No Full Moon, but "The Wolf Man" appears on Svengoolie - Tonight!

Posted on April 20, 2024

The moon may not be full yet, but tonight on MeTV, Universal’s most enduring werewolf will appear! The man-beast whose repeated appearances in various movies during the studio’s classic monsters cycle were always played by the same actor- Lon Chaney Jr. will be presented in the origin story -when the tortured Larry Talbot is first cursed to transform, during every full moon, into- the “Wolf Man”!

It all begins in a rather melancholy mood- with young Lawrence returning to the ancestral Talbot home in England, to mourn the passing of his brother. There is another reason- he feels it’s time to reconcile with his father after some years of dissention. It becomes a warm reunion, and Larry joins his dad, an amateur astronomer, to help him by working on a new telescope that has just been delivered. In a development that seems a little disturbing today, testing the new instrument, Larry plays “peeping tom” and ogles an attractive young woman in an apartment window in town. This somewhat privacy invading glance from afar leads Larry to head into town to try and find this blonde beauty. He finds the local lass, Gwen, working in her father’s shop just below the apartment where he had glimpsed her. The shop girl seems to be unimpressed by this stranger- especially after learning that he was spying on her! Unwilling to give up easily, Larry persists and, at least, makes a purchase- a walking stick with a heavy silver handle- shaped like a savage wolf. Upon leaving the shop, they spot a caravan of gypsies (as they are called in this era-more about that later), and he does his best to persuade Gwen to go out with him that evening to enjoy the caravan’s entertainment.

The clever young woman actually does show up for the “date”- but has wisely invited her girlfriend Jenny along, much to Larry’s surprise- and disappointment. They visit the traveling group of Romani at their temporary camp, set up to reside in while entertaining the townsfolk.

The carefree mood of the evening changes when the friends decide to partake in the custom of having their fortunes told. While Larry and Gwen wander off, young Jenny goes first- only to have the fortune teller, Bela (played by a real-life Bela- Bela Lugosi!), see the fateful sign of the pentagram on her hand. He abruptly ends the session, shouting at her to leave at once- and the frightened Jenny flees, running blindly out onto the moors.

Shortly after, Larry and Gwen hear her shocking shrieks, and Larry runs towards the cries, only to see a huge wolf attacking the helpless girl! Using his silver-handled walking stick, he beats the wolf to death, getting bitten during his failed attempt to save Jenny’s life. The local authorities come to investigate and find the body of the attacker-but discover it is no beast at all, but-a man! Larry insists what he killed was a wolf- not a man- but can’t convince the authorities or the local folk that he is telling the truth.

Soon, a distraught Larry returns to the camp- where he meets the wise elder Maleva- who reveals a shocking truth to him. That "wolf" he killed was her own son Bela- who had transformed into a werewolf! When she hears that Larry was bitten by Bela, she warns him that now he too will become a wolf when the full moon rises! She instructs him on werewolf lore- delivering the oft-quoted rhyme that forebodes Larry’s fate- and cautions him that he will always see the sign of the pentagram in the hand of his victims. She provides him with whatever tokens of protection she can, but needs him to understand that he will never be able to escape this awful supernatural curse.

When the full moon rises- Larry sadly discovers that she speaks the truth. Meanwhile, the stories of Jenny’s death and the “murder” of Bela spread, and the townspeople all think Larry didn’t do enough to save Jenny- and is a killer as well! They treat him like a pariah, unwelcome and despised by the populace. His father begins to worry that Larry is having psychological problems, and tries his best to get him the help he needs, hoping to protect and not lose this son with whom he has only recently made peace.

The locals set traps for a wolf, but with the full moon coming again, Larry Talbot must convince his father of the horrible truth- and get his help in keeping the Wolf Man from going on the prowl and killing again!

