And the Heat Goes On…

Posted on July 1, 2012

I'm feeling especially sorry for the folks who've ended up with their power out during this nasty heat wave- I've been in that position before, and it makes life pretty tough.Hang in there... It's looking like I may be enduring some heat myself- one of the advanced weather reports I saw says next Friday, the temperatures will continue to hang in the nineties-which means it'll be a hot time in Joliet when I make my appearance at Silver Cross Field with the Slammers minor league baseball team. Now I'm waiting for the advance forecast for Sunday and the Lake in the Hills Rockin' Ribfest! The ribs may not be the only thing sizzling if the heat wave continues! By the way, click on the "appearances" tab on our site for full details on these Sven appearances!Now, on to some random thoughts... Wow- it's amazing- there are two schools of Mummy viewers- the side that gets sick of seeing them, and the folks who love them, and want to see the sequels in order.The same thing goes for the Creature from the Black Lagoon, though the nay-sayers on that one are a smaller percentage (and, by the way, the final part of that trilogy-"The Creature Walks Among Us"-will air later this summer...)Meanwhile, we'll givce you one more dose of the Kharis saga next Saturday night- then, we'll pack away the tanna leaf tea for a while... An unusual sighting: I was driving along Madison Street, somewhat west of the city-stopped at a light-looked up- and saw a crane flying over! (No, not Frasier)!It wasn't very close to any body of water, so I was pretty surprised. I was very sad to hear that our friend John, owner of Horrorbles, the fine horror and science fiction memorabilia store, had a fire at his other business- the Autre Monde Cafe, located right next door to Horrorbles on Roosevelt Road in Berwyn. Fortunately, no one was hurt, though a fireman was treated for heat exhaustion. The cafe has gotten rave reviews from many prestigious local publications, and was named among the best new restaurants- and it's a shame this had to happen right around the cafe's first birthday.John has said that the cafe is now closed for repairs , but it WILL re-open!Meanwhile, stop by Horrorbles to show your support! Some of our viewers contacted me to say that they haven't been receiving Me-TV and Me-Too on their AT&T U-Verse...we've gotten word that service will be restored quickly, if it hasn't been already,within 20 miles of downtown Chicago- and that we are working on restoring the service to the rest of the Chicagoland area. Don't forget- you can still hook up those old rabbit ears and pick up the stations on over the air broadcasts until they are restored. It's shaping up to be a very different 4th of July around these parts-first of all, no "Taste of Chicago" going on yet- and , secondly, a lot of local municipalities have decided that they won't be doing fireworks shows this year, due to the terribly dry conditions- any stray ember might set the drought-stricken grass, trees, etc. on fire. It's certainly better to be safe than sorry- but- wouldn't those old "Taste" fireworks out over the lake have worked out just fine this year? I think there will be fireworks off Navy Pier, again, well over the water, so no chance of another Great Chicago Fire...let's hope some of the more irresponsible geniuses who buy their own fireworks to shoot off at home have some common sense and either let it go for this year, or have the hoses ready in case there's a problem. Think cool thoughts and come back for more tomorrow!

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