All Eyes On MeTV for “X – the Man with the X-Ray Eyes” – Tonight!

Posted on November 12, 2022

All eyes will be on MeTV tonight- as our show premieres a Roger Corman film from his 1960s heyday! Ray Milland is a doctor whose experiments allow man’s vision to let him see wavelengths of light previously hidden to him- but he ends up seeing more than he bargained for as “X-the Man with the X-Ray Eyes”!


This 1963 American International product stars Milland as Dr. Xavier (no, not the X Men guy) who tirelessly works on eyedrops that will allow man to see beyond the visible spectrum of light- to the unseen ultraviolet wavelengths and even further. Though he tests the drops on animals, he feels he needs a human subject- and it would have to be someone who can correctly report what he is seeing. It appears that only one person will fill the bill- himself!

He uses the eyedrops on himself-and at first is overcome by the effects. Soon, however, he discovers his vision has evolved- he can see through objects, including- ahem- people’s clothing, including attractive fellow doctor Diane! Unfortunately, his research grant is pulled by the governing board of the medical foundation- and the head of surgery demotes him to assisting him in operations. Things get out of hand when Xavier’s continuous use of the eyedrops gives him more intense x-ray vision which allows him to see that the doctor has made a misdiagnosis – and, after taking matters into his own hands to treat the patient, contradicting his superior, he is dismissed from the staff.


A tragic accident puts Xavier on the run from authorities- and he hides out at a carnival, working as a psychic for an acid-tongued sideshow owner (played by Don Rickles!)- using his x-ray powers to astound the crowds. His scheming boss catches on that Xavier is no psychic, but something more-- and sets him up in a medical business so the devious carny can profit off the man’s unique abilities. Things change when Diane finally tracks him down, and, in need of funds to further his research, Xavier travels with her to Las Vegas. He uses his optical powers to win big- which leads to more trouble and sends him on the lam again!

This film, based on a story Corman himself came up with, turned out to be a big moneymaker for American International. We’ll fill you in on the cast, including some Corman film regulars-promote a new optical business fronted by Boddy Sorrell- and present a new song-plus- we talk with our friend Jeff Daniel Phillips- the hearse driver from “Svengoolie: Uncrypted” and Herman Munster in Rob Zombie’s “Munsters” movie- along with his co-star, Richard Brake!

“X-the Man with the X-Ray Eyes” becomes visible tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Despite changes in management over there, viewers will still be live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter- and you can join in, adding the hashtag #svengoolie to your posts. In Chicago, viewers get an encore of the beloved monster mash-up “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” on CW26 at11 am.

The Sven button-down shirts- very Hawaiian shirt-like- are selling briskly, as are the Sven/Kerwyn bobbleheads- so order as soon as possible if you want them or plan to give them as gifts!

Feast your eyes on the shocking tale of seeing the unseeable-seen only on MeTV tonight!

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 during show

DrFish28136 12 months ago

Academy Award winning actress Jodie Foster helped in bringing Carl Sagan's book on the possibility of extraterrestrial life -- Contact -- to the big screen. Foster was born on this day in 1962
DrFish28136 12 months ago
Born on this day in 1963, the lovely Terry Farrell took her post on board the Cardassian-constructed space station, Terek Nor, for six out of seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (I don't pretend to understand all of it, but she experience a 'blood feud' of her own with producers which resulted in her character being axed from the last season.) Her memorable 'Jadzia Dax' was a symbiont life form that spanned several generations
DrFish28136 12 months ago

Born on this day in 1953, Robert Beltran signed aboard our beloved franchise as 'Commander Chakotay,' a Maquis sympathizer who found his way to Starfleet by way of an accident hurtling him as his crew into the Delta Quadrant in Star Trek: Voyager
DrFish28136 12 months ago

Actor Rex Holman enjoyed a pair of visits to the world of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. First, he enjoyed a guest spot aboard "Spectre Of The Gun," a third season airing for the show. Second, he turned up as an armed 'drifter' in William Shatner's Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989). Holman was born on this day in 1928
DrFish28136 12 months ago

