From Doll-Maker to BIG Trouble-Maker-It's "Attack of the Puppet People"-Tonight!

Posted on July 2, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- the fireworks are courtesy of a deranged dollmaker whose scientific genius leads him to actually shrink living things to doll-size! It’s one of those classic 1950s features from Bert I. Gordon- once again augmented with some vintage Sven anniversary segments from when we ran it many years ago! It’s big trouble for the little folks who are neither puppets- nor do much attacking-despite the film’s title- “Attack of the Puppet People!”

This 1958 film begins with a troop of Brownies on a field trip to a doll manufacturing company- “Dolls Incorporated”-which, in some other movie could be an escort service, but is somewhat innocent here. It’s the factory where owner and operator Mr. Franz creates some amazing playthings- some of which are in a locked glass cabinet, which the visitors are warned NOT to mess with- and stopped if they try.

A newspaper ad offers a job opportunity, since Franz’ previous secretary seems to have unexpectedly disappeared without a trace- and a pretty young woman named Sally answers the ad. She finds the boss a little odd and eccentric, but a job is a job- and she accepts it.

A constant flow of visitors seems to drop by the place- not just Brownies on field trips, but an old puppeteer pal of Franz, and various salesmen- including one named Bob who starts out annoying Sally- but soon wins her over. They start dating and, in no time, he proposes marriage, asking her to join him and accompany him to his home in St. Louis- and she accepts! ( He IS a fast-working salesman, isn’t he?) Bob says he will stop in at her workplace to inform Franz of their plans- and her resignation.

Yet things grind to a halt almost immediately- Bob never shows up the following day to pick her up. When she goes into work, Franz mentions that Bob had already departed for home, alone- the naughty heart-breaker! He warmly advises her to just forget him- but Sally has the feeling that something is amiss- especially when she spots a perfect replica doll of Bob in the case with the boss’ “special collection” of dolls! She decides to get help from the police, who, though skeptical about her claim that perhaps her boyfriend was turned into a doll, still check out her story- at which time Franz manages to convince the policeman that the doll is just a doll, and nothing more. Case closed- or-is it?

It appears Sally has made a major error by bringing suspicion upon Franz. When she tries to leave his office, he won’t let her depart, and shows her what happens to anyone who tries to leave him (he has a sad backstory of how the love of his life ran away “with someone she liked better”). Soon, Sally is shocked to find that she too is now doll-sized- and meets some previous victims of his shrinking ray- including Bob, and the others who were held in suspended animation in glass tubes as part of his collection! Most of them seem resigned to their fate, but not Bob and Sally-who try to inspire their fellow shrinky-dinks to fight back.

Franz keeps his little friends as a forced antidote to his loneliness, and has them entertain him- with little chance of escape, though they make their attempts. Meanwhile, one policeman is getting suspicious because people have been disappearing- could Franz be responsible?

This begins a cat-and-mouse game (and there actually are both in the film)- as Franz, realizing his goose may be cooked, forms a sinister plan that will spell the end for both him and his captives. Can his tiny treasures get away from him and return to their normal size before he can carry out his deadly scheme?

This is another film with Bert Gordon’s specialty- featuring a menace that is big (compared to his victims who are small)- and those victims who are puppets only in the sense that they are under his control! We’ll talk about the cast, including a member of Gordon’s own family, plus John Hoyt and John Agar. We will also provide a song- and, as mentioned above- show a couple segments from a Sven anniversary back in 2009- a perfect way to celebrate a holiday weekend!

“Attack of the Puppet People” begins tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. The live-Tweeting during the show continues on Twitter, with viewers using the hashtag #svengoolie – and again making us a high trending topic nationally! This morning on our local Chicago station CW26, those in the viewing area can again learn “How to Make a Monster” at 11 am.

The Sven store has new merchandise- including one item many ladies have been requesting! Also check out the first in our artists line of t-shirts- the first with a fun graphic designed by our old friend, the gifted artist Jim Engel. More will be coming soon!

Join us tonight on MeTV for a story that proves it’s the little things that count- no matter who thinks that he should be of the next big thing for his victims!

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 during show

Catbat 6 months ago
Watch out he's gonna Cry on ya
1MikeM 6 months ago
well that's it for me, time for go to sleep
Catbat 1MikeM 6 months ago
Sleep tight
Klaatu 6 months ago
Well…I’m ready for the new blog
FKrueger 6 months ago
Now the race is on
And here comes pride up the back stretch
Heartache's a-going to the inside
My tears are holding back
They're trying not to fall
My heart's out of the running
True love's scratched for another's sake
The race is on, and it looks like heartache's
And the winner loses all
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Aceman2 Katink 6 months ago
Very nice avatar. We get an invasion every year of lady bugs
Katink Aceman2 6 months ago
Thanks, Aceman! This year, we are seeing lots of box elder nymphs, which look a bit like ladybugs.
Catbat Katink 6 months ago
Hey Katink 🙋 I grew up in VW's. Pics later. Owned a 69! Had a sunroof 🌄 Her name was Bouncey! One of a kind she was.
Catbat The1Butler 6 months ago
Heart be still
The1Butler 6 months ago
I almost forgot it was friday night blogfast 👍🏻
Kyle The1Butler 6 months ago
Dang it!

I was trying to keep everyone from noticing!

