April Phools and Pharaohs- “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy” Tonight!

Posted on April 1, 2023

It seems like an appropriate way for us to celebrate April Fool’s Day is with the most famous fools to ever encounter the Universal monsters! It’s fools and fright when a certain dim-witted duo runs into an embalmed entity, as well as murderers, thieves, and an ancient cult- when "Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy"!

In what was actually their final film for Universal Studios, we find Bud and Lou stuck in Cairo, Egypt, and hoping to find a way to get back to the states. They stumble upon the perfect way to get home- by overhearing archaeologist Dr. Gustav Zoomer discussing his latest find- a mummy - that he is sending to America. Since he needs some couriers to accompany his find, Bud and Lou decide to apply for the job- but they are not the only ones interested in the mummy, named Klaris in this film, rather than Kharis, as he has been called in the previous sequels beginning with “The Mummy’s Hand”.


Legend has it that supposedly the mummy has a medallion hidden somewhere which reveals the location of the tomb of Princess Ara, which contains untold riches. This has come to the attention of criminal femme fatale Madame Rontru and her henchmen, who want to steal Ara's treasure. As if that wasn’t enough, members of the cult of Klaris, protector of the Princess’ tomb for centuries, cannot allow this desecration and removal their bandaged brother from their care!

The boys arrive at Zoomer's house- unaware that the cult members have killed the doctor and made off with the mummy! Even worse- Madame Rontu and her cronies show up to complicate things. Through the ensuing mayhem- guess who ends up finding the medallion?

The cash-strapped boys attempt to sell the medallion, and unwittingly make a sort of deal with Madame Rontu to sell it to her. They plan to meet her in a café to work out the purchase- which is where they finally learn that the medallion is cursed! Bud and Lou try to stick each other with the medallion- which finally ends up with Lou- thanks to his hunger for a hamburger! ( You’ll understand when you watch…) Rontru and her thugs need help to interpret what the medallion means- and are offered help by a gentleman who says he can lead them to the tomb. Unfortunately, he is the leader of the cult- and has a nasty future planned for all parties concerned -not to mention that the cult followers have used the traditional methods to restore life to the Mummy! Bud and Lou are caught between the Rontu gang, the cult, and the unstoppable Klaris who will use his deadly power to protect the ancient secrets and the treasure of Ara!

This1955 monster-meet-up was Bud and Lou’s final run-in with the Universal monsters-and, it's loaded not only with the duo's typical gags, but also with a lot of familiar actors-whom we'll fill you in on- as well as a cameo by Lou's daughter, Carole, who was 16 years old at the time. We also have a Sahara- sized helping of Sven mummy segments for you to enjoy!


"Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy" comes to you tonight on MeTV- 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time, and, if you are unsure of the time and channel where you are, check your local listings or under “where to watch” at www.metv.com . Twitter remains abuzz every Saturday night during our show where viewers have been live-Tweeting in record numbers- you are invited to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie in your posts! Local Chicago viewers can go back to school one more time with “Blood of Dracula” at 11 am on CW 26!

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Zanies Comedy Club in Rosemont IL this week for my guest shot at the Nick Digilio podcast recording.We also want to thank all our friends who came to visit with us at the C2E2 comics and entertainment convention at Chicago’s McCormick Place yesterday! If you are in the area you can join us today- for a special “Svengoolie spotlight” panel discussion- celebrity photo ops- and personalized signing and photos in the autograph area! Check the schedule here on our website for actual times- and please remember- if you want an autograph, get in line early, since they will have to cut the line off so we’ll end on time. If you want an autograph or to take a photo with me, the autograph sessions are the place to get it- unfortunately, when we’re out working on the floor, or running from place to place to do interviews, it isn’t often possible to accommodate those requests.

Join us tonight for the wrap-up of Bud and Lou’s Universal movie careers-with an undying monster ready to take the wrap for- oh, you’ll get enough of this kind of stuff tonight!

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 during show

Drang 1 month ago
So much for polishing off that bottle of wine. Minion #2 just called out. I'll be teleworking, due to her late call that she's off to the doctor, and what wine I did drink ...
So, Even logging while working it is...
Drang Drang 1 month ago
Sven not even, you stupid phonetergeist!
ihaveamigraine 1 month ago
Here is a neat video I found with all kinds of intros from various local creature feature TV shows.

