It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Mist Risk- with "The Crawling Eye" Tonight!

Posted on December 4, 2021

Tonight on MeTV- we kick off a month of encore presentations of movies that we used to see on Saturday afternoons back in the day- beginning with a trip  to a mountain peak surrounded by a mysterious mist that conceals a deadly menace to mankind! What could it be that ends the life of any mountaineer that climbs into it- and becomes a threat as it moves downwards towards a populated town? You won’t be able to take your eyes off -“The Crawling Eye”!

Something is seriously amiss around the Swiss mountain Trollenberg, where many of the climbers who came to scale its heights recently have met with tragic death. We meet two sisters, Anne and Sarah Pilgrim, aboard a train, sharing a compartment with Alan Brooks, a United Nations operative. As the train passes the Trollenberg, Anne suddenly faints- and, when revived, insists that she and her sister must disembark at the town by the mountain- even though they had planned to continue on to Geneva!

Brooks actually was headed to the town anyway, arranges for the women to stay at the same hotel as he, owned and operated by the town mayor, Herr Klein. At the hotel, they meet a young man, Philip Truscott, who recognizes that the two sisters are actually a famous mind reading act- with Anne being the one with the psychic powers. Could that be what brought on her sudden insistence on coming to the town? Truscott also seems unusually interested in what Brooks is doing in town.

We find that out, when Brooks travels to an observatory high upon the mountain, where he confers with an old friend, Professor Crevett, about the strange deaths of climbers recently. They seem to be similar to another situation that both men ran into a few years ago in the Andes- where locals claimed something was living in the mist-and this appears to be a reason for concern.

While two climbers head up the mountain to a base camp cabin, the sisters do their mind-reading act for the folks at the hotel- during which, Anne suddenly seems to be channeling thoughts about the two men, and again collapses. Things get more eerie when the men cannot be reached! Brooks and Truscott join a search party to look for them at the cabin, and what they find is horrifying- and things just get worse as there are more deaths, and Anne’s visions become more frequent and begin controlling her actions! Then comes the report that the misty cloud is moving down towards the village- and the townsfolk must all get to safety- if there is even a chance of that! The danger that lurks within the cloud is finally revealed- and has the strength to destroy the entire population of the village, as well as the visitors!

Though the title of the film itself is a spoiler, as we did last time, we are trying to keep from actually showing the full creatures in the fog. We hope that commenters would please be aware that there are viewers who haven’t seen some of our films, and not ruin whatever surprise they might enjoy-although we know that even the movie posters give a lot away!

We’ll reveal the original name of this film (even less of a surprise than what the monsters look like), talk about its cast, including “F-Troop” star Forrest Tucker and Janet Munro, promote a new beverage, and present a song. We also will be doing our annual review of viewers who dressed up as yours truly for the Halloween season this year- we have tried to get on as many photos as possible, but please understand we don’t have the time to show them all!

“The Crawling Eye” comes out of the mist of your TV screen tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Once again last week, we were trending among the most Tweeted about topics on Twitter during the show- feel free to join in on the live Tweeting, using the hashtag #svengoolie . Our Chicago area viewers can soak up “The Devil’s Rain” at 11 am on our main local station CW26 at 11 am.

We would like to wish all those who celebrate the holiday a happy Hanukkah!

Speaking of holidays, the Sventa Claus Holiday Shoppe is still open for business- time grows short to receive orders, so please get those orders in now!

As we mentioned in our newsletter ( you can sign up for it yourself here on our site- just click on the banner for it)- we are so sorry we will not be able to attend the C2E2 convention at McCormick Place in Chicago next weekend. It is always a real highlight of our year, but concerns about my health have made it necessary for us to pass on appearing this year. Many of our friends will be there, so, if you attend, please say hello for me!

And tonight- say hello to the mysterious occupants of the mist on MeTV!

