In Case You “Mist” It Before- Set Your Peepers on “The Crawling Eye”- Tonight!

Posted on November 26, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- appropriately, it’s time for us to follow “Black Friday” with a “Black and White Saturday”- so we’ll be heading up to a snowy mountain peak surrounded by a mysterious mist that conceals a deadly menace to mankind! Any mountaineer who dares to climb into it risks certain death- which poses a major threat when it moves downwards towards a populated town! Terror dwells inside the mist – it’s “The Crawling Eye”!

The Swiss mountain Trollenberg seems almost cursed, as many of the climbers who came to scale its heights recently have met with a tragic death. Aboard a train approaching the mountain, we meet two sisters, Anne and Sarah Pilgrim, sharing a train compartment with Alan Brooks, a United Nations operative. As the train gets nearer to the Trollenberg, Anne suddenly faints! When she revives- even though they are supposed to continue on to Geneva-she insists that she and her sister disembark at the town by the foot of the mountain!

Brooks, who was already headed to the town, arranges for the women to stay at the same hotel as he, owned and operated by the town mayor, Herr Klein- who seems very closed-mouthed about the recent demise of climbers. At his hotel , the group meets a young man, Philip Truscott, who recognizes that the two sisters are actually a famous mind reading act- with Anne being the one with the psychic powers. Truscott also seems unusually interested in what Brooks’ business is in coming to the area.


We find out the reason when Brooks travels to an observatory high upon the mountain. There, he confers with an old friend, Professor Crevett, about the strange deaths of climbers recently. They seem to be similar to another situation that both men are familiar with-an event a few years ago in the Andes- where locals claimed something was living in the mist on a mountain. This may not be a coincidence, and appears to be a reason for concern.

While two climbers depart from the hotel to head up the mountain to a base camp cabin, the two sisters do their mind-reading act to entertain the folks at the hotel. In the middle of the performance, Anne suddenly seems to be channeling thoughts about the two men, and once again collapses. Things get more eerie when the men at the base camp cannot be reached- and Brooks and Truscott join a search party to look for them at the cabin.

What they find is horrifying- and the horror grows as there are more deaths, while Anne’s visions become more frequent and begin controlling her actions! Even more upsetting- the misty cloud is moving down towards the village- and the townsfolk must all get to safety- if there is even the chance of such a thing! The danger that lurks within the cloud is finally revealed- and may destroy the visitors, the entire population of the village, and even beyond!


Yes, the title of the film itself is a spoiler but, once again, we are trying to keep from actually showing the full creatures that dwell within the fog. We stress again that, every week, we hear from viewers who haven’t seen some of our films, and do not want to ruin whatever surprise they might discover-although we know that even the movie posters give a lot away, just like last week’s “Fiend Without a Face”!

We’ll reveal the original name of this film (even less of a surprise than what the monsters look like), talk about its cast, including “F-Troop” star Forrest Tucker and Janet Munro, promote a new beverage you might want to avoid, and present a song ( which,I know, a minority of our viewers would rather avoid).

“The Crawling Eye” will appear before your eyes tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. In spite of the many rumors that come and go about Twitter, lots of our fans continue to live-Tweet during the show- using the hashtag #svengoolie.

We’re sorry to report that there will NOT be an encore of last week’s MeTV movie on Chicago’s CW26 this morning, due to high school basketball- but we should be back on at our 11am timeslot next week!


With the holidays approaching almost as fast as whatever is in the mist in tonight’s movie- we want to remind you that, if you want to purchase Svengoolie items from our store (yes, I have one, all right?!)- you should probably consider ordering now- to make sure you will have the items in time- and to avoid being shut out by a sell out!

And- Sventa Claus will be making a single special appearance at the Mystic Market on December 10th- find the information here on our website under the “appearances” tab!

And tonight- you won’t want to have missed what comes out of the mist on MeTV!

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 during show

1MikeM 2 months ago
...and dat was da Crawling Eye...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Drang 2 months ago
Ooooh, B-21 Raider unmasking, er, rollout, livestream on YouTube...
Drang Drang 2 months ago
Mikeyyy 2 months ago
And to all a goodnight…
Aceman2 Mikeyyy 2 months ago
Good night Mikeyyy.
Katink Mikeyyy 2 months ago
Good night, Mikeyyy!
Mikeyyy 2 months ago
I almost forgot my race bookmaking prediction. I’m betting my moolah on a tennessee boy by the name of KodakKid!
Drang Mikeyyy 2 months ago
I might be a little slow on the draw tonight, I just had to step outside and when I saw that it was snowing again, I took the time to put the windshield cover back on the car.
PensacolaGlenn Drang 1 month ago
Got up to the low 80s here today. 🥵
Cartoondave 2 months ago
Boy this stinks but if I knew about the new Svengoolie Christmas tree long sleeved shirt earlier I would've ordered it so I can have for the ugly sweater/shirt contest coming up on Wednesday at work oh well?
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 2 months ago
Hey Dave, catbat will be here Tomorow!
Cartoondave Mikeyyy 2 months ago
Yes I know I saw dale's post earlier today when I got home from work
Drang 2 months ago
abc123 Drang 2 months ago
Seeing this reminds me to find a test version of The Raven I can copy and save so I can cut and paste a bunch of posts
Klaatu Drang 2 months ago
Did this Raven know Hitchcock??
Drang abc123 2 months ago
Does "nevermore" count as a klink word if we say it...?
CountCurt 2 months ago
How do I add pictures to the blog? don’t see an icon to attach photos.
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Aceman2 CountCurt 2 months ago
I had the same problem when I tried to use the app. I now only use a browser on my phone or PC
PatS CountCurt 2 months ago
I'm about as net savvy as a St. Bernard. To attach a photo, I succeed by downloading it to my computer, then using the picture doodleblat to add it. No idea how to do it direct from phone. Would your guidebook help? (When you buy the phone they OWE you a guidebook, even if it's only online.)
CountCurt Drang 1 month ago
I am in the app. I will try the browser
CountCurt PatS 1 month ago
Thank you for your tips
CountCurt 2 months ago
It is December 2nd and so I decided to do a little baking. I made some Dutch Christmas cookies. I will be munching on them during The Raven tomorrow night.

