Once Upon a Sat. Night Dreary…Lugosi and Karloff in ’30s “The Raven”!

Posted on May 4, 2013

We've got a 1930s classic for you tonight on Svengoolie- featuring Universal's...and their talkies horror's...two top stars- as Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff show their Poe-tential in "The Raven"!

Bela is a retired doctor who's obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe- and is convinced by an old friend, Judge Thatcher, to operate on his daughter, a young dancer who has suffered a terrible accident. Bela saves her life, but becomes infatuated with the lovely woman.When the judge expresses his disapproval, Bela orchestrates a plan to eliminate any obstacles to his possessing the dancer- and recruits criminal Boris to help pull off his plan- using a horrid scheme to ensure that the thug must obey his commands. When his obsession with Poe is revealed by his construction of artifacts from Poe's stories- and his eagerness to use them on his enemies- will  he make the poor woman his own personal "Lenore"?

This 1935 Universal classic- the second to combine the talents of Bela and Boris as headliners- once again shows the creepy richness of atmosphere of that era's horror films from the studio.We'll fill you in on the cast- and also bring you a BIG bonus feature this week- a huge chunk of the old "Flash Gordon" serial done completely in"Svensurround"!

Please note- as many of my Facebook and twitter fans have failed to do- this is NOT the Vincent Price/ Roger Corman "Raven" horror comedy we have shown a few years ago. We do not currently have the broadcast rights to that one.

This "Raven" will run tonight at 10 pm eastern and pacific time, 9 pm central, and please check for the time we'll run in your area. In our Chicago market, you get an encore run of "The Creature Walks Among Us" this morning at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

I again want to thank everybody who came out to visit me at the C2E2 convention last weekend. I wrote about it in our monthly newsletter (didn't get that? Sign up for free here on our site, and your subscription will start with the next one!) We'll try to show some of the photos in an upcoming show.

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