MeTV Has an Amazon Delivery for You - But Can Anything Deliver Us from the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” - Tonight?!

Posted on February 4, 2023

Tonight on MeTV- we go from chilly temperatures in much of the country to the steamy Amazon jungle in a classic that viewers ask for again and again, and one of my self-proclaimed favorite films, featuring what most think of as Universal Studios’ greatest monster of the 1950s! Things get tense when researchers tarry in a tributary and find themselves trapped by the “Creature from the Black Lagoon”!

Things open along the banks of the Amazon River, where we find one Dr. Maia conducting a geological expedition. He is astounded to find an unusual fossil- a large webbed claw, the likes of which even a seasoned man of science like him has never seen. The doctor thinks it may be a true missing link in the evolutionary chain-from when sea creatures developed into land dwellers! He leaves his two native assistants to hold down his camp, and travels to Brazil to consult with former student Dr. Reed, a California ichthyologist who happens to be doing research there-along with his stunning girlfriend and assistant Kay.


It's kind of a dead end-Reed can't identify the fossil either. He suggests that they return to the Amazon, in hopes of finding more of the fossil. His boss, Dr. Williams, a bullheaded type who, under most circumstances, is a major roadblock to taking chances, amazingly agrees that such an expedition would be worth the effort and expense (although he is not so much thinking what it could mean to science- more about the money any discovery of additional skeletal proof might bring). However, his approval hinges on him joining the expedition, with Maia, Reed, and Kay. Since he is holding the power, his inclusion really can’t be refused, and they are all on their way to the Amazon.

They head down the renowned river aboard the Rita, a ramshackle steamer, under the command of the somewhat unsophisticated but canny Captain Lucas, who is well versed in the local waterways and lore. A shock awaits them when they arrive at Maia’s campsite -the place is torn apart, and both his men are dead! It’s suggested that this was a jaguar attack- but it doesn’t seem like any of them is really believing that was the case.

Regardless of the horrific event, they continue their search for the fossil proof they seek, but as time passes - they haven't found any further parts of the fossil, nor even a hint of any. A new theory is brought forth- that any additional fossil remains could have been swept down river with the passage of time! The idea makes sense to the researchers, and reluctantly, Captain Lucas agrees to guide them down a remote tributary that flows into an ominous area known as the “Black Lagoon”-a beautiful place with a legendary reputation; anyone who has dared to go there- has never returned! (That certainly accounts for his reluctance!)

They enter the lagoon, finding the area beautiful and fascinating ( much like Kay)-but they are totally unaware that the creature whose fossilized remains they hope to find – the Gill Man-is actually alive and well- and stalking THEM! After they put down anchor, the men go diving in search of fossils- while Kay, wearing the most famous one-piece white bathing suit in filmdom, takes her memorable dip (yes, at times, represented by her stunt double)- unaware that the Gill Man is right below her, following her every move, and close enough to touch her!

No sooner is everyone back aboard the boat when the boat begins rocking, due to something getting caught in the ship's net. The end result is the net being torn apart tearing it apart, with an ominous claw left stuck in the netting! The expedition party is shocked to realize that the fabled Gill Man still exists! It is most likely responsible for the attack on Maia’s campsite, but now-they find it’s aiming for them- with the home field advantage!

There are more savage attacks, and the wise thing to do would be to leave the lagoon immediately- but Williams, unwilling to give up his dreams of a big money windfall, demands that they stay- to attempt to capture the Creature, regardless of the dangers! It becomes a battle between them and the creature evolution could not change. Will they find a way to escape-or join the statistics among those who have never returned from the Black Lagoon?!

This 1954 film truly established the Gill Man as the last of the great Universal monsters. We’ll tell you about the Creature’s background and creation, introduce the movie’s cast, provide a Sven song and a commercial for an alluring scent sent directly from the Amazon. You’ll see some other vintage Gill Man bits, an interview with a stunning actress, highlights of a costume contest from the last Flashback Weekend, and more!

"Creature from the Black Lagoon" surfaces tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for time and channel in your local listings and/ or . We appreciate that our viewers again have put us among the top trending topics on Twitter last week (for the entire two and a half hours!) by live-Tweeting during the program, and you are invited to join in- just make sure your Tweet includes the hashtag #svengoolie ! Our Chicago area viewers get a second look at the classic “Godzilla, King of the Monsters” at 11 am on our main local station, CW26.

Tune in tonight to see if the Gill Man takes a hint from the groundhog, and sees that he is shadowed ( see what I did there?) by humans- and the chilling consequences of that discovery!

