Come Face to Face With “Fiend Without A Face”-Tonight!

Posted on November 19, 2022

Tonight on MeTV, we bring back a long-sought-after movie about strange incidents near a military base in Canada that is experimenting with a system run by nuclear power. Unexplainable deaths are being committed in the area by an unseen force that turns out to be the “Fiend Without a Face”!

(As we asked last time we ran this film, we ask our blog commenters not to reveal the menace, or post the revealing poster for the film or stills showing it when it becomes visible. Every week, we hear from viewers who have never seen our movies before- please do not spoil the experience for them.)

At the U.S. Air Force’s experimental radar station in Winthrop Manitoba, work on a new long-range tracking system, powered by their own nuclear plant, is underway. Unfortunately, every time they seem to be on the brink of success, the nuclear power seems to be draining off without any explanation discernable.


Adding to their problems-in the local farming community, mysterious deaths have been occurring- with the local folk quick to blame them on radiation coming from the military base. They seem to choose to ignore the small bit of evidence that each victim has puncture marks at the base of their skull ( a Canadian vampire with bad aim?) Even more puzzling- each victim’s brain and spinal column appear to be- gone!

Major Jeff Cummings sets out to investigate- and bumps heads with the locals in the process, including the pretty sister of one of the victims, who works for a retired British scientist who lives near the base. His realm of experience- research on telekinetic power. Could that have any involvement in what is going on?

Jeff must combat those who theorize that it has to be someone from the military who has become a maniac killer, if the radiation is not to blame for the deaths- but we soon learn that an invisible life form is present, ready to eliminate the human population! Be prepared-when the faceless enemy is no longer faceless- it’s amazing and shocking!

This outstanding 1958 horror flick took us a few years to hunt down and obtain- and we’ve learned that, while some people might not recall the name of this film, they do remember the menace once it is visible!


As the film unreels, we’ll tell you about the movie’s cast, the history of the film’s story, present some product uses for the unseen fiend-and bring you a song to the tune of one of our friend Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon’s big hits! Please note that the song will come up a little later than it usually does in the show tonight! (And- we have gotten word that Freddy is working on a NEW Svengoolie song!)

“Fiend Without a Face” appears tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Last week, Twitter had so many viewers live-Tweeting during the show, we were trending right near the top of the most talked-about topics nationally- and you are invited to join in this week, using the hashtag #svengoolie in your Tweets. In the Chicago viewing area, you can view the movie all those folks were Tweeting about last week on MeTV- Ray Milland in “X- the Man with the X Ry Eyes” -on our main local station, CW26, at 11 am this morning.

Sventa Claus will be making one single appearance in the Chicago area this holiday season- check out the details under the “appearances” tab here on our website. Speaking of the holidays, NOW is the time to order gifts of Sven merchandise to make sure items will not be sold out- and will get to you on time!

But tonight – we will gift you with an invisible menace that puts a quiet Canadian village and its surrounding area under siege- and is beyond belief when it finally becomes visible!

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 during show

DrFish28136 19 months ago

On this day in 1987 (in Uruguay), Mel Brooks' Spaceballs poked fun at all things Science Fiction and Fantasy. According to our friends at, here's the plot summary:

"A rogue star pilot and his trusty sidekick must come to the rescue of a Princess and save the galaxy from a ruthless race of beings known as Spaceballs."
DrFish28136 19 months ago

​On this day in 1986, the original crew of the Starship Enterprise returned to the big screen. Having experienced death and resurrection, it was time to 'lighten things up' a bit, and that's precisely what Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home did. It presented an epic story -- all mankind on Earth facing extinction -- that gave our intrepid heroes a chance to, once again, save life as we know it and teach a lesson to anyone watching.
DrFish28136 19 months ago
On this day in 1971 (in West Germany), the end was near with the theatrical release of The Omega Man. Adapted from the SciFi/Fantasy novel by Richard Matheson, the film was directed by Boris Sagal and starred Charlton Heston, Anthony Zerbe, and Rosalind Cash. According to our friends at, here's the plot summary:

"Biological war has decimated life on Earth. Los Angeles is a windswept ghost town where Robert Neville tools his convertible through sunlit streets foraging for supplies."

