Don’t Lose Face- Face The “Fiend Without A Face”-Tonight!

Posted on June 24, 2023

Tonight on MeTV, we bring back a longtime favorite of mine with truly imaginative creatures responsible for strange incidents near a military base in Canada that is experimenting with a system run by nuclear power. Unexplainable deaths are being committed in the area, where these bizarre monsters lurk as an unseen force- hence the title “Fiend Without a Face”!

(As longtime fans know, whenever we have run this film, we worry about spoilers- so viewers who have never seen the film will be surprised by the reveal of their actual appearance. We understand that the poster for the film does give that away, but we would appreciate some respect for those for whom this will be their first time viewing the movie.)


The story begins at the U.S. Air Force’s experimental radar station in Winthrop Manitoba, where work on a new long-range tracking system is underway. It’s powered by their own nuclear plant, but unfortunately, every time they seem to be on the brink of success- the nuclear power seems to be drain off and drop to lower than useful levels for no discernable reason.

That isn’t the only problem-the local farming community is up in arms about mysterious cattle problems and even deaths that have been occurring. The local folks are quick to blame radiation coming from the military base, and choose to ignore the small bit of evidence that each victim has puncture marks at the base of their skull ( no, they do not suspect a Canadian vampire with bad aim)!There’s more proof for them to ignore- each victim’s brain and spinal column appear to be- gone!

Major Jeff Cummings is sent out to investigate- and immediately finds himself at odds with the locals. Among them is the pretty sister of one of the victims, who works for a retired British scientist living near the base whose is realm of experience is research on telekinetic power. Perhaps that has a relation to what has been going on…

Jeff finds that he first must combat those who believe it has to be someone from the military who has become a maniac killer, and that radiation is not to blame for the deaths. All too soon, we learn that an invisible life form is present, and ready to eliminate the human population! Be prepared for the big reveal-when the faceless enemy is no longer faceless- and both amazing and shocking!

As I have mentioned in the past, this outstanding 1958 horror flick took us a few years to hunt down and obtain- and while some people might not recall the name of this film, they always remember the menace once it is visible!

As always, we’ll tell you about the movie’s cast, headed by Marshall Thompson and Kim Parker ( whose few seconds in a shower scene somehow made the film’s promotional poster) along with the history of the production’s story. We’ll suggest various product uses for the unseen fiends-and our song this week is to the tune of one of our friend Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon’s big hits! (Please note that the song will come up a little later than it usually does in the show tonight!) By the way, the industrious Mr. Cannon has indeed been working on yet another NEW Svengoolie song! This reminded us of a classic appearance by Freddy at Elgin’s Nightmare on Chicago Street from a few years ago, which we are happy to reprise. Plus, with the release of the new Svengoolie comic book less than a month away, we’ll show highlights from when we first revealed news about it at last year’s New York Comic Con!

“Fiend Without a Face” appears tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Last week, as has been the case, Twitter had so many viewers live-Tweeting during the show, we were trending right near the top of the most talked-about topics nationally- and you are invited to join in again this week, using the hashtag #svengoolie in your Tweets. In the Chicago viewing area, you can view that movie all those folks were Tweeting about last week on MeTV- Dana Andrews in the eerie “Curse of the Demon” -it's on our main local station, CW26, at 11 am this morning.

New Sven merchandise is available! Make sure you check out the online store- with more items coming!

But tonight – be ready to see (?!) an invisible menace that puts a quiet Canadian village and its surrounding area under siege- and is beyond belief when it finally becomes visible!