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 during show

Quizzical 7 months ago
I saw that another "sister" station has scheduled "The Devil Bat" and "The Satanic Rites of Dracula" (a/k/a "Dracula and his Vampire Bride") for broadcasts. While "The Devil Bat" is an old Producers Release Corporation film, it has terrific potential for Svengoolie. Its production values are much better than some of George Zucco films made by PRC and it made a load of money that helped put the Poverty Row studio on the map. The prospect of Bela Lugosi pushing an aftershave lotion that attracts killer bats is off the wall kooky. The Hammer film is notable as being the final pairing of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in a Dracula movie. Lee quit making the sequels after this production wrapped.

One can wish and hope. A few years back, "Return of the Vampire" was broadcast due to viewer requests for Bela Lugosi's other serious vampire feature film.
daleuhlmann Quizzical 7 months ago
Maybe Sven can get the Lugosi classic WHITE ZOMBIE. I know that THE DEVIL BAT is one of Larry the Train Guy's favorite horror movies.

I'd like Sven to get the Boris Karloff Columbia classic THE BLACK ROOM, in which he played twin brothers, and another Columbia gem of his, THE DEVIL COMMANDS. Another good one would be Universal's TOWER OF LONDON, which featured not only Karloff, but also Basil Rathbone and Vincent Price.
EdgyKittiee 7 months ago
PatS EdgyKittiee 7 months ago
ADMINNNNNNNN! These posts never seem to have ANYTHING to do with the blog.
daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Wow, he really did knock his block off!😄
DraculasStarterWife 7 months ago
My tablet is messing up. It shows recent comments as hours ago.
1MikeM 7 months ago
Charlie the deputy just wanted to say "Arrivederci!"
CrazyK 7 months ago
I don’t think I saw any posters go up this week or I missed them.
Kyle CrazyK 7 months ago

I am stoked about this movie!
CrazyK Kyle 7 months ago
Same here, so glad Sven is showing it!
PatS CrazyK 7 months ago
Nice poster. Those teeth are UUHHHHHH-GLEEE. Though I thought these Klowns (at least some) had pointy piranha teeth?
Aceman2 7 months ago
Merlin is very happy we left the Christmas candles up. He likes to play Haunted House with people.
CrazyK Aceman2 7 months ago
Only 263 days til Halloween 😁 🎃 🐈‍⬛
My favorite holiday. It should be a national one I think.
Mine too, so much fun! 😃
That would be great! 🎃
Cartoondave 7 months ago
Cartoondave TheKodakKid 7 months ago
Thanks this much easier than the midnight countdown
Katink Cartoondave 7 months ago
Nice, Dave!
Cartoondave Katink 7 months ago
Really unexpected and like I said easier than the midnight countsown
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 7 months ago
Congrats dave here’s your trophy
Cartoondave Mikeyyy 7 months ago
Thanks Mikeyyy sir
Cartoondave 7 months ago
I'm not really sure but has Metv aired IT TAKES A THIEF starring Robert Wagner?
TheKodakKid Cartoondave 7 months ago
I remember seeing it a few years ago, and somewhat certain that it was MeTV.
MrsG 7 months ago
MeTV just aired A-TEAM’s finale but will restart series on Monday ~ S1 Ep1 Part 1
In hindsight thought that I noticed Murdock’s T-shirt saying “Fini” yesterday and “Almost fini” today (?) ~
💜 Love Yinz *_*
Kyle MrsG 7 months ago
And I missed it!

CrazyK MrsG 7 months ago
Hi MrsG , I said hello to you earlier but my reply to you disappeared, you know how they do when the thread gets long. It’s great to see you! 👋
MrsG CrazyK 7 months ago
Yes *_* saw You Cutie Pie and Love ALL of Your posts though I can not usually chime in as I would like to ~ keep the Crazy coming ~ very uplifting 💜
MrsG Kyle 7 months ago
Glad that they are starting over like they do with other favorites ~ BONANZA just recently reverted back to season one and I hope that GUNSMOKE eventually will also ( that one ran 20 seasons ! )
💛 Be cool Kyle 😎
Katink MrsG 7 months ago
Love yinz too, MrsG🤡
CrazyK MrsG 7 months ago
Drang 7 months ago
Working tonight, so consider me sidelined for this week's races.
DraculasStarterWife Drang 7 months ago
Oh that's sad. See you next time?
Klaatu 7 months ago
Here’s a perfect drink to start ANY movie: A Trashcan Cocktail: Rum, Vodka, Gin, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, Sweet & Sour and Redbull🤪🤪
Kyle Klaatu 7 months ago

My liver!

