Should Past Life Perils Be Forgot? Not If They Involve "The Undead"- Tonight!

Posted on December 30, 2023

Tonight on MeTV- we wind up our 2023 movie schedule by going back in time-when a psychic researcher uses hypnosis to send a young woman to one of her earlier lives in the past- where she encounters love, witchcraft, and possibly the executioner’s axe- in “The Undead”!

This 1957 Roger Corman film plays off the ‘50s fascination with reincarnation (stemming from the book “The Search for Bridey Murphy”, which we’ll tell you about during our show). We meet Quintus, a psychic researcher, whose time in Tibet convinced him that people have indeed had past lives. He thinks he has refined techniques to allow them to visit those lives, and “recruits” Diana Love, a young “lady of the evening”, to be the subject of his experiment, under the careful observation of his former professor. Using hypnosis, Quintus will send Diana’s consciousness to one of her previous lives.

After many hours, keeping the woman in a trance- Quintus, through a mental bond established via his hypnotism with her, finds he has succeeded! Diana is now back in her past life as Helene, a young woman in the Middle Ages, imprisoned for allegedly being a witch and sentenced to execution for her supposed witchcraft. Amazingly, perhaps as a form of self-preservation, her future self sends her a message, encouraging her to escape- which she does! She ends up enlisting the help of Smolkin, a gravedigger who, ironically, is said to be one of the very people she has been accused of enchanting!

None of this is good news to the real witch responsible- the sultry Livia. Her main objective is to replace Helene as the love of a gallant knight, Pendragon- so it is imperative for her to make sure that Helene is taken out of the equation. The shape-shifting Livia and her familiar, an imp (no relation to our Ignatius Malvolio Prankenstein), go to work trying to keep Pendragon away for his true love through lies and schemes- culminating in major play for him at the witches’ Sabbath- which involves Satan himself!

However, other opposing forces play into the proceedings- Meg Maud, a sorceress enemy of Livia’s, and even Quintas himself! Having realized he may be endangering Helen’s future by changing her past, he uses his psychic bond with her to travel back in time himself! Will Helene survive-or fall victim to Livia’s association with the devil- and -will Quintas make history- or change it?

We’ll tell you about how this movie came about and evolved, and, of course, talk about the cast- which includes bombshell Allison Hayes of “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, as well as famed little person actor Billy Barty as her personal imp. Watch for a cameo by beloved character actor Dick Miller of “Bucket of Blood” and countless other films! Plus- we see the time when Toony the Tuna first campaigned to host a horror movie as “Sventoonie”! We’ll give you the word on a vintage record offer, which does NOT include this week’s song from Doug and yours truly- get a visit from our own Imp-and bring back some fun past experiences (no hypnotism needed) including the time I shared the stage with the one and only Elvira!!

“The Undead” (originally titled “The Trance of Diana Love”) airs tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central. Should you need help finding what time we run – and on what channel- where you are, please your local listings or visit . Viewers on Twitter will wind up this year’s live-Tweeting during our show, and you can join in- using the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers get an encore of the horror comedy “The Black Cat” at 11 am on CW26.

In the event that you have some gift money burning a hole in your coffin- or didn’t get the Sven swag you were hoping for- make sure you check out our store in the MeTV Mall! You can find the new Sven Squad merchandise, the variety of new Sven bumper stickers, and lots of our perennially best-selling t shirts and items!

Of course, as we wind down 2023, we want to thank you all for helping to make this a memorable and successful year- and wish you a happy, healthy, successful New Year- with the hope that you will be spending a lot of it with us!

Join us tonight to close out the old year with a visit to a year deep in the past-and see who will make it back to the present!

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 during show

Klaatu 4 months ago
Everyone warming up??
Katink Klaatu 4 months ago
You bet, Klaatu!
FKrueger Klaatu 4 months ago
I'm ready
Jack 4 months ago
On the topic of historic houses, here I am soaking my feet in Snorri Sturluson’s hot tub, while reading some of the Eddas...Snorri was an Icelandic historian, poet, and politician who lived from 1179–1241. Not much of his house and farm is left at Reykholt, but there’s a museum, a church (with graveyard), and a school. The hot tub was heated by a geothermal spring—which they have a lot of in Iceland—but the tub isn’t so hot any more as the hot spring was diverted to heat a greenhouse up the hill.
Drang 4 months ago
Well, I might be home from the salt mines in time to give Mikeyyyy a race ..
abc123 Drang 4 months ago
chopped liver checking in
Cartoondave 4 months ago
I would've loved to get the figures to company Svengoolie 8 inch doll with glow in the dark T-shirt but apparently they're sold out, maybe it'll come back someday who knows? Maybe they'll come out with a Sventa Claus edition
Are you looking for the two new ones?
You can usually find them on eBay.
I pre-ordered mine, which wasn't too bad, other than the wait for them to be released.
As you know I got the Toony Terrors one from NECA from my brother for Christmas and the winter hat was from my sister
Svenboy 4 months ago
I am looking forward to this week’s movie. Don’t think I have ever seen it. I think all the movies this month are new to me. Does anyone know when sven showed invisible ray last? How about the original dark house? I remember sven showing the remake.
Svenboy Svenboy 4 months ago
So glad I have the frndly app so I never have to miss sven and can watch on my phone. In past, I have missed sven due to tech issues and dvr space. Not so since I got the app.
Svenboy 4 months ago
This comment has been removed.
PatS Svenboy 4 months ago
INVISIBLE RAY last shown 8-19-2017
THE OLD DARK HOUSE (1932) last shown 4-08-2023
THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN last shown 3/28/2015

