Hollywood is Used to Really Big Stars- But Never the Humongous Headliner of “War of the Colossal Beast”- Tonight!

Posted on August 26, 2023

Tonight on MeTV-we have a “sort-of” sequel to a fantastic ‘50s film- when an enormous menace, thought to have expired, is rumored to have re-appeared south of the border ( no, not scorpions again)- only to have the rumors proven as fact, and the menace even more dangerous than it was previously! Allies of two adjoining nations are forced to engage in the “War of the Colossal Beast”!


A mystery event transpires in Mexico- a truck bringing food to a local gun club has disappeared, with its driver found in a state of shock, and uncommunicative. As a result, there is no explanation as to what happened to him, or where the missing vehicle might be.

When a news story about the incident is broadcast on TV in Los Angeles, Joyce Manning sees it and has her own somewhat unbelievable theory on what has happened. She heads down to Guavos, Mexico, to convince the local authorities, and the American military’s Col Mark Baird to investigate- in hopes of discovering if what she suspects is true.

The only evidence so far: judging from its tire tracks, the truck disappeared straight up! Plus, the footprints of a huge man have been found in the area. Joyce feels she knows the answer- her brother, Col. Glenn Manning, was turned into a giant by exposure to radiation! Dubbed “the Colossal Man”, he was supposedly killed, plummeting off Boulder Dam, with his body never found- but now, Joyce thinks he may have survived- and is roaming the desert in Mexico!

The search party heads out into the desert, and climbs a mountain in search of more proof- only to find the missing truck-and come face to hideous face with the disfigured Colossal Man! He has obviously suffered injuries in his fall from the dam, not only disfiguring him but causing brain damage that has reduced him to a savage beast.

Since the missing truck was filled with groceries, they realize this giant must be searching for food! They plan to drive a truck loaded with bread ( with a secret ingredient- a chemical that would put the big guy to sleep) through the same area where the other truck disappeared, in hope of luring him out and sedating him.


It works! The massive beast-man grabs the truck, consumes the bread, and, as hoped, finally drops to the ground, unconscious. It is decided that, via a huge transport plane, he should be returned to America for treatment. It is not that simple, however, as somewhat familiar bureaucracy causes government agency after agency to shift the responsibility for taking care of Manning from themselves to another group! There is also some question regarding where they can land the plane and confine the giant- but he is eventually ensconced in a hangar at the airport near Los Angeles. He is bound and held down for the safety of himself and the personnel, as they contemplate study and treatment. Joyce maintains that, regardless of his clouded mind, she may be able to get through to him and reason with him, joining with psychologists and experts brought in. The result- the powerful giant’s unstable mind drives him to escape his bonds and head into the city to create deadly havoc! Will this colossal beast prove to be colossally unstoppable?

As mentioned, this 1958 film is “sort of” a sequel to American International’s “The Amazing Colossal Man”- it even includes some footage from that movie in a flashback. We do mention that, the reason we have not been able to show the original film is due to rights issues- the widow of one of the producers holds the rights to that and a handful of other American International films, and will not grant them to anyone-because she was upset with the treatment of some of the films by the “Mystery Science Theatre” crew. We still hold out hope to be able to show it someday. Fans who know that film will notice some things in this movie are at odds with the original, which we will explain, including the reason for the beast’s deformed facial features. We’ll provide background about the film, talk about the cast, present a commercial for an item to add to your dinner menu, add in a colossal song, and get another visit from Nostalgiaferatoo, as well as bringing back some celebrity visits from the past-including David Dastmalchian (seen in the stunning new Dracula film “Last Voyage of the Demeter” and as the “Suicide Squad”’s beloved Polka Dot Man) and the very versatile Curtis Armstrong. Also, be watching at the very end of the film for a gimmick we have seen in another AIP movie!


“War of the Colossal Beast” will be waged tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Our “Ex-Twitter” X followers will again be live-Xing (live-Tweeting, to use the now outdated term) during the program, using the hashtag #svengoolie – and MeTV invites you to join in, no matter what time zone you are in when you watch us. Our local Chicago area audience can get one more look at another gigantic menace “Konga”- this morning on our local station, CW26, at 11 am.

As the summer grows shorter, beware of the man monster who grew larger- tonight on MeTV!