For the record:
Actress Rosalind Cash received a nomination for 'Outstanding Actress In A Motion Picture' from the 1971 NAACP Image Awards for her work in the film
1MikeM 19 months ago
...and dat was Fiend Without a Face...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Engineer_Poelzig 19 months ago
Evening All!
Hope Everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
Katink Engineer_Poelzig 19 months ago
Maybe we are all still in a turkey tryptophan hangover 🍗
CrazyK Engineer_Poelzig 19 months ago
Good times 2 😂
Oh Yes!
Resealable containers are a great invention
1MikeM Engineer_Poelzig 19 months ago
Thanks Engineer_Poelzig, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. It was just ok this year. Ate too much turkey, again! Maybe instead of turkey for Christmas dinner, we'll get a bucket of KFC with mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuits. That would be alright with me, yes indeed! I sure would enjoy that. The Colonel didn't like it when they watered down the gravy. He went on a rant about that. I like the gravy! No complaints here.
Katink 19 months ago
Getting close to 3000 comments!
Katink Katink 19 months ago
Really close!
Katink Katink 19 months ago
This could be #3000?
Katink Katink 19 months ago
Or this one is 😁
Engineer_Poelzig Katink 19 months ago
It looks like you brought it over the finish line.
Katink Engineer_Poelzig 19 months ago
It was a tough job, EP, but someone had to do it😆
Cartoondave 19 months ago
I bid y'all goodnight my eyes are hurting
Katink Cartoondave 19 months ago
I hope they aren't crawling, Dave! They might feel gritty then! 👀
CrazyK 19 months ago
Tomorrow morning…😃
Klaatu CrazyK 19 months ago
Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder. This deserves a full pot of coffee ☕️
CrazyK Klaatu 19 months ago
Katink CrazyK 19 months ago
Ooooo! 8 central is a time that I might actually be up!
CrazyK Katink 19 months ago
Cool 😎 it’s gonna be good! 👍
Cartoondave 19 months ago
I'm having a little trouble getting into frndlytv for the cartoons tomorrow but I'll try tomorrow night for the movie
Katink Cartoondave 19 months ago
Shoot! I hope it is less finicky for you tomorrow, Dave!
Mikeyyy 19 months ago
Good luck in the race tonight! I’ll pop in during one of my bathroom trips to see who the top dog is….
Klaatu Mikeyyy 19 months ago
I try doing the blog from my phone, but the new format seems to take forever to refresh on my phone, and by the time the blog loads, I already see 50 new posts. Oh well.
Lynn Klaatu 19 months ago
It appears to me that when posting during shows, the number of new post displayed is vastly larger than the actual number of new posts. It looks more daunting than it actually is. YMMV.
Drang 19 months ago
In addition to working tomorrow night, tomorrow morning being the fourth Saturday of the month our amateur radio club gets together for breakfast, so I won't be tooning in with The Gang, either. I'm sure you'll all manage fine without me, though.
VanGooliac Drang 19 months ago
Hey Drang! This movie is all about visual effects, so all you are missing is eye candy
Katink VanGooliac 19 months ago
Eye see what you did there, VanGooliac!
Katink 19 months ago
Greetings, Sven-friends! Hope you all had a good holiday! I'm participating in a local Christmas production again this year, so I've been memorizing music🎶🎵🎶🎵. We open on Thursday, so this week is going to be action packed! Consequently, no themed dinners for three movie nights from me. (But I'd still love to see and hear about yours💕)
Mikeyyy Katink 19 months ago
Katink, Mine involves something frozen and a toaster oven! it’s hard to have a nice dinner for one. I look forward to your themed dinners but there are other that do nicely also..
Katink Mikeyyy 19 months ago
They sure do! I had been thinking about decorating a cheese ball, Mikeyyy!
DrFish28136 19 months ago
Klaatu DrFish28136 19 months ago
Isn’t that the truth🤣🤣
DrFish28136 19 months ago
CrazyK 19 months ago
I think if Batman the TV series had been re-made in the 80’s, George Peppard would have been a great Joker! He had a natural “Joker smile” here he is w/ Audrey Hepburn.
Mikeyyy CrazyK 19 months ago
Oh myy Audrey Hepburn! She sure lights up my tree!!
CrazyK Mikeyyy 19 months ago
You and me both buddy!
I actually own the movie that the picture came from AND have watched it 😂
1MikeM CrazyK 19 months ago
Mr. Yunioshi: "Miss Golighty, you disturb a me! But that was two weeks ago! You cannot keep a ringing my bell! You must have a key made!"
1MikeM CrazyK 19 months ago
Another good Audrey Hepburn movie to watch is WAIT UNTIL DARK. It's a suspense thriller. Alan Arkin plays the villain. Cool music from Henry Mancini.
WilliamNagowski 19 months ago
I wonder how many shots Forest downed in this weeks movie?
CrazyK WilliamNagowski 19 months ago
CrazyK 19 months ago
It’s so cool MeTV brought the A Team back to TV! It’s one of my favorite shows I can watch over and over (and I do 😂) Lots of action and comedy, no one ever really gets shot cuz their all such “bad” aims 😂 and the good guys ALWAYS win! 👍
MrsG CrazyK 19 months ago
Classic Murdock !
CrazyK 19 months ago
This comment has been removed.
CrazyK MrsG 19 months ago
Yes! And Murdock!!! 🤪
CrazyK Cartoondave 19 months ago
I saw your comment Cartoondave, it was cool 😎 🎶
Drang 19 months ago
Well, I'll be working tomorrow, so I'll be tuning in late.
Might DVR it, maybe not, since we've seen this one a couple times the last year or two.
CrazyK 19 months ago
Looks like eye’ll be starting some of my Christmas shopping later tonight on Svengoolie Saturday eve or tomorrow on Svengoolie Saturday!
Aceman2 19 months ago
Since today is Black Friday. The classic radio station decided to play a DRAGNET marathon. It’s as good as the TV show and maybe better.
DrFish28136 Aceman2 19 months ago
DrFish28136 DrFish28136 19 months ago
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