A Clearly Good Time, "Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man" - Tonight!

Posted on December 24, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- as so many of our viewers celebrate Christmas Eve, we thought we should add a light touch to our weekly horror movie with a fun feature! Following in the footsteps of last week’s “Invisible Agent”, our title character heads down a road that could lead to redemption- or insanity!

It may not necessarily help that he is aided and abetted by two guys whose sanity already may be questionable! See how a boxer fights to be cleared of a murder charge- while being perfectly clear- when “Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man” !

We first find Bud and Lou at a detective school (a school for detectives, not for defectives, though they would qualify) as they miraculously graduate-and go into private practice as private eyes. Their first case appears out of nowhere- he is Tommy Nelson, a pro boxer who has just escaped from prison! He claims that he has been framed for killing his manager, and needs the boys' help to prove he's innocent. The trio heads to the home of his fiancée Helen, whose uncle is a scientist working on a new version of the secret formula that Griffin, the original Invisible Man, utilized- which not only made him invisible, but also drove him mad! Tommy has an idea-he wants to be injected with the formula, since it would keep him unseen while he tries to find out who actually did kill his manager. He has some ideas of who might have done it, since the murder occurred right after he refused to throw a fight!


Recognizing the danger inherent to the formula, Helen's uncle refuses- mainly because he hasn't solved the problem of the formula driving its user insane and doesn't want Tommy to risk his sanity. The decision, however, gets made for Tommy, when the police show up at the home, figuring he'd head there to hide out- and the only way for Tommy to elude them is by injecting himself with the formula! The only one to get a last look at him is Lou- who sees Tommy vanish from sight!

Bud and Lou have a difference of opinion- Bud sees dollar signs (even if he doesn't see Tommy) if they turn the boxer in- while Lou is on Tommy's side, and wants to help him find the real culprit. Regardless, the boys head to the gym with Tommy, where they suspect that they will find some clues-and Lou infiltrates the fight game (thanks to Tommy's unseen pugilistic help)! The pudgy pugilist is climbing up the ladder of contenders, making him a target for suspicious mobsters- and the target of one specific gangster’s moll! Eventually, evidence reveals who really had it in for Tommy's manager- and those same thugs are planning a similar fate for Bud and Lou! But-will Tommy throw in the towel on sanity before he gets the chance to save his private eye pals and clear his name?

We get the same type of invisibility effects we've seen in previous "invisible man" films- and show you how some of them have been done. We'll review the cast appearing with Bud and Lou - featuring such well-known players as William Frawley and Sheldon Leonard- and point out some reused footage from “Invisible Man Returns”! Plus, we will bring you a Sven song and- since you viewers seem to love them- the gift of a batch of Sven screw-ups from "The Oops Files"! And, yes- you might just get a peek at Sventa Claus- if you are on the “nice” list (although Kerwyn isn’t)!

“Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man” appears on MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check local listings or the information at www.metv.com . You are invited to join in with the live-Tweeting during the program on Twitter- just make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie. Meanwhile, in the Chicago area, viewers get one more look (?) at the "Invisible Agent" on our sister station, CW26!

Whether you will be joining us tonight on MeTV or not, we wish you a very happy holiday- be it Christmas or Hannukah!