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 during show

1MikeM 1 month ago
...and dat was da War of da Colossal Beast...and dat's da name a dat tune.
Cartoondave 1 month ago
I've seen a Woody Woodpecker squeaky dog toy Petco and I thought to myself why would your dog want to rip up this classic cartoon to shreds?
abc123 1 month ago
My snack is ready for tomorrow. I have a few Cheetos leftover from sports, and some Fritos left over from a BBQ, and some Buffalo Dip and Chili Dip also from BBQ left over. "Frankenstein" that all together and enjoy.
Catbat abc123 1 month ago
That's using the ol noggin
Mikeyyy 1 month ago
Katink, plenty of quotes to choose from this week. I hope we don’t match up!
abc123 Mikeyyy 1 month ago
and when we do, we will applaud each others posts
Katink Mikeyyy 1 month ago
We will see soon, Mikeyyy!
Jack 1 month ago
Q: How is a Stratocaster like the Frankenstein Monster?
Jack Jack 1 month ago
VanGooliac Jack 1 month ago
I found this on the internet:
The Frankenstrat, also known as "Frankie", is a guitar created by Eddie Van Halen. Its name is a portmanteau of Frankenstein, the fictional doctor who created a monster by combining body parts of the recently deceased, and the Stratocaster, a model of electric guitar made by Fender.
VanGooliac Jack 1 month ago
Jack VanGooliac 1 month ago
You correctly id’ed the guitar the Monster is playing, but how are all Strats (and a number of other electric guitars) like the Frankenstein Monster?
FKrueger Jack 1 month ago
They have bolts in their neck
Jack FKrueger 1 month ago
*Ding*ding*ding*ding* A winner! You are correct, sir!
FKrueger Jack 1 month ago
Really? I was just guessing. I didn't think I was right.
Aceman2 1 month ago
Bad joke of the day!

Did you hear that Dr. Frankenstein is experimenting with a new monster made with a cheese body?
It’s Frankenstein’s Muenster.
Carl_N_Brown 1 month ago
Trivial Trivia:

MR. SARDONICUS uses the "We're in London, people! See?" stock footage (bridge over the foggy River Thames with backgound London skyline) as was used in Fritz Lang's MAN HUNT (1941) and a few other films set in England but filmed elsewhere.

When William Castle reused the stock footage for MR. SARDONICUS, he superposed more fog. More fog in a night scene by the River Thames. There's a "more coals to Newcastle" joke lurking there for a sardonic cuss.
Drang Carl_N_Brown 1 month ago
"London Fog" or "London Particular" Pea Soup fogs were actually air pollution, and has been reduced to particular zero by clean air laws.
From the Wikipedia article Pea Soup Fog:
"Clean Air Act
"The worst recorded instance was the Great Smog of 1952, when 4,000 deaths were reported in the city over a couple of days, and a subsequent 8,000 related deaths, leading to the passage of the Clean Air Act 1956, which banned the use of coal for domestic fires in some urban areas. The overall death toll from that incident is now believed to be around 12,000."
Also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Smog_of_London
Jack Carl_N_Brown 1 month ago
“Sardonic cuss”! 🤣
daDoctah Drang 1 month ago
I can just hear Perry White now: "Great Smog of '52!"
1MikeM 1 month ago
That's Sventertainment! That's Sventertainment!
Catbat 1MikeM 1 month ago
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Good Svengoolie Eve, group! Before we head for the village of Frankenstein tomorrow, here is some information about the collection of AIP 1950s movies now being denied broadcast licensing. The rights to this handful of movies are held by the widow of former AIP co-production James H. Nicholson. Her name is Susan Hart Nicholson, a former actress who had appeared in a number of AIP movies during the 1960s, such as PAJAMA PARTY, WAR GODS OF THE DEEP, DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE, and GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI.


Much of herblitigation has been designed to block MYSTERY THEATER 3000's DVD and blue ray division from marketing earlier episodes of the series that had riffed these films. Below is a link to a recent, short update on this copyright ownership case.

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Drang Drang 1 month ago
Excerpt from a Wenatchee World article from 2013:
"Since fully securing the rights to her films in 1994, she’s guarded them in a series of federal court copyright lawsuits — some of which have entered legal textbooks as courts defined “fair use” of filmed materials. Hart wouldn’t discuss her lawsuits specifically, but said, “Let me put it this way: I defend my rights vigorously, or I will end up not having rights.”

"None of Hart’s owned films are currently in print as legitimate DVDs or Blu-rays, although she says she’d like to put them out in that format. She often licenses the films to play theatrically, like a recent New York Film Forum double-bill of “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” and “It Conquered the World.” The Saucer Men appeared, with Hart’s permission, in the opening of “The Simpsons’” latest Halloween episode."

Infamously re-released as
Attack of the
Jack daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Wasn’t that _Bikini War Gods of the Deep_?
daDoctah Carl_N_Brown 1 month ago
Was not THE GIANT BEHEMOTH originally called BEHEMOTH THE SEA CREATURE? Seems to me I remember the MST3K people having a bit of fun with the redundant title it actually went out under.

I do know that when Joel and the bots covered it, some character in the movie delivers the line "Well, whad'ya know?" to which the response was "Not much. You?"