(as far as my records detect)
Jack Jack 4 months ago
I don’t s’pose anyone noted that this is a defunct program that ran from 1971–1975 and therefore is not competition for Svengoolie or Weigel?
VanGooliac 4 months ago
A short drive from Vancouver is the Buntzen Lake hydroelectric power station.
This imposing building served as the entrance to the lair of Pennywise in the 1990 TV miniseries based on Stephen King’s IT.
Jack VanGooliac 4 months ago
Similar exteriors were built all over North American before World War I to dress up more mundane civic operations—power houses, armories, bridge tender’s houses, water works, and sewerage treatment plants.
VanGooliac 4 months ago
And of course the Ennis House in Los Angeles was used for the exterior shots in House on Haunted Hill.
Klaatu VanGooliac 4 months ago
Many people admire the architecture design of the Ennis house, but it’s not for me. In one word: hideous. But that’s why I’m not an architect.
Jack VanGooliac 4 months ago
The Ennis House was one of Wright’s Mayan Revival buildings built in the early 1920s, along with the Hollyhock House, Millard House , Storer House, and Freeman House, and Japan's Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Construction made use of textile blocks, usually cast on site with bas-relief designs to evoke Mayan architecture. Wright’s son, Frank Wright, was construction manager for three of his father's four textile block houses, and went on to independently design and build the Henry Bollman and John Sowden houses which followed the same style.
MrsG VanGooliac 4 months ago
Reminds me of an Escher

CountCurt 4 months ago
Svengoolians never cease to amaze me. Today many shared their appreciation for architecture shown in Sven Films as well as architectural gems in their vicinity and visits to houses that inspired them.
We have seen some great homes and set creations thanks to Sven.
MrsG 4 months ago
A tad late to the house party but Your entries reminded me of the Bayanhof Museum that we delightfully toured a few years ago ~ full of magnificent antique , exotic music machines ~

MrsG MrsG 4 months ago
Ooops , that’s Bayernhof in Pittsburgh ~ and also nearby is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater ~

CountCurt MrsG 4 months ago
Hello MrsG. You are not too late. Such beautiful architecture. Your mentioning Frank Lloyd Weight is music to my ears.
MrsG CountCurt 4 months ago
I know ! Always reminds me of Andrew Lloyd Webber ~ again years ago but was Blessed to visit the Pantages Theater in Toronto for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ~ with Mumzy , truly memorable ~_~
CountCurt MrsG 4 months ago
MrsG that is a wonderful memory to cherish. I saw Showboat there.
I believe thst a Toronto entrepreneur and retail mogul was responsible for the restoration of the theatre.
Jack MrsG 4 months ago
Bayernhof makes more sense—“Bavarian court.” I knew _Hof_ was a German word, but _bayan_ definitely isn’t.

Wikipedia’s blurb about the build described it as a “German-style mansion,” but it doesn’t look particularly German to me: the fachwerk timber framing is German I suppose, but the mansard roof is very French, and the back—south side— of the building is very moderne with all the glass.
MrsG Jack 4 months ago
Awesome ~ thanks for the scoop Jack ~ it is a nice view out of the back though *_*
JohnBlair 4 months ago
MrsG JohnBlair 4 months ago
Hi JohnBlair ~ You are quite the st , , , er , thinker *_^
Klaatu JohnBlair 4 months ago
Here is my thinker, inherited from my wife’s late parents, sitting in front of my left-front surround speaker, contemplating the 5.1 Surround audio from the movie I’m watching:
JohnBlair MrsG 4 months ago
Yup... from Winnie the Pooh!
MrsG JohnBlair 4 months ago