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 during show

Petethepepper 14 months ago
I see that you are cutting through the movies more, just like Roland did. If the movie was about spiders, he would breakthrough by eating a spider sandwich, and so on and so on.
But try to use differently prop’s then the chickens (not that their bad) just add other prop’s along with what the movie is about. Like Roland did, example# if the movie is about
“The Headless Man”,
Hold up a fake Head. You get the idea.
What was the name of the actor that came before Roland.?
I am happy for you, you are more popular now than ever. Stay with us, and good luck.
Petethepepper 14 months ago
Hello Svengoolie, I have asked you once before and now I am asking you again to please show the movie
“The Headless Man”. It is a great old movie that I haven’t scene this movie since I was a little boy. I think your viewers will greatly appreciate looking at this great movie.
1MikeM 14 months ago
.....and dat was da Crawling Eye....and dat's da name a dat tune!
Catbat 14 months ago
Drang Catbat 14 months ago
Katink Drang 14 months ago
And everywhere🎶🎵🎶🎵
Catbat 14 months ago
This comment has been removed.
daleuhlmann Catbat 14 months ago
Good morning, dear!♥️

Say, do YOU know how to make a monster?
daleuhlmann MrH 14 months ago
abc123 14 months ago
News Update: The family of ten has been identified as the G. Bread family. Ages range from 2 to 1 hours old at the time of the incident. No photos have been published yet.
PatS abc123 14 months ago
And their twin children, Flat and Short?
Katink 14 months ago
Weather forecast is for wintery mix, which always makes me think of a veggie medley with broccoli and cauliflower. It's slushy here, but it will turn back to snow soon.
Aceman2 Katink 14 months ago
It’s going to be mid 60’s from Pittsburgh to Philly to Beantown on Sventurday. Nice avatar!
PatS Katink 14 months ago
My favorite term for not-quite-snow came from a weather newscaster in Seattle: "Lumpy rain."
Drang PatS 14 months ago
This weekend it will just be rai here in the low lands low, but there will be lots and lots of snow in the mountains.
Katink Aceman2 14 months ago
Wow, Aceman! Enjoy the weather while you can! It is supposed to be unseasonably warm here next week, but snowy until then. We used to live a few hours north, and they are really getting socked with it. So my snow globe will protect me from the worst of it 😉
Katink PatS 14 months ago
I like that one, PatS! (It beats lumpy gravy! And Lumpy Rutherford!)
NoPersonalChicks 14 months ago
MeTV will run 4 Monkees episodes Sunday afternoon @ 2 EST.
Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
So far I have been doing pretty good at falling asleep first before midnight.
KeithJ 14 months ago

Won't be here for the big race, but ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
Jack 14 months ago
I got a chance to watch the rest of _The Dybbuk_, and noticed something interesting that may influenced later horror movies. A wedding takes place about two thirds through the movie (shot, incidentally, in the manner of German Expressionism). Traditional Jewish wedding celebrations of that era in Eastern Europe usually included a variety of customary dances, _koylitsh tants_ (khallah dance), _bobes tants_ (grandmothers’ dance), _broygez tants_ ([mothers-in-law’s] anger dance) and so on. In _The Dybbuk_there’s a _toyten tants_, or “dance of death,” which may have derived from the medieval European danse macabre but is explained as representing deceased relatives symbolically invited to the wedding, or as in the movie, reminding the celebrants of their own mortality. [A longer version with music may be viewed at:, at ca. 1:16:04.] Watch the dancers, that is, with the exception of the bride in white and Death in the skull makeup and shrouds. [The personification of Death is danced by Judith Berg, who was also the film’s choreographer.] Notice the shambling gait and grasping movements—do they look familiar? I suspect the moves of the dancing group inspired the movement of the undead in later zombie movies.

This isn’t to say the concept of “zombie” was invented by _The Dybbuk_. Zombie literature and movies existed earlier: _zombie_ first appeared in English in 1819 related to Afro-Brazilian history. Zombies as part of Haitian folklore became more widely known during the US occupation of the island starting in 1915, and in 1929 _The Magic Island_ by Robert Seabrooke was published, becoming the first popular book describing zombies. The first zombie movie, the now classic, _White Zombie_ came out in 1932, and was soon followed by what grew to be a genre. The first movie zombies were typical of Haitian folklore, a person transformed by voodoo into an unconscious slave with no freewill, a “living death,” but these were soon joined by “scientific” zombies, created by either a scientist’s formula, atomic energy, or aliens. However, up to a point, all zombies moved like their Haitian forebears—moving like sleepwalkers with an unfocused stare.