Proving that the Satellite of Love can indeed receive transmissions originating in Madison, Wisconsin.
HoneyBee456 1 month ago
Good news. Just got home from the dr and my platelets are at 327,000 and now I’m down to a half pill twice a week. It’s been a long journey and I’m thrilled with my results
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HoneyBee456 Katink 1 month ago
Thank you
Good on you, HB! May the good times roll!
Jack HoneyBee456 1 month ago
Hooray! Go-o-o-o platelets!
JHP 1 month ago

please can someone of a the Sven vets answer me 2 ?s

#1 what happened to the chicken giveaway?
#2 why does sven not like Perry Mason?
Klaatu JHP 1 month ago
Don’t know, but I wonder if Perry Mason fell into the same trap as some of us here have put James Arness. He was everywhere for awhile.
Cartoondave JHP 1 month ago
They ran out of rubber chickens so the contest is no longer and as the Perry Mason question I can't answer that sorry?
TheKodakKid JHP 1 month ago
I don’t no that Sven really does not like “Perry Mason.” I think it’s more of a running gag. Sort of like the feud between Dr. Clayton and Dr. Ed.
Aceman2 JHP 1 month ago
I have never thought that Sven dislikes PM. He pretends to be tired of saying that such and such actor also appeared on PM. As for the rubber chickens - this is from the FAQ section of the website:

A:Unfortunately, no - we get far too many requests for that. We also get so many special requests for people who are ill, have birthdays, anniversaries, etc. - and we're sorry that, again, due to all the requests, we cannot possibly fulfill those wishes. If you bring a chicken to any Sven appearance, you can have it signed. We did do a monthly contest to win a studio-used, "retired" rubber chicken, but that has ended for now- because we don't currently have any chickens worn out enough to retire!
PatS JHP 1 month ago
It took a while for Sven (and us) to notice that dozens of bit players in 1950s horror movies had done a lot of television work -- including Perry Mason. Of course, an ongoing law-case drama needed half a dozen new actors for each episode. The same could be said for The Fugitive, Route 66, Twilight Zone, Love Boat and other shows that have been staples of the MeTV line-up. An actor with a good agent could stay very busy working these shows. Less true of more self-contained shows like Leave It To Beaver, Andy Griffith, Green Acres, etc.
DrSerizawa JHP 1 month ago
If Sven's movies were more current the joke would be that they appeared on Law and Order. When you attend theatre in NY and read the actor bios in your Playbill you see that everyone was on Law and Order at some point.
Jack DrSerizawa 1 month ago
There are also so many Law and Orders to choose from!
Klaatu 1 month ago
Fun lineup of movies approaching, but even more fun than the Newsletter is that I don’t have ONE doctors appointment this month 😁! Oops, did I jinx it?
Aceman2 Klaatu 1 month ago
I have 4 doc appointments this month. Also 6 at home visits each week! I’m gonna need a bigger calendar. 😢
HoneyBee456 Aceman2 1 month ago
Wow that’s a lot. I had to go every week for a few months. Hope you get better really soon
HoneyBee456 Klaatu 1 month ago
Lucky you
Cartoondave 1 month ago
These are temp tattoos I picked up last weekend but I'm not sure which I should put on next
PatS Cartoondave 1 month ago
My vote is for #2 (Infinity heart). Love forever!
HoneyBee456 Cartoondave 1 month ago
The infinity ring I bought brought me bad luck. I threw it in the trash. I wouldn’t recommend getting that one
Cartoondave HoneyBee456 1 month ago
These are free samples so I can put these on whenever I want
abc123 Cartoondave 1 month ago
Speaking of Tats', did Catbat get her new one yet?
MrsG 1 month ago
*_* Happy Holiday Weekend ALL good SvenPeople and thank You Svengoolie for a wonderful lineup of September movies in the Newsletter ~
The Halloween mask is magnifico 🖤 🎩 ♥️
Mikeyyy MrsG 1 month ago
Good morning MrsG!
Jack 1 month ago
Oh happy day! The newsletter has arrived!
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Aceman2 DrSerizawa 1 month ago
Happy Birthday (I’m a bit early) but I wanted to be sure you had this for the movie.
DrSerizawa Aceman2 1 month ago
Thanks Aceman, considering one of my thumbs is a little achy it's another good present!
MrsG Aceman2 1 month ago
You do find the most unique movie memorabilia Aceman *_*
Aceman2 MrsG 1 month ago
Thank you MrsG!
Catbat 1 month ago
Good Svengoolie 🎩 Saturday Eve Morning All!
Lynn Catbat 1 month ago
The very same to you, Catbat!
Catbat 1 month ago
Well that's all folks. Time for me to get going. Have a Great day!
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
"I don't know how yas done it, but I knows ya done it!"
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