No, We Are NOT Men (Entirely) - We Are the Residents of the Original “Island of Lost Souls”!

Posted on March 11, 2023

Tonight on MeTV- it’s an early Paramount classic- the original screen version of an H.G.Wells science fiction tale, featuring some famed actors- one of which is barely recognizable! It’s the story of how a castaway becomes a prisoner in a bizarre island compound featuring monstrous mutations and a maniacal mad man-in the 1932 presentation of  "Island of Lost Souls"! This film was part of a major acquisition by Universal from Paramount, as part of a deal to form a package of films to run on TV.

We start off with the crew of a freighter spotting a shipwreck survivor and taking him on board. The castaway Parker is confused by the cargo of a load of various animals, being transported to one Dr. Moreau's South Sea island- not to mention some of the odd- looking crew members of the vessel. He gets on the captain’s bad side when he steps in to protect one of these crewmen from the captain’s mistreatment- but the Captain gets his revenge by tossing Parker over the rail of his ship, onto the boat that has come to get the animals and transport them to Moreau's island.


Upon his arrival, Moreau gives Parker a tour of his place- it’s a combination of zoo/medical facility/science lab, surrounded by strange plants and even stranger inhabitants. Parker notices a less disturbing inhabitant in the sultry young woman named Lota, who seems shy and of little experience with worldly things- or, even, with other people!

Meanwhile, Parker's fiancée, Ruth, who has been trying to determine his fate after his ship went down, finally discovers where Parker may be, and recruits a skipper and his ship to go find him!

Back on the island, Parker has become more suspicious of what goes on there- especially after hearing horrid screams, and learning from Lota that they emanate from the awful "House of Pain". When Parker gets a quick look at the facility, he decides he has no choice but to escape! However, once outside of the compound in the surrounding jungle with Lota, he stumbles upon a vast mob of animal-like men- who are barely deterred from attacking him and Lota by the arrival of Moreau, whom they obviously fear!

Moreau then reveals to Parker the shocking truth about what he has been up to-that these odd beast-men are his creation! He also has a hidden agenda- to keep Parker on the island to help with the "development" of Lota- another of his experiments!

The arrival of Ruth and her captain at the island proves to increase the danger factor for all of them- will Moreau be able to keep them prisoners, and keep control of his beastly subjects? And- which will survive?

This fantastic movie, made before the Motion Picture Code which would have demanded changes in it, has the amazing performance of Charles Laughton as Moreau, as well as the exotic Kathleen Burke (whose backstory is only semi-exotic) and a close to unrecognizable Bela Lugosi as a hirsute beast-man known as "the Sayer of the Law". It is also famous for that litany of "what is the Law?"  and the line later adapted into a musical phrase by the New Wave rock group Devo - "Are we not men?"  We'll have lots to tell you about the cast, the men under the make-up, and more- including the Sven version of a favorite classic sitcom, a game show, a quick cameo by a simian superstar of the internet, and even a couple vintage Sven favorite songs- one of which is the seasonal visit from a lurking leprechaun!

"Island of Lost Souls" receives visitors on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (and/or at ) for channel and time in your area. Once again, you can live-Tweet along with the many other fans on Twitter during the show- make sure you add the hashtag #svengoolie to your Tweets. Sorry, Chicago viewers- due to high school basketball, our encore of last week’s MeTV movie on CW26 will be pre-empted!


Besides lost souls, we have lost another iconic horror personality-producer/director/visual effects specialist Bert I. Gordon. We always mentioned that his initials “B.I.G.” could easily stand for the huge creatures in his various films, including the “Amazing Colossal Man”, the “Beginning of the End” grasshoppers, and the arachnid of “Earth VS the Spider”. He and his wife Flora were often credited for the effects in his films. Mr. Gordon passed away this week at the age of 100.

Make sure to check out the appearances tab here on our website for some news about public appearances coming soon! And, for those this applies to- remember to turn your clocks forward ( spring ahead) late tonight or tomorrow!

But tonight-come island-hopping with us- just don't get too chummy with the locals unless you're bringing with a flea collar!