Somewhere along the way, prob’ly before 1968’s _Night of the Living Dead_, zombies’ locomotion changed, and they started shambling and clutching for their next meal of brains. Sleepwalking became the reserved domain of Haitian voodoo-style zombies. I can’t pinpoint in which movie zombies began to shamble, but I’m reasonably certain it was after 1937 and the _toyten tants_ in _The Dybbuk_.
Klaatu Jack 14 months ago
That footage looks eerily similar to my wedding.
KeithJ Klaatu 14 months ago
Or Tevyev's dream in Fiddler on the Roof.
Jack KeithJ 14 months ago
I saw a piece that related the “Tevye’s Dream” sequence from the movie version of _Fiddler_ to the _toyten tanz_ in _The Dybbuk_. Other than the clothing and a very general concept, I didn’t think the dead in Anatevka’s Jewish cemetery moved much like the dancers in _The Dybbuk_. They mostly moved like old people—since many seemed to have died in advanced age, unlike the dead in say, _Beetlejuice_—and it looked more like a _patsh tants_ than a “zombie walk.”
daleuhlmann 14 months ago
For Shayla:
Universal's 1932 version of MURDERS IN THE RUE MORUGE features a comedy relief scene (which had been inspired by a similar incident in the Poe short story) in which three characters swear that the sounds that they had heard during Dr. Mirakle's (Bela Lugosi's) ape's abduction of the movie's heroine and the murder of her mother was any one of three languages. One insisted it was German; the other claimed it was Italian; the third swore it was Danish. The authors of UNIVERSAL HORRORS said they expected them, to slap each other in the face and poke each other's eyes like the Three Stooges!
daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Hey, group: a Catbat update!

Catbat's dad is being moved to a rehab center very close to Denair (i.e., he and his wife's home) about 4 pm today, Westies' time. He will stay there most certainly through the holidays. As I had posted yesterday, it will be a day-to-day process, but hopefully he'll be able to go home not too long afterwards, when Catbat and her sister will continue to help out as long as necessary. Fortunately, Taco Bell is holding her job for her, when she returns, hopefully during early or mid-January, but we'll see. As much as I would naturally love to have her here during Christmas and New Year's, she needs to be close to home right now, and we'll continue to stay close in touch. In the meantime, I'll hold down the home fort and leave the light on for her.

Meanwhile, she will try to blog when she can. Please keep those good wishes and vibes coming for her dad.
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Bill_K daleuhlmann 14 months ago

Glad to hear Catbat's Dad is doing better. Hope she is holding up okay herself.
MADave daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Good vibes coming to Denair and Massillon
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Best wishes to Catbat, Dad, and Dale.
Lynn daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Continuing good vibes! Thanks for your update, Dale.
abc123 14 months ago
Breaking News. A Horrific Scene today, and a family of ten were struck down when their house collapsed in on them. There were no survivors.
Mikeyyy abc123 14 months ago
Ten skittles or m&ms??
daleuhlmann Mikeyyy 14 months ago
Oh, "Heavens to murgatroyd!"
NoPersonalChicks abc123 14 months ago
Tots and pears
PatS abc123 14 months ago
The non-survivors were... delicious.
daleuhlmann 14 months ago
A passing of note: Michael Nesmith of the Monkees has passed away at age 78. Another piece of many bloggers' childhoods, including mine, has left the building. Now, only Mickey Dolenz remains from that group.
Islander daleuhlmann 14 months ago
You got that right, Dale. Thanks for posting that.
daleuhlmann Islander 14 months ago
You're welcome, Islander. RIP, Mr. Nesmith.
Jack 14 months ago
Last night, a certain late-night host whose well-dressed band director has been nominated numerous 2022 Grammy awards observed that the rash of Christmas tree destructions currently worrying another network were most likely the work of cats...
Klaatu Jack 14 months ago
Watch out! Remember what happened to the cat in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”? Zap! Poof!
Jack Klaatu 14 months ago
We’ve had a couple cats with electrically curled whiskers.
Aceman2 Jack 14 months ago
The local neighborhood blog is buzzing with reports of vandals cutting Christmas lighting wires. Others insist its squirrels. I’m hoping it’s not Merlin
Catbat Jack 14 months ago
I've had a "smelling lite candles🕯️" cat growing up.
MrsG Catbat 14 months ago
PatS 14 months ago
No one else has posted it so I'm the bearer of bad news: Michael Nesmith, singer-songwriter for the Monkees, has died at the age of 78. So now Micky Dolenz is the only surviving Monkee.
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Jack Bill_K 14 months ago
Before the Stone Poneys and their girl singer, the first recorded version was by the Bluegrassy Greenbriar Boys. Nez later covered himself in 1972 [](if you don’t count Billy Roy Hodstetter).My current favorite recent cover is Sid and Susie’s acoustic version [].
Bill_K PatS 14 months ago
You know, the only thing I've seen on TV so far is a film clip of the group doing "Day Dream Believer" which is not a Nesmith song. Maybe "Papa Gene's Blues or "You May be the one". My own thought is "Pleasant Valley Sunday" "Sunny Girlfriend" or even "Magnolia Sims" would be more appropriate.