♥️ *_* 💛
1MikeM 4 months ago
THE INVISIBLE RAY? OK but which one? Ray Milland? Ray Bradbury? Johnnie Ray? Ray Davies? Ray Stevens? I said, "Don't look, Ethel!"
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PatS CountCurt 4 months ago
I think Ray Bolger was supposed to be the Tin Man but ended up the Scarecrow. Ray Charles? Martha Raye? (A funny magazine contest proposed the movie AS THOUSANDS CHEER with Ray [this and that]... featuring Hoot Gibson.)
Jack 1MikeM 4 months ago
Poor auld Johnnie Ray…🎶
Jack 1MikeM 4 months ago
Bob and Ray?
CountCurt PatS 4 months ago
PatS thanks for setting me straight.
CountCurt 4 months ago

Here’s a little more house sharing. This is Raymond Burr’s birth home located not too far from me. It was relocated to a park that has other heritage homes. It is a Queen Anne Revival built in 1905.
daleuhlmann CountCurt 4 months ago
Neat photo and great-looking house, Count!
HoneyBee456 CountCurt 4 months ago
Nice house
1MikeM CountCurt 4 months ago
LmerFudd CountCurt 4 months ago
I thought he was Canadian
CountCurt LmerFudd 4 months ago
He was. This house is in the Vancouver area.
Carl_N_Brown 4 months ago
We did have this house outside Kingsport for years:

The owner kept adding to it but never live in it.
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 4 months ago
It extended into the hillside behind it.
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 4 months ago
That looks like an old-style Western house.
daleuhlmann 4 months ago
While we're on the subject of historic landmarks, an old-style mansion in my former home state of Ohio is Akron"s Stan Hywett Hall and Gardens. The estate's centerpiece is a Tudor-style mansion whose construction was financed by F. A. Seiberling, the co-founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. It was built between 1912 and 1915. I'd once visited it as part of an elementary school class trip. I thought it was magnificent then, and I think it's magnificent now.
HoneyBee456 daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Oh I like it
CountCurt daleuhlmann 4 months ago
It is magnificent!
daleuhlmann HoneyBee456 4 months ago
It's even more impressive in person. if you're ever in Akron, the city still provides guided tours of both the mansion and the entire estate.
HoneyBee456 daleuhlmann 4 months ago
If I go there someday, I’ll have to go see it
TheKodakKid daleuhlmann 4 months ago
So had they finished construction when you went there in elementary school?

LmerFudd 4 months ago
Say it ain't so!
Klaatu 4 months ago
Dale, since you live in “scenic” California, maybe it’s time to search out some of the more “scenic” spots, like the town of Timbuktoo (named after the African town of Timbuktu…there’s a story about that). Here is the original Wells Fargo building that thrived during the gold mine days. I believe this building is all that’s left of Timbuktoo.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 4 months ago
Thank you, Klaatu--I'll keep this in mind!
Klaatu daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Dale, please don’t visit Timbuktoo as there is nothing left to see. I was being “silly” suggesting a visit, and making fun of the “scenic” spots in CA.
TheKodakKid Klaatu 4 months ago
Klaatu, have him or Catbat tell you about his first visit to California, and what she convinced him of about the cows. Then you’ll fully understand why it’s a good thing you told him not to plan a visit there.
CountCurt 4 months ago

It is hard to imagine that this sweet and enduring arsenic and old lace type seen on Perry Mason was an alien on Star Trek. Shame on Captain Pike for trying to strangle her.
HoneyBee456 CountCurt 4 months ago
I didn’t know she played that part. I thought it was a man lol
CountCurt HoneyBee456 4 months ago
I always thought the same.
PARANORMA CountCurt 4 months ago
Part of the fun of the character was knowing there was that little Helen Hayes-y person under all the makeup & overdubbed voice.
CountCurt PARANORMA 4 months ago
You are right so totally fun. I think the make-up job was very good. I wonder what her motivation was to audition for this part. They were definitely looking fur someone small which would accentuate the big brain head.
PARANORMA CountCurt 4 months ago
Great aunt to the Clint Howard character in that other episode...?
daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Here is another shot of the Witch's House, as well as an additional one from the movie. Daily tours of the house are available. If we decide to hold Big Blogcast 9 in southern CA this year, one of our activities could be a visit to this place.
Klaatu daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Morning Dale. I’ve been busy this morning and just logged in to see your post. I’ve never heard of the Witches House, but my interest is now peaked, so I may look it up and drive by. In and around weird Hollywood and Beverly Hills, there are strange and wonderful homes like this scattered around.
Klaatu Klaatu 4 months ago
I found this:
CountCurt daleuhlmann 4 months ago
That is amazing Dale. It screams “A witch lives here”. It. Is hard to come upon a house like this by accident.
daleuhlmann CountCurt 4 months ago
Oh, I'm sure not, Count! I'm so glad B H has preserved this house as an historic landmark.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 4 months ago
I read this, too, yes: very good article on the house.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 4 months ago
I'm sure there are, Klaatu. B H must be a sightseerer's paradise!
CountCurt daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Glad to hear that it has been designated a heritage site.
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