Marital Bliss And A Vampire's Kiss - "Brides of Dracula" - TONIGHT!

Posted on July 23, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- it’s a story that could be the basis for a reality show- a groom with multiple brides on the prowl for additional mates-object: not so much matrimony as -mealtime! It’s a Hammer Studios production that unleashes a vampire to prey on young women-only to run into some strong opposition in the great vampire hunter Van Helsing-who tries to stake out the groom, who’s grooming a new flock of "Brides of Dracula"!

This full color 1960 chiller was actually Hammer’s sequel to their original version of “Dracula”-which starred Christopher Lee. Please note-in spite of the title- you won't see Count Dracula (or Sir Christopher) in this film! The story begins with a lovely young French woman, Marianne (played by Yvonne Monlaur) travelling to a teaching job at a girl’s school. The trip is suddenly derailed by some mysterious and deliberate actions. Stopping at a local inn, she suddenly finds herself left behind by her transportation-with no further hope of completing her journey at such a late hour. Yet, even this late, a strange and haughty elderly baroness stops in, which seemingly disturbs the innkeepers. The baroness invites our stranded traveler to accept accommodations at her castle for the night.

Upon arrival at the castle, Marianne settles in to the room graciously given her by the Baroness, but, looking outside, she spots a handsome young man on a balcony across the way. She is told by the baroness that he is her son (though she has been giving the impression he had passed away)! Later on, finding him chained up in his room, for reasons yet to be mentioned, he convinces Marianne to help him escape his shackles- but, when she succeeds in doing so-he reveals what he actually is (you didn’t get the hint from the movie title?)-and she flees in terror into the night!

The next day, she is found in the woods, barely conscious, by the good Prof. Van Helsing, and she barely recalls what occurred the previous night. Van Helsing makes an appearance at that same inn where Mademoiselle Marianne had been abandoned, and finds that the funeral of a local young lady is being held. Van Helsing has his suspicions about the reason for her passing, which are confirmed when she rises from her grave, sporting a sinister pair of fangs! Van Helsing worries that this can only mean that disciples of his old enemy Count Dracula are still at large and on the hunt for human prey. His search for whoever is siring these new vampires leads him to the Baroness' castle- where he is shocked to find that the now unshackled young Baron is his prime suspect!

Meanwhile, Marianne finally arrives at her new teaching job- in a school with a student body (ahem) made up of nubile young women, providing a veritable smorgasbord for the young Baron- and our naive French femme ends up in mortal danger- which could make her immortal ( not in a good way) ! Van Helsing must try to rescue her from this fate, while battling more blood-thirsty “brides”, as well as their master- the undead Baron-and his strong supernatural power. The danger of both Marianne and Van Helsing joining the ranks of the undead becomes terrifyingly real!!

We’ve brought this Hammer film back, since it is often asked for, and has a unique position among the Hammer Dracula films! It boasts truly frightening vampires, many alluring young women, and plenty of atmospheric action, all in vivid color, in the Hammer tradition. Peter Cushing, back as Van Helsing, is great, as always, and David Peel, as the young blond Baron is an interesting change from the usual dark-haired vampires of horror films. We’ll tell you about the cast, and explain just why Christopher Lee is not among them- provide a commercial for a stylishly hip Sven product the vampire brides would be proud to wear to go out clubbing- and bring back some fond memories of an amazing costume contest from a past Flashback Weekend. ( Be watching for information about my appearance at this year’s Flashback Weekend at the beginning of August!)

“Brides of Dracula” is set for MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings or for info and channel in your area. Remember that MeTV invites you to "live-Tweet" about the show during the movie on Twitter- just use the hashtag #svengoolie - and you’ll be among the many Tweeters making us trend in the top subjects every week. Our Chicago area viewers can cry out “Atta boy, Luther!” one more time, as we present the encore of “Ghost and Mr. Chicken” at 11 am on CW26.

We hope you have checked out the new Sven merchandise in our store, including shirts in our “artists” collection, summer tank tops, and more! Also, keep checking the “appearances” tab here on our website- we will have schedules for appearances at both the Flashback Weekend convention and this year’s C2E2 convention soon!

Join us on MeTV tonight for unusual marital bliss and a vampire’s kiss, or, is it… HISS?!


