Of Course You Know, This Means War - "The War of the Gargantuas" -Tonight!

Posted on February 25, 2023

Tonight on MeTV- we face danger from two towering terrors- with opposing attitudes- but equal capability for destruction! It’s a threat more warm-blooded than Godzilla- but cold-blooded enough to devastate cities! Humankind finds itself caught in the middle of the “War of the Gargantuas”!

This movie opens with a scene similar to several other movies we have shown- a ship out in the ocean finds itself attacked by a huge creature- but this time, that creature is attacked by ANOTHER type of giant monstrosity! However, this is no reprieve for the ship- because the second creature attacks them as well!


Only one crew member survives- and provides a description of the huge attacker. It is thought that he describes a hairy monster that was known (in a previous film) as a “Frankenstein”! However, one Dr. Stewart and his assistant Akemi find this hard to believe- because, years ago, they actually had the young “Frankenstein” creature in their lab for observation, and it was not a malevolent, violent force at all. They also know that their creature, which disappeared a while back, was not aquatic- it lived in the mountains.

Before too long-things get confusing, as another boat is attacked by a greenish-hued monster- at the same time that some hikers spot a similar brown-furred creature in the Japanese mountains. While investigating, Dr. Stewart spots huge footprints in the snow, confirming what the hikers said was indeed true.

Meanwhile, an ocean-side airport –and then Tokyo itself- are attacked by the green monster- which has proven to be carnivorous! By accident, it is discovered that the creature does not tolerate bright lights, for whatever defensive maneuvers that can provide. When it appears the monster has headed for the mountains-the military springs into action to stage an attack- but, when they do, a second monster, a brown one, shows up, and helps the green one to escape from the onslaught! So, finally, there is proof that there ARE two of these creatures- now dubbed “Gargantuas”.


Stewart and Akemi are convinced that the brown Gargantua is indeed the one they had in their laboratory compound many years ago- and discover the probable genesis of the green beast. They try to explain to the military that it can be proven that the brown one is no threat to mankind- but the armed forces will not believe that, and decide that they must attack and kill both Gargantuas! This leads to a showdown in Tokyo with the green and brown monsters opposing each other-and the citizens in danger of being wiped out!

This 1966 Toho Studios film was helmed by two of the Godzilla franchise’s leaders- Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya, and the cast is headed up by American actor Russ Tamblyn. We’ll tell you about the production and the various cast members (including who the first choices were for the leading man)- plus bring you a new song, another edition of our drawing game “Too Drawn Out”, another sampling of aspiring “Spawns of Svengoolie”- and present a special interview with two of our lovely friends from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise- Heather Langenkamp and Brooke Theiss!

“War of the Gargantuas” begins at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. You can serve as war correspondents by joining the thousands of fans on Twitter who live-Tweet during the show- just make sure to add the hashtag #svengoolie to your Tweets. In the Chicago viewing area, we are providing an encore ride with Dennis Weaver in Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” at 11 am on CW26. By the way, thank you all so much for tuning in to our show last week- “Duel” had incredible viewership!


Make sure you check at our website soon for information on our appearances- including the big C2E2 convention in Chicago at the end of next month- and for some special seasonal merchandise about to be released!

We have been getting requests to show this film for quite a while- and you might be surprised by the names of who some of the fans of this film are- and how they were influenced by it! Find out when you join us tonight for all the gargantuan action!

