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Posted on August 5, 2012

One of the highlights of my year is always my visit to the Falshback Weekend horror convention- and this year marks ten years of Flashback- so you know there'll be plenty of freaky fun in store! The convention happens next weekend-August 10th thru the 12th- at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel on River Road in Rosemont. I'll be there on Saturday, doing a signing from 2 to 4 pm- followed by my customary of the big costume contest right after that (hmm- and, it seems to me, the zombie pin-up contest usually follows that...)The contest is always fun- if we have time, I usually do a question and answer session before the costume, but then- the fun really starts, with all the wacky and frightful costumes, and , of course, my half-witted witticisms!It's always a fun time for me, and I think the contestants enjoy it as well (hey- I've always emerged from it on one piece!) We've been fortunate to meet some great celebrities there in the past- Lance Henriksen, who is not only a fine actor, but a warm and very funny guy-the great Robert Englund, who was already a big Sven fan by the time I finally got to meet him, and, yes, he is also a witty, terrific man- Rowdy Roddy Piper, who was- well- he was the Hot Rod to a tee,very glib and entertaining- and, of course- the lovely and wonderful Elvira, Cassandra Peterson, who honored me by "interrupting" my costume contest gig and coming on stage with me.She has always been so kind to me, and said such complementary things- which mean a great deal, coming from the Queen herself! The list of guests for this year's Flashback is as impressive as it should be for the big 10 year celebration- none other than John Carpenter- Linda Blair (okay, kids, keep the "pea soup" remarks to yourselves!)- a "Friday the 13th" reunion -Jeffrey Combs , of the Stuart Gordon films like "Reanimator" and so much more, include his "Star Trek" ties, along with Barbara Crampton-Tony Todd of "Candyman"-Meg Foster, who starred with the afore-mentioned Roddy Piper in "They Live"-Tyler Mane, the original Cabretooth from "X Men" and a former pro wrestler-and the list goes on! The dealer room is always impressive at Flashback as well- lots of great horror and sci fi merchandise that will tempt you to leave with your arms loaded!Plus- evening film screenings at the Muvico Theater right nearby-including a Friday night 30th anniversary screening of guest John Carpenter's "The Thing"- featuring some ofthe most amazing physical (not computer-generated) effects ever seen in a horror film- and Saturday night a special charity event screening of "The Exorcist"-hosted by Linda Blair! There is so much more, and you can enjoy it all-get all the details on events, guests, and tickets at www.flashback ! Again, I'll be there from 2 to 4 pm, signing autographs- we will have a limited number of Sven t-shirts and button sets for sale, and an autographed picture and pose for a photo is ALWAYS free. Be aware that, depending on the line, we may have to limit how many items I can autograph for you, and may have to cut the line before our end time in order to get out intime for the costume contest. We salute our friends at Flashback and congratulate them on ten terrific terrifying years- and look forward to another great time next Saturday! I hope you'll be a part of it too!

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