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 during show

EileenWeeks 20 months ago
Hello! I have watched Svengoolie for many years and always been entertained. I found a rubber chicken that I throw gently at the TV. Thank you for allowing me to join. 👽
1MikeM EileenWeeks 20 months ago
Welcome to the blog Eileen!
1MikeM 20 months ago
...and dat was da Brides a Dracula...and dat's da name a dat tune!
The1Butler 20 months ago
Commissioner Gordon is on Perry Mason. 🦇🦇
Katink 20 months ago
Raining cats and dogs (And goats?)
The1Butler Katink 20 months ago
Goats head soup 🐐
abc123 20 months ago
Neat. If my source (the internet) is accurate, that episode of MASH was aired three days after the first episode of Welcome Back, Kotter.
The1Butler 20 months ago
I was just checkin out some animated rock videos , one has Ozzy and Lemmy Kilmister making a demon fighting van in A Team style ! Very tasteful 😂
Another one is Rob Zombie and has the Gillman , Dracula etc ! Very X rated! Pretty good animation 👍🏻
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1MikeM The1Butler 20 months ago
...and at an affordable price too!
The1Butler 1MikeM 20 months ago
It will spit out Dog eat Dog and make the motor city madman proud !
1MikeM The1Butler 20 months ago
Awesome! it's a free-for-all!
The1Butler 20 months ago
The tension is building
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Drang Aceman2 20 months ago
That would be telling.
Katink The1Butler 20 months ago
Carl_N_Brown Aceman2 20 months ago
From McHale's Navy to The Devil's Rain
MADave 20 months ago
I read somewhere on the blog that we are losing dale and Catbat as easties and relocating to Californy this fall
PatS MADave 20 months ago
I trust they'll keep us updated. "They said Californy is the place ya oughta be / So they loaded up the Jeep and they moved to..." (Denair? Fresno? Stockton?)
MrsG 20 months ago
Ding 🛎 Ding 🛎 Ding 🛎
🏆 3000 MADave 🏆
MADave MrsG 20 months ago
It was really unexpected MrsG it should really go to abc123
abc123 20 months ago
3000. Not bad considering the late start...
Katink abc123 20 months ago
Amazing, abc!
The1Butler Katink 20 months ago
Im so jelly !
Katink The1Butler 20 months ago
Thanks, Butler!
MADave 20 months ago
Just dang Catbat's favorite TV western theme blues brothers style
MADave MADave 20 months ago
Sang not dang
The1Butler MADave 20 months ago
Great song and movie 😎
PatS MADave 20 months ago
Rollin' rollin' rollin' 🎶🎵🎶 🐎🐄🐄🐄🐎
Bill_K 20 months ago
Good Evening, Everyone:

If you watching TAGS - the 2nd episode, "Opie Fails Arithmetic" is the last epiode Barney will be in. There are two more episodes from season 5 to go but he is not in them.
Geo 20 months ago
I apologize if some of my comments are repetitive, especially about the movies here. This happens frequently and it's frustrating not being able to remember how many times it occurs or I have said something. 😔
daleuhlmann Geo 20 months ago
Don't worry, Geo. To paraphrase the closing credits at the end of most of the Universal movies of the 1930s, "A good comment is worth repeating."
Geo daleuhlmann 20 months ago
Actually, it's quite embarrassing.😔
PatS Geo 20 months ago
Might it help to check your "red name"? (Though you have to log out in order to see more than the first handful of comments.) I can't always remember what I posted, either.
PatS 20 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Geo PatS 20 months ago
I replied back it sounds like a good idea and it was removed.
PatS Geo 20 months ago
No accounting for what this bloggergeist will do. (I once worked in a company where the computer would throw out paychecks if a certain column had a 6 in it. Took 'em weeks to figure it out.)
daleuhlmann 20 months ago
Tonight, on M*A*S*H, we will first see Part 2 of B J Hunnicutt’s introduction to the 4077. In our second episode, we will see Colonel Sherman Potter’s debut. I’d like to briefly comment on both.

As I had mentioned last night, Wayne Rogers had left the series because he felt his character, Trapper John, had taken a back seat to Alan Alda’s Hawkeye Pierce. In point of fact, the two characters were actually too much alike, and so the show’s creative staff wisely chose, as a replacement, a character who offered more of a contrast with Hawkeye. Unlike Trapper (and even Henry Blake), B J wanted to remain faithful to his wife, and was not afraid to stand up to Hawkeye on occasion, as in the episode when he refuses to help his swamp mate perform elective surgery (an unnecessary appendectomy) to keep a gung-ho lieutenant with a high casualty record among his men out of the war.

As for Sherman Potter, played by Harry Morgan, he was a full colonel (as well as a veteran regular army man) and, unlike the affable but often bumbling Lt. Colonel Blake, commanded respect from everyone at the 4007. He was tough but fair and had a home-town, sardonic wit and humor all his own. He was, frankly, a deeper character than Henry Blake.

In both instances, the writing staff wisely chose to create characters that were significantly different from their respective predecessors, thus avoiding comparisons and allowing them to bring their own distinctive touches to the show. They would do the same thing later when replacing Larry Linville’s Burns with Charles Emerson Winchester III, a skilled surgeon and a snobbish member of the Massachusetts country club elite. Unlike Burns, he was highly intelligent and was more than a match for his two swamp mates’ sarcasm and shenanigans.
Kyle daleuhlmann 20 months ago
I find nothing to seriously disagree with you about.

Frank was entertaining in that he was disrespected by pretty much everyone, even Margaret.

Henry was not respected for his authourity, but he could be cornered into doing the right thing.

Potter was regular army, seen it all, and just trying to keep a semblance of order until he had his time in.

Winchester might be my favorite. Tossed into the mix for being insufferably arrogant, and still finding ways to have fun. Not always coming out on top, but always bouncing back.

Devious bastage, that guy.
daleuhlmann Kyle 20 months ago
Yes. David Ogden Stiers was great as Winchester.
Aceman2 daleuhlmann 20 months ago
Thanks for the insights Dale!
daleuhlmann Aceman2 20 months ago
You're welcome, Aceman!
larryttg 20 months ago
To Kodak Kid, I hope everything is ok down there in your neck of the woods. With all we are hearing and seeing on the news about the mess in Kentucky I wonder how things are going for you and yours let us all know soon we are worried
AC 20 months ago
Sventurday eve...finally
MADave 20 months ago
I've lost count how many times has Svengoolie been part of the must see Metv thingy
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