Character veteran Alan Young played a key role in 1960's The Time Machine, appearing as multiple members of the same family in order to give the central protagonist an understanding of how time travel works. Though he's no longer with us, Young was born on this day in 1919
Thank You Mr Ed
Klaatu 12 months ago
Congrats to whomever gets onto the Blog first, cause it ain’t me🤣
Deleted 12 months ago
This comment has been removed.
deadringer42 12 months ago
Participation trophies are for losers. So your saying we’re all a bunch of losers here?
FKrueger 12 months ago
But my mom says I'm not a loser
Kyle 12 months ago
I miss all the good stuff.
Katink 12 months ago
And sprinkles are for winners!
VanGooliac 12 months ago
Just re-iterating positive vibes to anyone digging out of lake effect snow.
It could be worse, you could run into this guy.
I think I watched this stinker on TV in the 80’s
Carl_N_Brown VanGooliac 12 months ago
SNOW BEAST (2011 film) should not be confused withe SNOWBEAST (1977 TV film).
I've no space to describe the differences.
Cartoondave 12 months ago
Watching 2010 Hawaii Five-0 reboot to kill time until new blog, anybody like new series or prefer original? I like both shows but my heart belongs to Jack Lord
Klaatu Cartoondave 12 months ago
I place 3 votes (me, myself and I) for the original.
abc123 Cartoondave 12 months ago
I read that the reboot was in planning for a while. Jack Lord was going to be in it as State Governor, but passed away before it could happen.
Kyle 12 months ago
Friday night check in.

Might be here for toons, as I have to get up early to go get a replacement kitten.

Chickenhead has been missing for 3 weeks, likely due to a coyote encounter.

The area has 2 less coyotes, and counting.

Getting another orange kitty. They seem to be more resilient in rural areas.

Cartoondave Kyle 12 months ago
So sorry to hear that Chickenhead is missing what are you calling the next one Foghorn?
Kyle Cartoondave 12 months ago
Unknown. The personality usually inspires something pretty quickly.
Katink Kyle 12 months ago
Sending you good vibes, Kyle, as you select a new friend😼
Jack Kyle 12 months ago
I find Fuzzbutt works in the interim.
Drang Jack 12 months ago
Tunabreath is also a good catch-all.
abc123 Kyle 12 months ago
Unknown. That is a good name for an orange kitten.
Klaatu 12 months ago
Geez the Blog seems empty lately. Is everyone back at work?
TheKodakKid Klaatu 12 months ago
Probably just busy trying to get their face on before the big race tonight.

Hmmm, I wonder if introducing mint juleps to our race night festivities would have any impact on the outcome of the race?
Drang TheKodakKid 12 months ago
Sounds like a worthy experiment, we'll take two here, when can we expect delivery?
EdmundWalendowski 12 months ago
Hello, everyone. This is a test to see if I can log back into the blog after being cut off for several weeks.
Drang EdmundWalendowski 12 months ago
Nope. Don't see you. 😋
Welcome back, Dr. Ed. So what did Dr. Clayton do to get you sent to the cornfield?
DrEd didn't recognize you is your last name polish? My last name is Rutkowski
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Yesterday, I had posted some information about how uncomfortable hard contact lenses were back in the day for actors who had to wear them in some of the horror-sci-fi movies they did. Unfortunately, that post kept disappearing, but you can still view it if you click my name and avatar. At any rate, they include Paul Birch in NOT OF THIS EARTH, John Agar in THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, and, of course, Ray Milland in X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES, as well as Christopher Lee in most of his Dracula appearances for Hammer. Another example would be John Barrymore as Svengali in the 1931 Warner Brothers classic of the same name.
Klaatu daleuhlmann 12 months ago
I guess the early days of Special FX were horrible at best. I’m sure you’ve read about the life-threatening FX used during The Wizard of OZ.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 12 months ago
Oh, yes, indeed!
deadringer42 12 months ago
Is it 5 o’clock Friday afternoon yet?
Nope not yet😩
Not sure how much more of today I can face.
(See what I did there?)
daleuhlmann deadringer42 12 months ago
Yeah, but I don't think you're a fiend, deadringer.
Aceman2 12 months ago
Katink Aceman2 12 months ago
Ha!!! I love this one, Aceman! I'm laughing because when I taught remedial writing courses, we worked each piece through multiple drafts. Now I'm wondering if some of those drafts were fueled by draft beer! 🤣😉😆
Klaatu 12 months ago
Yay! We made it to Friday! Happy Friday all you faceless fiends🤣
Deleted 12 months ago
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SvenAdministrator 12 months ago
Please remove- no spoilers for those who have not seen the movie, please
Jack 12 months ago
You mean, like Kim Parker doesn’t spending the entire movie wearing a towel?
Aceman2 12 months ago
I deleted it as well as a poster from a few days ago
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