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 during show

Cessna1960 21 days ago
I believe the only weekly TV series devoted to werewolves was the late 1980s Fox show "Werewolf".....it featured some impressive full suit werewolves with no CGI.....it was a short-lived show that also had "The Riflemans" Chuck Connors as the original bloodline werewolf that the main character was seeking out to end his curse...
1MikeM 21 days ago
...and dat was da War of da Gargantuas...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Aceman2 21 days ago
Coming Soon!
Katink Aceman2 21 days ago
Soon, yes very soon, Aceman!
Klaatu 21 days ago
Good luck to whomever wins The Battle of the Blog. I don’t try anymore because I use my phone, and when it refreshes, it starts at the very top of the blog page, and it takes too long to scroll down to be relevant. Oh well 🤷‍♂️
Katink Klaatu 21 days ago
I think that is why I rarely break into the top 5, Klaatu! (But it is still fun to be in the race😃)
Drang Katink 21 days ago
if you're trying to make me feel guilty for using my laptop, it's totally not working.😈
Katink Drang 21 days ago
I know, Drang😁
Katink Drang 21 days ago
Actually, I use my tablet, but the scrolling is a drag. But I finally figured out how to refresh!
Cessna1960 21 days ago
Was scrolling through the earlier comments concerning werewolves and whether women could change into them...Remember the 1980s film "The Howling" ?.....there were several female werewolves in that movie....Dee Wallace starred in the movie and played a TV news reporter who later in the film gets bitten by her boyfriend and goes on to change into a werewolf live during her newscast to expose the colony of werewolves she had discovered at a resort...."The Howling" had some of the best werewolf transformation scenes in movies before CGI took over....
FKrueger Cessna1960 21 days ago
Don't forget Howling II Your Sister Is A Werewolf
Drang Cessna1960 21 days ago
I believe this is the source of the line "I'd like to give you a piece of my mind"...?

Also had a gun store with some silver bullets sitting on the counter, in a bowl, where anybody could grab them, as is typical of gunstores... 🙄
Kyle FKrueger 21 days ago
Or Howling III, yo mamma.
Katink Kyle 21 days ago
Or Howling III the Musical, featuring Yoyo Ma🎻
Cessna1960 Katink 21 days ago
And Howling 4 Mama's Family...
Cessna1960 21 days ago
Hello fellow Sven bloggers !!....let's all enjoy the final weekend of Standard time...Daylight Savings time returns next weekend and will be with us till November....I have read some studies where people actually do better without changing over and some states don't even do it....Daylight Savings Time hogs up the calender with right at 8 months compared to Standard Time at 4 months....they ought to just divide it to 6 months each someone once said...
Jack 21 days ago
Earlier today, Mikeyyy and others discussed werewolves and the term _werewoman_. I had intended to reply later today, but the research got complicated and the new Svenday is closing in, so I’ll have to finish and post it later.

Tomorrow, Texas Deb and I will be attending a wedding—at the same time as the Big Broadcast—and there’s Mom-stuff to do, so don’t hold your breath.
Cartoondave Jack 21 days ago
Have fun at the wedding
Lynn Jack 21 days ago
Take care!
Katink Jack 21 days ago
Have a great time, Jack!
Cessna1960 Jack 21 days ago
Have fun at the nuptials Jack and eat a slice of wedding cake for me..
TheKodakKid Jack 21 days ago
So have you figured out how to watch “Svengoolie” on a tablet or laptop, without any of the other guests noticing?
Aceman2 Jack 21 days ago
Mazel tov To the bride and groom!
1MikeM Jack 21 days ago
Have fun Jack. Here's to the happy couple!
Cartoondave 21 days ago
Here we go again... We've got another snowstorm low 30's with 100 percent accumulation up to 5-8 inches good day to stay inside and be with my cartoon/Sven friends
Katink Cartoondave 21 days ago
Since March is coming in like a lion🦁, Dave, maybe it will go out like a lamb🐑
Drang 21 days ago
Is anyone else getting notifications that "(X) Liked your comment, check it out" and when you click the link, "the page you requested doesn't exist"?
Kyle Drang 21 days ago

Just set up to get notifications, and that is all it does. And randomly, at that.

Going to shut it off. No point having it on.
CountCurt Drang 21 days ago
I am experiencing the same Drang
Drang Drang 21 days ago
Thanks, guys. I tried couple of different browsers, thought maybe I was missing something.
ihaveamigraine 21 days ago
Just what kind of wolf are we looking for?
🎼oh wolfie
🎼oh wolfie

Tooney has shown this one a couple of times. Great toon.
DrFish28136 21 days ago
Bill Bixby on Andy Griffith
Doesn’t look hulky
Jack DrFish28136 21 days ago
Just don’t make him angry.
abc123 DrFish28136 21 days ago
Is he looking for his son, Eddy?
Cartoondave 21 days ago
Evening folks my Bugs Bunny sweatshirt came in the mail earlier today I'll snap a pic after it's washed
Katink 21 days ago

Last Saturday night, Hubby and I took our friend to a place where participants all follow an art teacher to make a painting. (Wine is optional 😉)
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Katink Kyle 21 days ago

Here is the group picture from their FB page. Lots of variation, Kyle! (Liking some of the blending in the ones in the foreground. I wasn't quick enough for that so my paint was dry. But that's alright because I also like my "swirlies" around the sun!)
Kyle Katink 21 days ago
In anything, everyone is going to have a different focus.