I remember watching creature feature on WGN Chicago back in the day with my little brother
Katink Cartoondave 1 month ago
If our folks were playing cards on a Saturday night, we kids would get to watch Creature Features, Dave😊
abc123 1 month ago
fingers crossed my computer refreshes correctly tonight! only about 90 minutes to go!
abc123 abc123 1 month ago
Also, GO Sports Team GO!
Drang abc123 1 month ago
Stanley Cup! I haven't followed professional sports in years, but I'm impressed!
Jack 1 month ago
Earlier, I had posted a picture of the bust of Nefertiti that’s in the Egyptian collection at the Neues Museum in Berlin. Her unfinished left 𓂀 always weirded me out. I wonder if that’s the reason Janet Decay—half of Cleveland’s current horror hosting duo—wears that white contact in her left eye?
daDoctah Jack 1 month ago
Not sure why it would turn up in an Egyptian context, but part of the lore of the Japanese Daruma dolls is that they come with blank eyes like Little Orphan Annie, you paint in one eye when you start a project or "make a wish", then paint in the other one when the project or wish is fulfilled.

(Stock photo to illustrate the type of doll in question.)

PatS 1 month ago
Progress report: Pat S and Larry the Train Guy are now in Sioux Falls. Going to try to post tonight. first time using my phone...
Katink PatS 1 month ago
That's progress, Pat! Just a little more South Dakota, then Minnesota!
PatS Katink 1 month ago
Actually we're heading south to Iowa and then east to home 🏡. Then I go back to work Monday...
Katink PatS 1 month ago
Safe travels, Pat! (I was guessing 90 all the way home. Didn't think of the other route😊)
Drang Katink 1 month ago
A friend was visiting family in NoDak, he had to change his route home due to NoDak and MN being closed.
When the winter storms get too bad for those states...
Lynn PatS 1 month ago
Good journey!
gabste PatS 1 month ago
Have fun
Klaatu 1 month ago
I felt like Renfield tonight. Last night, while sitting on the can after midnight (please don’t send me to the cornfield), I heard rats in the attic. Today I had the exterminator (Get Ur Done🤣 Exterminator), set traps for the rats👍. Rats, thousands of rats!
Jack Klaatu 1 month ago
Could be squirrels or raccoons.
Katink Klaatu 1 month ago
Hope it all comes out alright, Klaatu!
ihaveamigraine Klaatu 1 month ago
We have 4 cats, and I have been catching mice in the dropped ceiling in our basement. Drives the cats crazy, because they can't get to them....but I can (with mouse traps). Now that the weather is nicer I need to see if I can figure out where they are getting in at.
Kyle Katink 1 month ago
In reference to where he was sitting?
Katink Kyle 1 month ago
Maybe, Kyle😆
Matt 1 month ago
"Old dark house" another that I've never seen. Should be a treat.
Klaatu Matt 1 month ago
It’s a decent movie. Eerie and dark (like the title), but it gets more interesting when all the weirdos show up👍
Mikeyyy Klaatu 1 month ago
Sounds like the blog on Saturday night. All the “weirdos” start posting….
Katink Mikeyyy 1 month ago
I resemble that remark, Mikeyyy😆😆😆
Kyle Klaatu 1 month ago
Weirdos make everything more interesting. Or, we try to anyway.
TheKodakKid Klaatu 1 month ago
Mikeyyy and Katink beat me too it. I was wondering if you were talking about the characters in the movie, or the people on this blog (and some of us are definitely “Characters.”)
Mikeyyy Katink 1 month ago
Katink, nothing weird about an a svennette that cooks!
Cartoondave TheKodakKid 1 month ago
Hey I resemble that remark nyuk nyuk nyuk
Jack 1 month ago
It may be a little late in the week to mention this, but Mel Cooley had his double crown on backwards...
CountCurt Jack 1 month ago
OMG Jack
I thought something was odd about the crown. It was right in our faces.
TheKodakKid 1 month ago
Over on the main MeTV website, they have a new quiz-“Are These Real Dracula Movies, Or Are We Making Them Up?”

