Ray Milland and Rosey Grier Double-Down for Horror in “The Thing with Two Heads”- Tonight!

Posted on May 20, 2023

Tonight on MeTV - we HEAD back to the early 70s for a confusing fusion of a bigoted doctor and a Death Row convict- who happens to be black- when, in order to save the doctor’s life- his living head must be transplanted onto the convict’s body (which unfortunately already HAS a noggin of its own)! This uneasy alliance puts the combined duo on the run, and the police searching for “The Thing with Two Heads”!


This memorable 1972 American International film stars Ray Milland, during his horror movie phase of his career that included “Frogs” and “X- Man with the X-Ray Eyes”. He plays Maxwell Kirshner, a wheel-chair bound doctor who knows his lifetime is limited due to his failing body. He has a plan though- the far- fetched idea of transplanting one head onto a different body. Amazingly, his idea has been proven valid- as we see a gorilla in his laboratory that has two living heads!

As things progress, Kirshner needs an additional doctor to perform the final operation that will move his head to a new body, allowing him to live on and continue his remarkable work as a surgeon. He hires a new doctor to work with his main assistant, Dr. Desmond- but, when he sees his new hire, Dr. Williams is an African American, the prejudiced Kirshner rejects this applicant- and will continue with only Desmond.

As Kirshner’s health deteriorates, he hits upon a plan to get a new body- why not utilize a man who has nothing to live for- a convict given the death penalty? The warden of the prison makes the offer to the condemned men- be given a reprieve from the chair, and contribute one’s life to science? At first, there are no takers- until Big Jack Moss, headed for execution and knowing he did not commit the crime he has been accused of, volunteers to be part of this “experiment”.

Kirshner is fading fast- and, as Jack is brought to his laboratory, everyone there, knowing the doctor’s attitude, is stunned that the convict is a black man!

The operation commences, and is successful- and, when Kirshner revives, his reaction is exactly what was expected- he is incensed that he has been transplanted onto a black body! His associate Desmond explains there was no time to do anything else, and promises to keep Jack’s head sedated until they can do the second operation to remove it. Of course, at this point, Desmond needs help to do so- and contacts the rejected Dr. Williams, begging him to assist, while assuring him that he does NOT think as Kirshner does.

Williams agrees reluctantly- but, before the second operation can take place- Jack manages to take control of “their” body, and soon, they become a two-headed fugitive, forcing Williams to join them as they escape, with Jack determined to prove he is innocent of any crime. Can he get exonerated- and separated- from his hateful co-headliner?

This film, like “Blacula”, makes some social commentary- while delivering some pretty amazing special effects. We’ll talk about them, including some done by a master effects artist who is a fan of our show, talk about the cast, which includes Roger Perry an Don Marshall, and come up with some other two-headed combinations- including a couple familiar noggins from our show- plus a new song and more!

(We should point out that people do confuse this film with another movie- “The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant”- which starred Bruce Dern. This is NOT that one!)


“The Thing with Two Heads” heads your way tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. YOU can head over to Twitter to live-Tweet during the show- using the hashtag #svengoolie- and join in comments that have again kept us in the top Tweeted-about topics in the nation! Locally, Chicago viewing-area fans can catch an encore of the beloved Don Knotts comedy “Ghost and Mr. Chicken” at 11 am this morning on CW 26. ( And- for those who as why we repeat that film every year- once again, its run last week on MeTV drew huge ratings nationally!)

We would like to thank the generous contributors who joined in the Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications’ auction by bidding on the opportunity to join us in our dungeon studio for a taping of the show, and the chance to hurl rubber chickens at me! The final winning bid was over six thousand dollars, and we are very grateful and honored by this great show of support for the museum.

Be sure to check our appearances listing on this website for the information on our next public appearance with the Windy City Thunderbolts for some fun baseball action!

Tonight- it’s a definite double-header- with “The Thing with Two Heads”!

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 during show

Sandydp57 9 months ago
heard now 10-20, was on weeks ago, it was a terrible movie
Katink 13 months ago
Trying to stay awake for the blog changeover!
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Katink deadringer42 13 months ago
I'm a Mid-Westies. Most weeks 11:00 pm is easy, but tonight I'm drowsy. (I did have my second dose of shingle vaccine today, so maybe that's it.)
TheKodakKid Katink 13 months ago
The good news is, second dose doesn’t hurt as much as the first one. Course, you know how painful that first one is, so it’s not saying much.
Katink TheKodakKid 13 months ago
True that, TKK!
deadringer42 Katink 13 months ago
Shingles bad!
40+ years ago I gave blood in high school, I then got a letter from the Red Cross that they wanted my blood because I had a really high antibody to chickenpox. I’m hoping that will keep me from getting shingles.
1MikeM 13 months ago
...and dat was da Thing with Two Heads...and dat's da name a dat tune!
deadringer42 1MikeM 13 months ago
You’re an hour early 😁
Katink deadringer42 13 months ago
Whew! I was afraid I had blacked out or something!
deadringer42 Katink 13 months ago
He’s just trying to confuse us.
Katink deadringer42 13 months ago
It almost worked, dr42!
TheKodakKid deadringer42 13 months ago
And it’s very easily done too.
Jack 13 months ago
Cephalosomatic anastomosis, anyone?
CountCurt Jack 13 months ago
That is way over my head!
Jack CountCurt 13 months ago
You didn’t do your homework assignment.
Klaatu Jack 13 months ago
Hmmm, is that related to:
CountCurt Jack 13 months ago
Guilty! My guess is something about octopi:/squids or brains!
Jack CountCurt 13 months ago
Gkasdaris and Birbilis 2019 (below).
Engineer_Poelzig Jack 13 months ago
I was told there'd be no math...
My son just graduated with a degree in chemical engineering…. there is always math😁
Cartoondave 13 months ago
Evening folks arrived at my sister's in Laconia NH about 3 hrs ago went out to dinner and then went to the grocery store before it closed now watching GREEN ACRES on Frndlytv app but probably going to bed soon so I'll just goodnight see you tomorrow as my phone battery is low
PatS Cartoondave 13 months ago
Always glad when you check in!
CountCurt 13 months ago

It was mentioned early in the week that Killer Shrews was double billed with the Gila Monster
Here is my attempt at a joke:
What do you get when you cross a shrew with a gila monster

A creature with reptile dysfunction!