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 during show

Catbat 14 months ago
We are here! Power on and all is right with the world!
Howdy 🙋 All! Ready to go back to school?
1MikeM 15 months ago
...and dat was Island of Lost Souls...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Carl_N_Brown 15 months ago
How does that Konga line dance rhythm go?
PatS Carl_N_Brown 15 months ago
Answer coming with my satire (you mind-reader you).
Carl_N_Brown PatS 15 months ago
I'll have try and stay awake.
Katink Carl_N_Brown 15 months ago
I'm glad Pat is on it, Carl! All I could come up with was the bunny hop🐰🐇🎵
abc123 15 months ago
had to wear a monkey suit at work today.
Klaatu abc123 15 months ago
Holy schamoly!!
abc123 15 months ago
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Mikeyyy abc123 15 months ago
Dr Howard Dr Fine Dr Howard...
CountCurt 15 months ago
Well I have established my viewing priorities for Saturday.

Here you go:
1. Pink Panther cartoon
- My caffeine kick in time
2. Wild Wild West
- Mr. West goes to Devils Island. Is he going on vacation?
3. Konga
- Has he shown up early for King Charles's coronation?
4. Batman
- Unwinding after Konga with a few laughs
- Holy Building Bashing Batman

The reality of the day will be patio clean-up. The squirrels have reeked havoc with my planters and deck.
Katink CountCurt 15 months ago
What's Irish and stays out all night, CountCurt? Patio furniture ☘
PatS Katink 15 months ago
What's Irish and stays out all night? I don't know, but if I see it sleeping in the back of my train car, I won't wake it up.
Katink PatS 15 months ago
Lucyc 15 months ago
Good evening, gang
Hope everyone has had a nice St. Patrick's Day.
According to my genealogical research, I have at least two Irish families in my ancestry-the Hazeletts and the Kennedys, though some think they were actually Scottish, or Scots-Irish. My Hazeletts bunch decided to spell it differently, Heaslet, so that kind of helps out since I know when I see that spelling the person is probably a relative of some kind.
Don't know if my Kennedys are kin to the famous bunch, though I know my bunch has been here since the early 18th century, having eventually landed in Virginia.
Katink Lucyc 15 months ago
That is cool, Lucy ☘
deadringer42 Lucyc 15 months ago
My daughter married a Kennedy 😁
Jack 15 months ago
Sláinte chuig na fir agus go maire na mná go deo!
TheKodakKid Jack 15 months ago
Didn’t have my glasses on when I first hopped on. For a second, I wondered why you’d lapsed into Klingon, and were offering a toast with the blood wine.
CountCurt Jack 15 months ago
Way ro go Jack
DrFish28136 15 months ago
Adam Sandler, left back row, is getting the Mark Twain prize
CountCurt 15 months ago

Happy St Patrick's Day to all of the Irish Werewolves.

There is a lot of Irish folklore around werewolves.
Jack CountCurt 15 months ago
Like St. Natalis driving the werewolves out of Ireland......well, sort of...
CountCurt Jack 15 months ago
Hi Jack I love all of this folklore. Wow thr Irish are busy driving out creatures.. Lol
Katink Jack 15 months ago
Interesting, Jack!
Deleted 15 months ago
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Katink 15 months ago
Hi, Kyle☘
15 months ago
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Katink 15 months ago
Such pretty eyes Kyle! Is this MR. Horse or one of the youngsters?
Jack 15 months ago
“Other people have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis.”

—Brendan Behan
DrFish28136 15 months ago
Katink DrFish28136 15 months ago
I stole this from you, DrFish I'm sending it to others. SO FUNNY!!!☘😆☘😆☘
DrFish28136 Katink 15 months ago
Cartoondave 15 months ago
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone did Bill and Toony air any Irish toons especially my favorite one with Droopy?
Aceman2 Cartoondave 15 months ago
Happy St Paddy's Day 2 u 2. There was a Droopy Irish toon!
Jack Cartoondave 15 months ago
What about the Irish housekeeper who replaced Mammy Two Shoes?
Cartoondave Aceman2 15 months ago
That's my favorite
Aceman2 15 months ago
Aceman: "Hey Konga. I bought your book in the store."
Konga: "I have a store!"
Aceman: "Stop monkeying around! Not a store - You have a book!"
PatS Aceman2 15 months ago
Did Konga start as a chimp or a monkey? That would be *two* species changes! Monkey to chimp to gorilla (to mutant).
PatS Aceman2 15 months ago
I understand there's a lot more smut in the novel than in the film. Note the snarky jacket lingo. The comic books had a different plot line, too.
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