Now we gots a race.
The1Butler Kyle 6 months ago
Some are old and forgetful, but im greatful its another Saturday!🎩
Katink Kyle 6 months ago
So much for being nonchalant, Kyle😊
Drang 6 months ago
Well, it only took four and a half months, but Georgie has finally come out to the family room to 'splore.
He thinks the box of kitty toys is wonderful.
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Drang Drang 6 months ago
That's him on the back of the couch when I was working yesterday. He had just woken up; he had been snoring so loud I could hear him across the room...
Kyle Drang 6 months ago
Nice. Once he finally accepts you, you will have no privacy.

Though he will probably always be twitchy at fas movements or noises.

I have been hearding cats on and off for 35 years.

Every one of them is totally different from the others. They have that in common, at least.
Kyle Drang 6 months ago

My current crop of annoyances.
Shayla Drang 6 months ago
Geo 6 months ago
My last one for tonight, the concert I went to last night played a medley of Star Trek theme and movie songs. Sure enough the communicator app I have from the original series that can be used for calls on my phone went off and did the chirp. Everyone heard it and guess what? It was hilarious.
Geo Geo 6 months ago
You can still get the app from Amazon for $.99. It's a hoot for us sixties kids. It has all the effects and recorded snippets from the show. Its totally wicked.
Geo 6 months ago
I was at a concert with a marching band with my son in it and they played a Blues Brothers Medley. I can quote the movie as good as I do The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.
Geo Geo 6 months ago
Hey, hey, hey, hey-now. Don't be mean; we don't have to be mean, cuz, remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
Geo 6 months ago
I was watching tonight's A-Team and noted Charles Napier would go on to star in The Blues Brothers and Paul Gleason went on to star in The Breakfast Club. Just a little trivia for you all.
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1MikeM Geo 6 months ago
The new Oldsmoblies are in early this year!
1MikeM Geo 6 months ago
They broke my watch!
1MikeM Geo 6 months ago
Drang 6 months ago
What shall I drink tomorrow night? ,🤔
Geo Drang 6 months ago
Decisions, decisions. 🤔
Shayla Drang 6 months ago
Dark Cherry!!
Kyle Drang 6 months ago
Got some Buffalo Trace that needs cracking.
Drang Drang 6 months ago
Not shown: 16 ounce Mojito Cider. Which I got instead of the dark cherry.
I walked into Total Wine thinking "No way they'll have something for 'The Deadly Mantis'..."
PatS Drang 6 months ago
Locust -- pretty close, but maybe closer to THE BEGINNING OF THE END (1957). Pear Cider sounds good to me, though I think the Canadians make the best stuff.
Geo Drang 6 months ago
When I lived in California we went to a place called Monkish for select and often unique beer releases. These were purchased to resell online. Also the people I would go with also collected these special brews. I use to have a few growlers I'd take to get filled. It's a ways in the past, but still fond memories.
1MikeM Drang 6 months ago
Shayla 6 months ago
I want to thank those who have talked me through the whole tattoo situation!! I may never try it again; but y’all were there for me even if it wasn’t physically! So thank you!! Love y’all very much!!☺️☺️😘❤️‍🔥
Klaatu Shayla 6 months ago
I may have missed something. Did you or didn’t you hat a tattoo, and if so, what was the artwork? I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did, I’d get a barcode with my price put on my head😳
Shayla Klaatu 6 months ago
I was gonna get a tattoo. All the posts are below. I didn’t get the tattoo completed cause it hurt so damn bad!! I love your idea!!🤣🤣🤣
Kyle Shayla 6 months ago
I don't have any ink, though most of my friends do. Some have a lot.

They mean a lot to them.

I keep my important things on the inside.

Different strokes, and all that.

If you really want it, you will eventually get it. Maybe the time was not yet right.
Shayla Kyle 6 months ago
Probably not the right time. Thanks man.
PatS Klaatu 6 months ago
Yay, your comments are back!
DrFish28136 6 months ago
Smile, you’re on canine camera
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Shayla Geo 6 months ago
He’s adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺️☺️🥰🥰🤣🤣
Shayla Geo 6 months ago
Now……… how did he get in there?🤣🤔
Geo Shayla 6 months ago
It's a she, her name is Pumpkin and she loves hiding in the dryer. When she was a kitten she tried hiding in the fridge.
Shayla Geo 6 months ago
Thanks for the gender correction! She is so cute!!!!!
Shayla 6 months ago
Update: I couldn’t get the tattoo. It hurt so damn bad!! I felt like passing out too. Sorry y’all!🥺😭
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Shayla Geo 6 months ago
Thanks for that Geo.
Kyle Shayla 6 months ago
That is a dang tender spot to start on, anyway.
Shayla Kyle 6 months ago
I guess so.
Kyle Shayla 6 months ago
You ain't gotta prove anything to us, or anybody else.

You do your thing.
Shayla 6 months ago
Look at what I found Krueger!!!!!
FKrueger Shayla 6 months ago
Looks like I need to use some Oil of Olay
Shayla FKrueger 6 months ago
Shayla 6 months ago
Hey y’all!!!! Up later cause I need the rest! I’m getting my first tattoo today!! Gonna be in a world of pain; but ain’t nothing I can’t handle!! Catch y’all later! I’ll post a pic.😎🦇🥴❤️
Mikeyyy Shayla 6 months ago
Good luck! Here’s one of my brothers
NoPersonalChicks Shayla 6 months ago
"Nolege Is Power"?
"I'm Awsome"?
"No Regerts"?
"Daddy's Little Angle"?
Mikeyyy 6 months ago
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NoPersonalChicks 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Klaatu 6 months ago
Do we see any similarities??
Shayla Klaatu 6 months ago
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