I won’t say how I did. I might get kicked off the blog. Just a fair warning, studio executives must’ve been smoking funny cigarettes in the 1970s.
Jack TheKodakKid 1 month ago
I prob’ly didn’t do much better than you. On the other hand, _Dracula Has Risen from the Grave_ (1968) and _Dracula's Family Visit_ (2006) are real movies with titles similar to two of the fake movies I missed.
Good thoughts and prayers for hubby. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Stupid Covid.
Keep us posted. We love you and hubby and pray for positive outcome.
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 1 month ago
KK is there a big announcement coming???
TheKodakKid Mikeyyy 1 month ago
I’m thinking that Deadringer accidentally posted a comment he meant for Gabste in the thread for my post. Unless he knows something that I don’t know. 😂🤣😂
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 1 month ago
yeah but sometime we do wonder about you!
gabste 1 month ago
I'll be here for toons in the morning. We got to the hospital and they were going to do the procedure on hubby but then he tested positive for covid. We didn't even have any symptoms! So we took the 7 hour ride back home. They're going to try again in two weeks. So crazy. See you guys soon. Happy Easter !
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Katink gabste 1 month ago
So sorry to hear that, gabste! Sending good blog vibes for strength and calm.💕
Cartoondave gabste 1 month ago
Good vibes straight from Massachusetts coming your way gabste and hubby
Lynn gabste 1 month ago
I'm so sorry, gabste! Sending good vibes, for sure!
gabste gabste 1 month ago
Thank you very much MrsG, the Kodak Kid love the sunshine !, vangooliac, Mikeyyy, Katink, CartoonDave, and Lynn
Cartoondave 1 month ago
Did anyone notice the new Svengoolie logo on their TV?
JohnBlair Cartoondave 1 month ago
Missed iT ... THANKS!!!!
Cartoondave JohnBlair 1 month ago
Just go to your tv guide and scroll until.you see the ad for Svengoolie
Jack Cartoondave 1 month ago
My guide doesn’t have pictures.
Tygercat Cartoondave 1 month ago
It's showing up in the online listings on zap2it.com.
MrsG Cartoondave 1 month ago
Yes ! Groovy ~ wonder if it is art from the Fan Gallery 🎨_🎨
1MikeM 1 month ago
...it's THIS OLD DARK HOUSE with Bob Vila!
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 1 month ago
Ha-ha! Good one, Mike M!
1MikeM daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Thanks Dale!
TheKodakKid 1MikeM 1 month ago
With a guest haunting by Norm Abrams?
Jack TheKodakKid 1 month ago
That’s Norm “Bates” Abrams.
CountCurt 1MikeM 1 month ago
That would be Bob's biggest challenge ever.
JohnBlair 1 month ago
Any WaY ... I bet on an Old DARK Horse once!?!?!
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Question: Do you like Bud Abbott better clean-shaven, or with a mustache?
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daleuhlmann Aceman2 1 month ago
Roger that, Aceman!
Jenny Jenny pencil thinny!
It fits him better.
Mikeyyy daleuhlmann 1 month ago
I’m a stache guy.
Cartoondave 1 month ago
Look what we did?
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gabste Cartoondave 1 month ago
Those are neat ! Very artistic !
gabste CountCurt 1 month ago
Agreed !
Aceman2 Cartoondave 1 month ago
Eggcellent job Dave!
Katink Cartoondave 1 month ago
They are egg-ceptional, Dave!
DrFish28136 1 month ago
If I only had a Brain
Mikeyyy DrFish28136 1 month ago
I'll sell ya mine. Not much use!
JohnBlair DrFish28136 1 month ago
You could be another Lincoln?
Jack JohnBlair 1 month ago
With the thoughts that he'd be thinkin’!
VanGooliac 1 month ago
Happy Good Friday everyone!
It’s a holiday for us here in the Great White North.
Good vibes to those still suffering Mother Nature’s wrath.
CountCurt VanGooliac 1 month ago
I guess I better not complain about our rain. However, it still won't be fun collecting Easter eggs on Sunday. I think it will be best to hide them under the coach.
gabste VanGooliac 1 month ago
To you too VanGooliac !
Klaatu 1 month ago
Happy Easter to all the Svengoolians here. Hopefully you all have fun coloring Easter eggs, hiding Easter eggs and hiding (eating) some wonderful Easter food.
gabste Klaatu 1 month ago
To you too Klaatu !
Aceman2 1 month ago
Somewhere I read that Karloff’s character in DOH may have been inspiration for Lurch of “The Addams Family”.
Ed Aceman2 1 month ago
Chas Addams original....
DrSerizawa Ed 1 month ago
For some reason used my old name, before I developed the oxygen destroyer.
Klaatu Aceman2 1 month ago
I’m not sure if Addams Fsmily was my inspiration, but for some reason I can tie a hangman’s noose in seconds with any piece of rope or wire. Hmmm, I wonder if I should have left this skill set off my resume🤔?
daleuhlmann DrSerizawa 1 month ago
I've always thought so, minus the beard, of course.
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