The Larry Talbot character went on to appear in four additional films after his 1941 debut and, in later films, seemed perhaps too obsessed with wanting to die- but always stayed true to the character. We’ll talk about the cast members like Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, the afore-mentioned Bela Lugosi, and Ralph Bellamy, among others- including Maria Ouspenskya. We understand that the term used to describe her – “gypsy” – is no longer politically correct- and apologize for its use here for those who find it offensive (apologies also that we did not have the production time to reshoot my segments using that name). We'll deliver a musical number, as usual- and, with our 45th anniversary coming up this summer, will show highlights of a previous anniversary-the live on-stage “40 Years as Svengoolie” interview we did at a past Flashback Weekend horror convention with our friend Nick Digilio of the “Nick D Podcast”. Also, we get another visit from Nostalgiaferatoo, and, since so many of you have told us you enjoyed our segment about the production of our dungeon set- we will encore the story of the creation of our current coffin!

"Wolf Man" appears- in spite of the full moon not occurring for a few more days- tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, check for channel and time in your local listings or at . MeTV invites you, as always, to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter- and use the hashtag #svengoolie. Our Chicago area viewers can get one more visit to the terrifying Peter Cushing “Island of Terror" at 11 am on Chicago’s CW26.

We are just about a week away from our return to the big C2E2 convention at Chicago’s McCormick Place! You’ve seen segments that we have shot there in the past- and we will be again roaming the convention floor with our cameras- and, of course, autographing. You can reserve your place in the professional celebrity photo op ( yes, you do have to reserve those ahead of time) by checking under the “photo ops” schedule at . You’ll find also information under the “appearances” tab on this website!

Tonight, however- Larry Talbot will be roaming the fog-enshrouded countryside, himself enshrouded in fur- on MeTV!

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 during show

Mamootsa 1 month ago

Nothing better in the morning than that first cuppa coffee!
Jack 1 month ago
After numerous viewings of _The Wolf Man_, I’m still perplexed by the clothing of Béla and Madame Ouspenskaya’s band of Roma. Just why are they dressed like that in Wales? Does a ferry make a direct voyage from the Danube to Bristol Channel? The women wear what could be described as Southern European Peasant Exotica—central casting could put them in Spain, Italy, or the Balkans with equal ease...The men, meanwhile, take their fashion cues from Hungary, Romania, and the Slavic lands. Béla’s embroidered shirt looks like a vyshyvanka or similar folk-wear, and all the men wear boots suitable for working with horses or folk dancing...
There are two primary Romani groups in Wales, the Kale or Welsh Roma, and the Romanichal. During the Early Modern Period, the UK passed anti-Romani legislation such as the Egyptians Act 1530 and Egyptians Act 1530. By 1562 the situation had improved somewhat, and a law allowed Romani people born in England and Wales to become English subjects if they assimilated. This assimilation included both speech and dress.

So, what did Romani people wear in the UK in 1941—Wales in particular? Luckily, Wikipedia has images of Romani life in the UK from dates bracketing World War II.                              A Romanichal encampment in Essex, England, ca 1898

                    Romanichal, Warwickshire, England, 1905

                    Romanichal family, Derby, England, 1910

                    A British Romanichal family, 1926

                    Romanichal family, 1938

          A Welsh Kale family, 1951

                    Welsh Roma encampment, Swansea, 1953
CountCurt Jack 1 month ago
Hi Jack
First of all thank you for the pictures.
What is very clear the studio did very little to create any authenticity. They probably used what they had in the costume department and added a few embellishments.
There is a British series called Peaky Blinders that takes place. In 1920s, 30s UK that has a Roma subplot. Based on your pics, they seem to have got it right.
RobBarnes Jack 1 month ago
If I had never seen this post or The Wolfman (many times) and someone showed me a picture of Bela and Maria and asked me what I thought they were dressed as, I would have said gypsies. So I guess thats what they were going for. An identifiable gypsy look.
Svenboy 1 month ago
I watched 1959 movie called the world, the flesh, and the devil starring Harry belafonte for the first time tonight. Any one see it? Should sven show it?
Prblemchild Svenboy 1 month ago
I've seen it a long time ago...what did you think of it...
LoveMETV22 1 month ago
Looking forward to the Karen Black feature tomorrow night! Curious though why? It's being run in April?
But as the Sven Administrator said! SVEN has something else planned for October.
CountCurt 1 month ago

Doing my volunteer work at a whisky tasting fund raiser for a writers festival.
Thought this whisky was Sven blog monster worthy.
Klaatu CountCurt 1 month ago
I like Ardbeg, but ya gotta love peat monsters.
CountCurt CountCurt 1 month ago