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 during show

CountCurt 11 months ago
The CAR is coming!
C = Creepy
A = Auto
R. = Revenge
deadringer42 11 months ago
Honk honk
Good luck all
PatS deadringer42 11 months ago
CountCurt deadringer42 11 months ago
Can you hear the serenade of car alarms?
Aceman2 11 months ago
CountCurt Aceman2 11 months ago
Looks menacing!
PatS Aceman2 11 months ago
Thanks for the model to compare, Aceman. Easier to see now how much Barris changed to make The Car even more ominous.
Katink 11 months ago

We are back from our paint class! It was really fun!
Katink Aceman2 11 months ago
Thanks, Aceman!
FKrueger Katink 11 months ago
Those look like happy waves
Katink FKrueger 11 months ago
They are, FKrueger! And Hubby added happy birds to his.
CountCurt Katink 11 months ago
Very nice! Are you going to frame them?
Katink CountCurt 11 months ago
I think we will just sign and date with a Sharpie, and hang as is, CountCurt.
CountCurt Katink 11 months ago
Ah nice!
Klaatu 11 months ago
Every year I make a concerted effort to make my yard butterfly, bee and lizard friendly. My many Milkweed plants are in full bloom and the primary host is Monarch butterflies, on their yearly migration. Here is on of many that visit my bushes, lay eggs and continue on to the end of their beautiful life.
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VanGooliac Klaatu 11 months ago
Beautiful, Klaatu ❤️
CountCurt Drang 11 months ago
Thank you for your endorsements in Victoria. I know them well being from Vancouver. Butchart Garden is lit up at night and it looks magical. However, I don’t think cruise ship people will be going in the early evening.
Katink Klaatu 11 months ago
We have lots of milkweed plants in our local green spaces, but ai never see monarch caterpillars on them, Klaatu.
DrSerizawa Klaatu 11 months ago
Katink 11 months ago
Hubby and I are going to the local create-a-painting studio tonight! Tonight's subject is "Sunrise over the Dunes" so lots of sky and water. I should be back in plenty of time for the blog change-over.
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CountCurt Katink 11 months ago
Very therapeutic! Enjoy.
CountCurt Katink 11 months ago
Share your painting!
Jack CountCurt 11 months ago
…even if it doesn’t have a sandworm!
CountCurt Jack 11 months ago
Then there is going to be trouble!
CountCurt 11 months ago

So tempting to cross the border and go to San Diego for Canada Day tomorrow.
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CountCurt MrsG 11 months ago
TheKodakKid Jack 11 months ago
At first, I wondered if that was Sargent Preston of the Yukon. However, he doesn’t have sargent’s stripes on his uniform. Guess that means that the lead designer g isn’t King either.
LmerFudd CountCurt 11 months ago
"On King! On you Huskies!"
CountCurt LmerFudd 11 months ago
How do I get King and the other huskies on a place?
Cartoondave 11 months ago
That was quite surprise last week when mstormer took first blogger hope she didn't get in trouble by her folks? I'm going to try and be here for the blog change if I don't fall asleep if not, I'll definitely be here for cartoons hopefully they won't repeat ones already shown on TIWM the day before?
MrsG 11 months ago
📣 Yo CrazyK ~
When You gonna come back our way ?
Lookie who’s on WAGON TRAIN (1962) ~

Klaatu 11 months ago
On this day in 1955, didn’t Johnny Carson start his TV career when he needed to hastily replace Red Skelton after Red got injured rehearsing for his show?
LmerFudd 11 months ago
Gale Gordon (born Charles Thomas Aldrich Jr., February 20, 1906 – June 30, 1995) was an American character actor perhaps best remembered as Lucille Ball's longtime television foil—and particularly as cantankerously combustible, tightfisted bank executive Theodore J. Mooney, on Ball's second television sitcom The Lucy Show. Gordon also appeared in I Love Lucy and had starring roles in Ball's successful third series Here's Lucy.
TheKodakKid LmerFudd 11 months ago
Gordon and Ball originally worked together, starting in 1938, on “The Wonder Show.” That was a radio show starring Jack Haley.

Gordon was also a regular on Ball’s later radio program, “My Favorite Husband.” That show served as the basis for “I Love Lucy.” (The producer and writers for the radio show served in the same capacity for the TV show.)

Although they were antagonists on air, Ball and Gordon were very close friends, and had the highest regard for each other.