And pancreas!
PatS Klaatu 7 months ago
In other words, anything at hand?
Kyle 7 months ago

Katink Kyle 7 months ago
Nice find, Kyle! I bought some animal crackers.
Kyle Katink 7 months ago
Never thought of that!

They did have some of those orange foam oeanuts, too.
Kyle Katink 7 months ago
Klaatu 7 months ago
I’m here instead of watching Klowns. I’ll watch when I get back.
abc123 Klaatu 7 months ago
Looks like a fair trade
Drang 7 months ago
Anyone taken the Svengoolie Fan Store Survey on the homepage yet?
Cartoondave Drang 7 months ago
No I didn't know about
mdhattr Cartoondave 7 months ago
Cartoondave mdhattr 7 months ago
Thanks I found and completed it
Mikeyyy Drang 7 months ago
I just saw it...
Katink Drang 7 months ago
MsNightnurse Drang 7 months ago
Yes just completed it. I wish they had a zip-up hoodie and something other than black, maybe red.
Aceman2 7 months ago
MrsG - I keep missing you by a couple hours. I miss connecting with you. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of you but if not rest assured I’m thinking of you. 🙏
MrsG Aceman2 7 months ago
You are the Man Aceman
♥️ *_* 🖤
LmerFudd 7 months ago
Killer Klowns has a pretty awesome title song
CrazyK LmerFudd 7 months ago
Yes it does! It’s by
The Dickies 🤡 🎶
Aceman2 7 months ago
Coffee Talk

American soldiers headed to England in WWII were issued a handbook that read in part: "The British don't know how to make a good cup of coffee. You don't know how to make a good cup of tea. It's an even swap."
1MikeM Aceman2 7 months ago
Good one!
daDoctah Aceman2 7 months ago
Additional advice:

In America, gray is the color of aluminum.
In Britain, grey is the colour of aluminium.
PatS daDoctah 7 months ago
If we have colour and labour, why not doctour? Dollaur? Proctour?
CountCurt 7 months ago
After Jack shared his great explanation of taphonomy yesterday, I wanted to share a fossil I have in my living it is not me. I have a fossil that I display in my fireplace when I am not using it. It is about 24 in x 24 in. It weighs a ton. I believe it is from the Devonian period.
DrFish28136 CountCurt 7 months ago
From the Atlas Mountains in Morocco
CountCurt DrFish28136 7 months ago
Thanks Dr Fish. I will read upon it. What I like about the blog is that I can have fun and also get some education.
DrFish28136 CountCurt 7 months ago
We are an eclectic bunch. I enjoy learning cinema history, particularly Dale’s posts. I try to contribute where I can.
I teach Genetics and Evolution. My wife has bought several Orthoceras fossils.
Katink CountCurt 7 months ago
That's really cool CountCurt!
Jack CountCurt 7 months ago
I second Katink! But does it literally weigh a ton, or just real heavy?

From the Wikipedia article Dr. Fish noted, there was some confusion about these fossils in the past, and some confusion still remains on the internet. Once upon a time _Orthoceras_ was a “wastebasket taxon,” that is, a taxon that is used for organisms that don’t fit anywhere else. This sort of grouping breaks the rules of taxonomic cladistics, resulting in placing together organisms that don’t share a recent common ancestor. This was the case with _Orthoceras_, in that it threw together unrelated species of nautilus-like mollusks with straight orthoconic shells. Later on, with more research _Orthoceras_ was whittled down to the type species _O. regulare_—and a mebbe a few related species—while the other former orthocerids were placed in different, cladistically valid taxa.

If your fossils are _Orthoceras_ in the strict sense (_O. regulare_), they date from the Middle Ordovician—which is ca 50 million years older than the Devonian—and originated in a fairly circumscribed area of Sweden, the Baltic States, Ukraine, and adjacent Russia. On the other hand, if your fossils are _Orthoceras_ in the old, loose sense, because the orthoconic was a very “popular” shell design, they could range in age anywhere from the late Cambrian to the late Triassic then reappearing in the late Cretaceous, and are found all over the world, including Ontario, Canada.
Jack DrFish28136 7 months ago
How do you figure that, Dr. Fish? If they’re _Orthoceras_ _sensu stricto_, they’re prob’ly not from Morocco. For that matter, how’d you get Morocco just from the picture? Is there some dead giveaway you can fill us in on?
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