Reserve a Room in “The Mummy’s Tomb”-Tonight!

Posted on June 30, 2012

The Universal Mummy series continues tonight, when Lon Chaney Jr. slips into the wrappings of Kharis the living Mummy in “The Mummy’s Tomb”! Do you like stock footage, kids? Well, this movie has plenty of it- as we get a rehash of the Mummy story when an older Stephen Banning- the handsome young archeologist from “the Mummy’s Hand”- delivers the story of Kharis and his brush with the nasty monster to entertain his family and guests. He considers the Mummy to be a thing of the past, but- we discover that the high priest who sicced the bandaged baddy on Steve and his pals somehow survived being shot- and has again maintained the tanna leaf treatment that keeps Kharis alive! The high priest passes on the secret formula for the tanna tea, and assigns a new young priest to a new assignment of vengeance- he must take Kharis to America, and have him kill all the surviving members of the expedition that invaded the Princess Ananaka’s tomb that Kharis swore to protect! The new caretaker of the Mummy heads to the U.S., and gets a job near Banning’s home as- caretaker of the cemetery, where he can house Kharis in a convenient tomb- and prepare him to wipe out the interlopers one by one! Things get complicated when the new priest grows a little too interested in Banning’s son’s fiancée- and decides to use the powerful Mummy to clear the way for him to hook up with this hometown hottie! Will Kharis go along with this scheme- and will the plan for revenge be carried out to its full potential? This 1942 sequel to “The Mummy’s Hand” brings back several of its cast members- Dick Foran as Steve Banning, Wallace Ford as Babe, and George Zucco as the old high priest- but the Mummy goes from being played by Tom Tyler to being portrayed by Lon Chaney Jr.- and, supposedly, Lon wasn’t happy about it, since he disliked the elaborate and uncomfortable Mummy make-up and outfit. He demanded that they find short-cuts for the face make-up, which lead to a more mask-like prosthetic being developed for his Kharis roles. He would go on to play the Mummy two more times. Another new addition is actor Turhan Bey, an actor with Turkish and Czech roots, who made a career out of playing exotic foreigners. We’ll have more information about the cast, and, of course, more Mummy shtick for you to enjoy. “The Mummy’s Tomb” opens on Me-TV tonight at 10 pm eastern, 9 pm central, 1 am on San Francisco’s KOFY, and please check the local listings in your area to see what time we will come on there. If you’re one of our Chicago area viewers, you get the usual bonus Sven stuff- at 11 am on Me-TV, it’s another showing of Lon Chaney Jr. as the sophisticated Count Alucard in “Son of Dracula”- and, at 3 pm on U Too, it’s all hands on deck when we bring you the definitely non-horror hilarity of “Rescue from Gilligan’s Island”- featuring a fake ( but- ahem- well –upholstered ) Ginger- and, for fans of our lovely friend Candi from KISS-FM, an old clip from when she was still at B-96 and dropped by to visit us! If you’re a subscriber to our newsletter, be watching your in-box for the latest edition for July. We also have quite a few July appearances coming up, so- make sure you check our site regularly for all the information! Enjoy “The Mummy’s Tomb”- open a window, and let the hot weather simulate the heat of the Egyptian desert!

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