two Buck Chuck" Franzia, May 24, 1943 – September 13, 2022.
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