Thereman CountCurt 2 months ago
Tis the season!
abc123 CountCurt 2 months ago
I baked a cake today, but not for Svengoolie tomorrow. Sibling has a birthday.
CountCurt abc123 1 month ago
What kind of cake?
Jack 2 months ago
Hey group!

Mark Hamill just emailed me! I wonder if he’s gonna invite me to become a Jedi?!
CrazyK Jack 2 months ago
Jed i am
TheKodakKid Jack 2 months ago
Maybe he wants to help you with your Medicare benefits, or talk to you about your car’s extended warranty.
Mikeyyy Jack 2 months ago
For a small fee perhaps??
1MikeM Jack 2 months ago
Well Jack, I think Mark would say "Yes, my young apprentice" and I think a black hooded menace would say "Oh, I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive!"
Kyle 2 months ago
Since it is Winter Weather season in much of the continent, a reminder to all.

Yes, you can die.

We had our first winter fatality early this morning.

Guy got stuck coming home from the bar last night. Spun the tires until one blew.

Being at the bar, he was dressed lightly.

Wind chills about -25f and blizzard conditions.

Meantime, snow packed into the engine compartment and knocked the belt off.

No belt means no water pump which means no heater.

He took off walking because he was less than 1/4 mile from home.

Didn't make it half way, evidently got lost in the blowing snow.

Border Patrol with dogs found him about 11:30 this morning.

Yeah, I knew the guy for 30 years.

Watched the search from my window at work.

Today sucked.
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Mikeyyy Kyle 2 months ago
About 25 years ago A close family friend that we called uncle had a heart attack and died while shoveling snow. His wife came home and found him slumped over the shovel.
Kyle Mikeyyy 2 months ago

They don't know if it was the cold or his heart. Snow was deep, and he was late 60s and in poor health.

Something always seems to get you, eventually.

Until then, do your thing.
Lynn Kyle 2 months ago
I'm so sorry, Kyle.
Katink Kyle 2 months ago
So very sorry for your loss, Kyle! That is certainly a cautionary tale for all of us.
Aceman2 2 months ago
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NoPersonalChicks Jack 2 months ago
The one on the left could've made it more interesting by following Casey's advice to keep her feet on the ground...and reach for the stars.
Carl_N_Brown Aceman2 2 months ago
They spelled Allan "Allen".
PatS Jack 2 months ago
You gonna need a bigger Stetson!
Lucyc 2 months ago
Hello, gang.
Just a few thoughts about last week's feature. I think that it is really a pretty decent sci-fi flick. The aliens are also actually pretty decent, in terms of FX, for the time, IMO.
My one quibble is that, for aliens that were sophisticated and advanced enough to travel across space, they were pretty dumb to leave themselves vulnerable to as primitive weapon as fire. Yes, I know that you shouldn't overthink old movies like that, but it still seems pretty dum.
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Jack daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Jack daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Yup. And while double-checking that “microbes” applied to _War of the Worlds_, I came across “zombie” viruses thawing out of Siberian permafrost. Good thing I got my omicron variant vaccine yesterday!
daleuhlmann Thereman 2 months ago
Good one, Thereman!
daleuhlmann Lucyc 2 months ago
Probably, but why the heads only?
CrazyK 2 months ago
Dale, I wasn’t sure on which of your two posts right below to put this on so I put it here! 😂
daleuhlmann CrazyK 2 months ago
Thanks, Crazy K--that commercial was really funny!

I hadn't intended to post the same message twice. I had wanted to tweak it slightly. But I'd forgotten to we post 5he earlier version.
CrazyK daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Haha yeah it’s a classic, glad you liked it! I think it worked perfect for your double post 😂😂
PatS CrazyK 2 months ago
Wow, 96 cents in '96 -- what a difference 26 years makes!
CrazyK PatS 2 months ago
I know right? It’s crazy!
daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Thanks for the enthusiastic responses to my 50 percent-off all Sven merchandise December sales proposal. Now, if anybody in the Weigel Broadcasting marketing department would just listen to me . . .
Thereman daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Sounds like an idea, but when’s the IPO on Uhlmann Enterprises stock? I’ve heard February 34th mentioned on CNBC…
daleuhlmann Thereman 2 months ago
Jack 2 months ago
Today is the fortieth yortsayt of Marty Feldman.
Thereman 2 months ago
So Mrs. G: If memory serves me correctly, I read on the blog (a while back) that you and hubby had survived the ineluctable pleasure of a bath remodel. I hope you didn’t have to replace one of these bad boys along the way:
At least I can say there’s consolation in the difference a day can sometimes make:
Glad hubby lost the sling! Hope I don’t find one. This old house! I think it will stop giving me chores about the time my memorial service starts 🫥
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Drang Thereman 2 months ago
That's in the basement? I thought we were looking at pavers on a patio!😱
Thereman Drang 2 months ago
In best Count Floyd voice: "Pretty scary, isn't it?"
Drang Thereman 2 months ago
And then there was the contractor my folks dealt with when they infiltrated enemy terri... I mean, when Dad's job transferred him to Columbus, and they asked if they could get a basement in the house being built and were told "sure"... but found out when they sold it that no changes had otherwise been made to the structure, so they needed to have it reinforced...
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