Dear American friends thank you for donating the wine. Very generous of you.
CountCurt Klaatu 1 month ago
I love pest monsters and peat bogs.
deadringer42 CountCurt 1 month ago
I love the peatiness of ardbeg!
Very rich flavor.
Great big monster flavor.
CountCurt deadringer42 1 month ago
Yes I snuck away from volunteer post to sample
CountCurt deadringer42 1 month ago
I am not an expert on scotch but I really enjoyed the sample that I had.
VanGooliac 1 month ago
Lovely rainbow tonight!
Katink VanGooliac 1 month ago
Wow! Spectacular shot, VanGooliac!
CountCurt VanGooliac 1 month ago
Beautiful. I am close by.
Bill_K 1 month ago
I won’t make it to the new blog tonight but I went out cooking - Pork Chops with Paprika in cream sauce!

Katink Bill_K 1 month ago
That looks lovely, Bill!
VanGooliac Bill_K 1 month ago
Yummy, Bill 😋
Klaatu Bill_K 1 month ago
Where’s the onions?😆
Jack Bill_K 1 month ago
With the recipe now under your belt, you can reserve it to accompany our next Sventurday with Béla!
Mamootsa 1 month ago
NY!!! #31 rocks!!!
Mamootsa Mamootsa 1 month ago
And now I will bid you a good night and God bless!
BEATNGU2 Mamootsa 1 month ago
BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Sourced from a 5 metre pointer that washed up on a Mosul bay S.A 🇿🇦 shore
Klaatu BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Holly schmolly!!’
Mamootsa BEATNGU2 1 month ago
I like the orcas! They hunt sharks and rip out their liver. Wolves of the sea!
BEATNGU2 1 month ago
I counted minimum 40 comments that went
Va-mousse 😳
Katink 1 month ago
Howdy, Sven-friends! Wednesday's flight(s) to Erie, PA went well! So today was the car trip with my brother and sister-in-law to Kentucky! Most of the ride was Ohio, so I thought of Dale and Catbat since they used to live there. The hotel doesn't get MeTV. Not sure I can stay awake for the blog turnover. . . .
daleuhlmann Katink 1 month ago
What parts of Ohio did you drive through! Safe travels, you, two!👍
BEATNGU2 Katink 1 month ago
Evening Katink
Safe Passage
Katink daleuhlmann 1 month ago
We were on Hwy 71 for quite a bit of the drive, Dale. I know I saw signs for Youngstown, and we were near Akron, Columbus, and Cincinnati.
Katink daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Thanks, BEAT!
Prblemchild Katink 1 month ago
Hey! I love Kentucky! It's beautiful off the beaten path!
Klaatu 1 month ago
Hmmm…every time I post a pict of my Martini it gets deleted. What, am I undermining the youth of our blog?😡😡
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 1 month ago
The Martini reaper at it again
Try a Gin n’ Tonic
Drang Klaatu 1 month ago
Along with the photo of Hiney Bee on the fridge with the Wild Turkey decanter, and Ghost on the cabinet with the Mt St Helens decanter.🤔🤔
daleuhlmann Klaatu 1 month ago
It may be because it was "shaken, not stirred."
Prblemchild Klaatu 1 month ago
Traveling martinis probably frowned upon now days, drat thez new ways of life, as long as you're not driving I don't see a problem...hmmm
Klaatu 1 month ago
This says it all🤣🤣
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 1 month ago
Johnny LaRue perfected that move
Cartoondave 1 month ago
Evening all just chill laxing at my sister's watching TV
Klaatu 1 month ago
Too bad Sven doesn’t show some classic Universal mysteries like “The Scarlet Claw” with Basil Rathbone. I’d donate some $$ to get these films shown.
Prblemchild Klaatu 1 month ago
Off Beat Cinema shows movies like that, they're out of Buffalo NY, been on for 30 years now
Mamootsa 1 month ago
BEATNGU2 Mamootsa 1 month ago
Mamootsa 1 month ago
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Deleted 1 month ago
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HoneyBee456 1 month ago
Have a good night Mamootsa
1 month ago
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