While he was famous for being acidic in the roles he played, Gordon was known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. He once said, “I’m only mean for money.”
LmerFudd 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
CountCurt daDoctah 11 months ago
He was the bane of Miss Brooks existence. He was so much fun.
CountCurt LmerFudd 11 months ago
I laughed when Ann Southern was a regular on the Lucy Show. She was a countess and kept pronouncing his name as Mr. Money.
CountCurt TheKodakKid 11 months ago
I remember seeing him do a cartwheel when he already mature. Must have been a gymnast or athlete as a kid.
Katink daDoctah 11 months ago
Me too, DaDoctah!
TheKodakKid CountCurt 11 months ago
The great thing about radio, it’s all in the voice, not the physical form. One of the many roles Gale Gordon took on in radio was “Flash Gordon.” Almost makes William Conrad as Matt Dillon believable.
CountCurt 11 months ago
According to the lyrics of the song Cars:
Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all of my doors
It’s the only way to live

Will any one be safe on Saturday night?
Klaatu CountCurt 11 months ago
“Here in my car,
Oh Hard-dee har har,
Here in my car,
Hard-dee har, Hard-dee har

Sheesh 🙄 Well, while I worked at Trader Joe’s, they played the same radio station relentlessly and I needed to amuse myself or go nuts😆
CountCurt Klaatu 11 months ago
It is the only to fight RMS ( Repeated Music Syndrome).
MrsG Klaatu 11 months ago
🚘 Beep-beep , beep-beep , yeah 🎶
DrFish28136 11 months ago
Alan Wolf Arkin (March 26, 1934 – June 29, 2023) was an American actor, director, and screenwriter. In a career spanning eight decades, he received various accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Tony Award.

CountCurt DrFish28136 11 months ago
He received an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine.
Jack DrFish28136 11 months ago
.ברוך אתה יה אלוהינו מלך העולם, דיין האמת
1MikeM DrFish28136 11 months ago
He was also a singer. He was in the vocal group The Tarriers, specializing in folk music. They did "The Banana Boat Song" (1954) RIP, Mr. Arkin.
LmerFudd DrFish28136 11 months ago
So many movies but "Slums of Beverly Hills" is one of my fav AA films.
MrsG 11 months ago
Tractor trailer overturns on PA turnpike dumping bananas over the road ~ must have run into THE CAR on way to SvenCave

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MrsG Jack 11 months ago
Yes “30,000 Pounds of Bananas” ! Irony or life imitating art ?
MrsG Jack 11 months ago
Couldn’t believe it or remember so had to look it up earlier at Pat’s mention , but now must give it a listen ~ thanks Jack *_*
PatS Jack 11 months ago
Nice link, Jack! The fact was 1965; the fiction came a little later. And here's fact again!
gabste MrsG 11 months ago
NoPersonalChicks 11 months ago
Remembering the great Lena Horne on her birthday and the best line uttered by Fred on Sanford and Son, " There must be some mistake, 'cause this isn't my Lena - it's somebody's hyena!"
Jack NoPersonalChicks 11 months ago
Possibly related, in _Li'l Abner_ Al Capp ran a storyline about Lena the Hyena, reputedly “the ugliest woman in the world.” Initially unseen and undrawn, public response to Lena was so great—by a public that wanted to know what Lena looked like—that Capp ran contest to draw Lena. Salvador Dali, Boris Karloff and Frank Sinatra were the judges (this was 1946), and even professional cartoonists like Carl Barks and Jack Cole took part. The winner was little Basil Wolverton, age 37 (already a professional cartoonist).A character named Lena Hyena also appeared in _Who Killed Roger Rabbit?_, who bears a more than passing resemblance to the earlier Lena, altho’ hardcore Disneyites will deny this.
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
This Monday, on the 3rd, "Toon in with Me" will show the cartoon I'd requested back in the spring
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
WB-7 Arts Daffy Duck-Goofy Gophers clunker.
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
I think Mr. Quizzer needs a haircut.
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
Daffy Duck is a "greedy slob." It's his hobby!
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