Please don’t shoot me!
deadringer42 13 months ago
deadringer42 13 months ago
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deadringer42 13 months ago
Just got home from son’s graduation and said oh boy it’s 8pm and time for some over size shrews. Turn on tv and realized it’s only Friday. Now I’m sad. But it was a great day otherwise.
Klaatu deadringer42 13 months ago
Ha! I mix up days often. Welcome to senility 😆
CountCurt deadringer42 13 months ago
It is less than 24 hours for the Easties.
Carl_N_Brown deadringer42 13 months ago
A day without killer shrews is deadly shrewless.
PatS deadringer42 13 months ago
Oh dear. Temporarily clueless and shrewless.
Klaatu 13 months ago
Excellent new Gallery photos. I need to come up with a new picture to post. Soon, on June 2. I go to the Magic Castle, and I would LOVE to wear my Sven shirt there and get a pict taken inside at the Magic Bsr, but they ONLY allow you in if you wear a sport coat and tie. Hmmm, my devious mind is working overtime to figure this one out 🤔🤔
VanGooliac Klaatu 13 months ago
Maybe you can get your picture taken and then photoshop your Sven Shirt onto it.
Jack Klaatu 13 months ago
Wear the sport coat over the T-shirt. Does the tie have to be around a collar? Now I know why I should’ve bought the button-down Sven shirt!
Klaatu Jack 13 months ago
Yeah😟. Tie needs to be around the collar. I’m thinkin’…
Klaatu 13 months ago
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TheKodakKid Klaatu 13 months ago
Would this count?

Just say that it’s a “rubber chicken” themed tie.
DrFish28136 13 months ago
For Canine Audiophiles
Klaatu DrFish28136 13 months ago
Nice! What frequency do they operate at? 20-80hz?
NoPersonalChicks 13 months ago
Since this is the last day of the doubleheader theme:

deadringer42 13 months ago
Hey mikeyyy, could this be your problem?
CountCurt 13 months ago
What do 50 lb Killer Shrews eat?
1. Coon dogs in shrew costumes
2. Anything they want
3. Anything that stands in their way
4. A .lot more than small shrews
5. Non stop
6. The film's director
7. The film's special effects crew
8. Bad Tom & Jerry cartoons
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Jack VanGooliac 13 months ago
That’s what I thought. Once again, science eviscerates the threat of scaled-up sci-fi creatures.
CountCurt Jack 13 months ago
Only science can answer that?
CountCurt daDoctah 13 months ago
I will check if it is in stock at my local pet store.
CountCurt Jack 13 months ago
Thank goodness for science. VanGooliac.
“She blinded me with science” - one of the lines from a 80s song called Science by Thomas Dolby.
daleuhlmann 13 months ago
For anyone interested in learning more about Robert White, the Cleveland, OH neurosurgeon famous (or infamous) man behind the monkey head transplants that may have inspired last week's movie (as well as the earlier THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT), you can follow this link to a very informative and balanced article on the man.

Jack daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Thanks, Dale! Computer issues derailed me from mentioning related weird science…

The Soviets appear to have been interested in this topic. Vladimir Demikhov began to work on organ transplantation in the 1930s, achieving many firsts with mammals, including an artificial heart, and transplants of the heart, lungs, and liver. In 1954, he attached a dog’s head onto another dog. Demikhov continued these head transplants into 1959, with increasing success.

Prior to that, Sergei Brukhonenko and Boris Levinskovsky had kept decapitated dogs heads alive—and responsive—on a heart lung machine. This was documented in _Experiments in the Revival of Organisms_ (Опыты по оживлению организма), a film directed by David Yashin and released in 1940.

More information on this topic may be found in _First Human Head Transplantation: Surgically Challenging, Ethically Controversial and Historically Tempting – an Experimental Endeavor or a Scientific Landmark?_ (2019) Grigorios Gkasdaris and Theodossios Birbilis. [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6511668/]
daleuhlmann Jack 13 months ago
Thanks, Jack! I'm sure that White drew on the work of these Russian scientists well.
DrFish28136 13 months ago
Catbat 13 months ago
Good Svengoolie 🎩 Saturday Eve Morning All!
VanGooliac Catbat 13 months ago
Good morning Catbat!
Congrats to your cousin
Catbat 13 months ago
Well that's all folks. Time for me to get going. Have a Great day!
Cartoondave 13 months ago
Hello Catbat and dale beautiful here in Massachusetts in the mid 60s Saturday near 80 and Sunday high 80s so good memorial day weekend overall
Catbat Cartoondave 13 months ago
Good morning Dave! Today is graduation day for my cousin.So Dale is going to get to meet my family 😊
Nice weather here too.
daleuhlmann Cartoondave 13 months ago
Good morning, Dave!🙂
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