“Nevermore” Fear Than Bela, Boris, and “The Raven”- Tonight!

Posted on March 8, 2014

An Edgar Allan Poe fanatic takes revenge when  the woman he's obsessed with loves another man- as Universal's top stars, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff are a reluctant team in 1935's "The Raven"!

When a noted judge's daughter is seriously injured in a car accident, the only person with the medical knowledge to save her is the eminent retired surgeon Dr. Vollin. At first, he refuses- but eventually gives in, and helps save the young woman's life. Vollin is obsessed with all things Edgar Allan Poe- and even keeps torture artifacts that are mentioned in Poe's stories. When the young woman,Jean, actually creates and performs a dance based on "The Raven"- Vollin's growing infatuation with the maiden encourages him to reveal how he feels to the girl's father. The judge feels his affection is totally inappropriate, and forbids Vollin to pursue a relationship with Jean, who is already involved with Jerry, her more age-appropriate boyfriend.

Meanwhile, an escaped murderer who is tired of running  appears at Vollin's door, asking him to change his face so he can finally stop running- but Vollin has a sinister surgical plan to coerce the criminal to help him get revenge on the judge, his daughter, and her sweetheart- all in grisly Poe fashion!

Bela as Vollin, and Boris as the murderer Bateman provide plenty of chills, and this movie has a little more connection to Poe than "The Black Cat", which also featured the two  Universal horror kings. We'll give you info about the cast and the movie, and  bring you more Sven shtick- including Tombstone waxing poetic, a Poe product that's a cut above others, and- since you asked for it- another look at a special "Flash Gordon/ Svensurround"  feature that 's a favorite of our viewers!

"The Raven" is on Me-TV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, or, check your local listings.For those who contacted us to say we are not available from the Philadelphia station that had been carrying us- you're right- Me-TV is now on a different channel! Please go to www.metvnetwork.com , click on "where to watch", and enter your zip code for the new channel allocation. (In fact, anyone with a question about who carries Me-TV in their area can also go there for that information). In Chicago, you can get a second look at "Batman" this morning at 11 am on WCIU, the U!

Please know that, around the country, we here at the head end of Me-TV do NOT pre-empt the Sven show. If your local station should run something other than Sven, please contact them- locally- and let them know that you don't want to miss Svengoolie! Also, remember to follow me on Twitter- @svengoolie - and on the official Sven Facebook page , the only one presided over by yours truly.

Enjoy all the Poe-tential energy of "The Raven" tonight, as our "March Badness" rolls on!

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