Much as they were supposed to be a TV version of the Beatles, the chemistry just didn't break down that way. Nesmith was the Lennon of the group, Davy Jones was Paul. Either Dolenz or Tork could be Ringo so there was really no George.

Jack Jack 14 months ago
I guess this means “Feliz Navidad” and other stock phrase in non-English languages will be banned?
Klaatu 14 months ago
A question about this Blog vs the Svengoolie Twitter account (maybe I’m just missing something simple): On a few occasions, when I posted a reply to Sven or made a comment on his Twitter, Svengoolie has directly answered me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Svengoolie comment on this Blog. Has he? Does he?🤔
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CharlesRocks 14 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Kyle Klaatu 14 months ago
Twitter is filled with conflict and a-holeyness. I don't go there.

I get enough of that in the real world.

I come here for my Saturday night decompression and entertainment.

Two different animals, and I like the civility and silliness around here.
Jack CharlesRocks 14 months ago
Hmmm…I wonder what was the offending content in my repsonse—posting a graphic of the tweet or using _twit_, an established backformation from _Twitter_?
MADave 14 months ago
Here's your trophy 🏆 MrsG
Katink MADave 14 months ago
Congratulations on 3000th blog post, MrsG!💕
MrsG MADave 14 months ago
Oh what a treat ~ made my day !
Thanks MADave !
MrsG Katink 14 months ago
This is FUN Katink !
Now I hope You’re feeling better and up to running the race tonight !
Katink MrsG 14 months ago
Maybe, MrsG! I should be home from tonight's performance in plenty of time, and that will be a good winding down activity. Cant stay up too late, though, because tomorrow is two shows. I will miss this week's feature ( which I also missed when it ran over the summer), but a neighbor is recording it.
Aceman2 MrsG 14 months ago
Way to get MrsG. Here’s to you kid!
MrsG Aceman2 14 months ago
Oh WOW , I’m not worthy , I’m not worthy !
Thank You Aceman !
MrsG 14 months ago
Y’know , I was thinking ( Hubby always says that will get me in trouble ! ) ~
We are a lovely bunch of coconuts , quite an array of characters ~
But I‘ll betcha Sven often thinks that HE MADE A MONSTER creating our wonderful Blog !
MrsG 14 months ago
So tickled to hear good health news from Aceman as we ALL take a sigh of relief right with You ~
Will continue to wish the best for so many of our Bloggers who are still on the mend or feeling the blues ~
Sven will certainly have the right medicine for us ALL tomorrow !
God Bless !
Love Yinz !
Mikeyyy MrsG 14 months ago
MrsG, you get the trophy for post #3000!!
MrsG Mikeyyy 14 months ago
Git outa town Mikeyyy , didn’t even know !
I am so tickled and honored cause I would never be able to be first Blogger so this is very special !
WOW thank You !
Katink MrsG 14 months ago
Thanks, MrsG! A week out from my gallbladder's coming out party, I am feeling pretty good! In fact, I was able to return to Xavier's Christmas Stars last night! We have four more shows this weekend, and I'm so happy to be back spreading Christmas cheer!
MrsG Katink 14 months ago
Oh that is so rewarding (and healing) in itself ~ can’t imagine how much everyone is enjoying Your performance !
Go Girl !
Jack Katink 14 months ago
I didn’t know gallbladders had cotillions!
Katink Jack 14 months ago
I guess that mine wasn't just any gallbladder 😉😄😆
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