For this, some see the trees, some the swirlies, some the snow...

See what you see, and go with it.

Do you want an accurarte copy, or do you want to do something cool?
Katink Kyle 21 days ago
So true, Kyle!
Kyle Katink 21 days ago
My spelling occasionally sucks.

You know what I mean.
CountCurt 21 days ago

My hands, my hands...June Lockhart screams.
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Jack VanGooliac 21 days ago
I think lycanthropy, Cat People, Beorn the Skin-changer, etc. fall under the general category of shape-shifters, and the particular category of therianthropy, i.e., shapeshifting between human and animal forms.
abc123 VanGooliac 21 days ago
I guess because I was a weird teenager when I saw the 1982 version, I refer to Cat People as an Ed Begley Jr movie, because of the way he was killed...
PatS Jack 21 days ago
How about a cat changed into a female person? See the character Lota in the 3/11 Sventurday film...
Engineer_Poelzig 21 days ago
Evening All!
Getting ready for Sven-Saturday, and some Werewolfery.
MrsG 21 days ago
Ciao Baby !
That was quite a loaf of sourdough 🥖 *_* 🥖
Kyle MrsG 21 days ago
I will add it to the list of things that I didn't know I needed.
MrsG Kyle 21 days ago

Kyle MrsG 21 days ago
I do try to avoid using the "p" word.

When I fly by the seat of my pants, there is a mask and cape involved.
Mikeyyy 21 days ago
Chow darling! Faceman gets shutdown by a hot babe!
MrsG Mikeyyy 21 days ago
Too much jibber jabber?!
ihaveamigraine 21 days ago
March snowstorm here in Michigan. We are supposed to get a half foot of snow overnight.

Of course, it could always be worse...........

Kyle ihaveamigraine 21 days ago
Oh yeah, it can always be worse.

That is the core of my personal philosophy.

Things get worse every day. Have fun now.
Drang ihaveamigraine 21 days ago
You mean like the Memorial Day fishing trip Up North that got snowed out that one year?
Mikeyyy 21 days ago
This Asian guy looks like one that was on m.a..s.h one time playing a Korean soldier.
Kyle Mikeyyy 21 days ago
He was in lots of stuff.

At least he was an Asian playing an Asian.

Leslie Nielsen playing a Native American always kills me.
MrsG Mikeyyy 21 days ago
Yes , Mako ~ looked Him up and was surprised how extensive His TV and film career was ~
Sand Pebbles with Steve McQueen ~

Jack MrsG 21 days ago
Relative to our funhouse, Mako played Akiro the wizard in two Schwarzenegger _Conan_ movies, and did lots of voice work, including in _Duck Dodgers_ and as Aku, the Supreme Villain, in _Samurai Jack_.
MrsG Jack 21 days ago
Versatile actor *_*
Kyle Jack 21 days ago
Now I gotta go find Samaurai Jack.

I know I have seen some, but it has been a while.
Mikeyyy 21 days ago
Can a woman be a werewolf or is is just the men?? Doing some research
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CountCurt Mikeyyy 21 days ago
I don't think folklore talks about it. However, there is a 1946 Universal picture called She-Wolf of London. "Danger Will Robinson" -The lovely young June Lockhart was in it and she transformed into a werewolf. Sven did show it a few years back. It is unlikely that it will be shown again as it was only 61 minutes long and so Sven added a lot of filler. With the new Sven format of 2.5 hours, if he were to show it again, he would have to show it as part of a double bill.
Katink CountCurt 21 days ago
I was thinking about that one, but I couldn't remember the details. Thanks for figuring it out, CountCurt!
CountCurt Katink 21 days ago
Cheers Katink
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