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 during show

Cartoondave 17 months ago
Anybody realize that the Svengoolie shirt(s) and sweatshirt(s) can make a good night light not the best but at least you have some light?
Katink Cartoondave 17 months ago
I hadn't thought of that, Dave! Good idea!
Cartoondave 17 months ago
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Deleted 17 months ago
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Aceman2 17 months ago
Those look ter-rib-fic!
MrsG 17 months ago
WOW that’s a wotta wibbies ! Hey You missed rasslin ~ ~ ~ He’s baaack !
Klaatu 17 months ago
I discovered that Bourbon is a perfect match for all BBQ, especially ribs. The corn sweetness of Bourbon is perfect.
Katink 17 months ago
That looks great, Kyle! Have a good party!
17 months ago
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17 months ago
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Klaatu 17 months ago
Sad news that Barbara Walters just passed at 93. She was a great interviewer and helped shape journalism. And she helped shape The View before it became The Sewer.
Klaatu 17 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Cartoondave Klaatu 17 months ago
Yes just heard that
Aceman2 Klaatu 17 months ago
The first woman anchor of both a morning and an evening television-news program and at one point was the highest-paid TV-news personality in the country, RIP Ms Walters.
Lynn Klaatu 17 months ago
Seeing Barbara Walters on television as I was growing up, definitely had an impact on my expectations of what kinds of work women should be able to do.
abc123 Klaatu 17 months ago
I think I learned about Barbara Walters through Gilda Radner's impersonation...
Klaatu abc123 17 months ago
Did Gilda call herself Barbara WaWa?
abc123 Klaatu 17 months ago
Baba Wawa
Cartoondave 17 months ago
I apologize for being a Paul parrot but, when Svengoolie starts his 2 1/2 hour show next week will those be all.markets or will some of them be suffering local.programmimg at 10pm like the dreaded 10pm.newscast?
Aceman2 Cartoondave 17 months ago
I would be shocked if that happens.
larryttg 17 months ago
Oh catbat myself and Pat are so sorry for your loss. If we were there we would both give you a big hug Be well dear
Catbat 17 months ago
Ok gang,sorry I've been aloof.(new word.) I flew to Denair last Wednesday. My Dad was dead 2 mins before I walked in the door. This is why I've been off the Blog. My sis and I are all that's left. Please bear with me. I love you all. In the strangest of times Sven is the only norm.
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Mikeyyy Catbat 17 months ago
Catbat, I was wondering why you haven't been here at all! My condolences , love and a hug! I know that wont bring him back but maybe it'll help you not feel alone.
abc123 Catbat 17 months ago
Remember him well.
Katink Catbat 17 months ago
Sending love and support, Catbat! 💕 Please know we are thinking of you in these difficult days.
1MikeM Catbat 17 months ago
Catbat, I'm so sorry to hear that. My deepest condolences.
larryttg 17 months ago
I ran across this , I think it will educate our new bloggers on the history of our favorite horror host
Klaatu larryttg 17 months ago
Hi Larryttg, I posted about this video a few days ago, and found it interesting and informative. I posted a comment on the YouTube video that it was Click Bait making me think something terrible had happened to Sven.
Legermain 17 months ago
GREAT! Dish TV is messing with my Svengooli!!!
#@*# them!
Catbat Legermain 17 months ago
Poor you
PatS Legermain 17 months ago
E-mail your local office and complain (politely) that you really want Sven (and other programs) to continue to be available. Give us the address and we'll mail 'em too.
DrFish28136 17 months ago
TCM remembers
MrsG DrFish28136 17 months ago
~_~ Not a dry eye on the Blog ~ so many greats , and SvenFavorites ~ thank You DrFish ~ ~ ~ sure would be cool to *go* down the road , grabbing gears in a ‘stang ~ ~ ~
Several MeTV connections and friends of the Big Broadcast in that one.
Engineer_Poelzig 17 months ago
Good Afternoon All!
Time to get ready for Sven Years Eve tomorrow!
Mikeyyy 17 months ago
Woohoo! I finally paid off the rest of my dr bills from my eye surgery today.. Now its all mine and they can't come reposess it!
daDoctah Mikeyyy 17 months ago
And if they try, you'll see 'em comin'!
MrsG Mikeyyy 17 months ago
Yahoo yippee yo !
Way to go Mikeyyy ~ ALL the better for Toons and Svengoolie viewing 👀
daleuhlmann Mikeyyy 17 months ago
You mean you can't take your eye back?🧐👁
Klaatu Mikeyyy 17 months ago
I paid off a big bill too, today! I paid off my Home Equity loan because, for reasons we know but I won’t mention, interest rates skyrocketed. I refuse to pay our government an extra $300/month in interest 😡
Mikeyyy daleuhlmann 17 months ago
No returns!
ihaveamigraine 17 months ago
Another year comes to an end................................

Jack ihaveamigraine 17 months ago
Gravity cat.
Cartoondave 17 months ago
Bill thanks for the beautiful card I just received it today on the mail
PatS 17 months ago
Before all the holiday goodies vanish, I wanted to share these. Tradition from my Grandma -- my brothers and I would spend all morning frosting cookies and being creative.

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VanGooliac PatS 17 months ago
They are lovely, PatS!
The Jewish snowman reminded me of this Hanukkah card:

Klaatu PatS 17 months ago
I love Christmas cookies. Yum!!
Aceman2 PatS 17 months ago
Thanks Pat, for reminding me that I always helped my Grandmother decorate the Christmas cookies. A wonderful tradition at this time of year!
Katink PatS 17 months ago
Really beautiful, Pat! I love those trees!
Drang 17 months ago
Looking a mite stormy in Seaside, OR.
MrsG Drang 17 months ago
Yep looks creepy Drang ~ like a giant Spidie might come a-crawling down the beach ~ wooooo !
VanGooliac Drang 17 months ago
After the blast of winter Vancouver had last week, I am thankful for rain and 9 celcius.
VanGooliac MrsG 17 months ago
Well Drang did say it was a “mite” stormy…mites are also arachnids
MrsG VanGooliac 17 months ago
Whoa good observation Holmes !
CountCurt VanGooliac 17 months ago
So happy to hear that people know the difference between arachnids and insects on this blog. As for my friends and family, I mite as well give up. Lol
NoPersonalChicks 17 months ago
Complications from Covid took Dawn Wells two years ago today. After seeing her in 'The Owl and the Pussycat' playing a very unlike Mary Ann role, I am unwavering in answer to the inevitable question pertaining to her and the last Gilligan survivor.
Speaking of series sole survivors, of course there's only one Monkee left, and today marks the birthday of these two.
CrazyK NoPersonalChicks 17 months ago
I also saw Dawn Wells on an episode of the INVADERS on MeTV a while back, also in “a very unlike Mary Ann role” it was a good episode!
Drang NoPersonalChicks 17 months ago
I was always a Mary Ann guy, even before I knew why anyone was asking.😄
CountCurt NoPersonalChicks 17 months ago
She was as lovable off screen as she was on screen. I always heard how nice she was to fans. I remember that she wrote some Gilligan’s Island cook books. I am sure there were a lot of pie recipes.
NoPersonalChicks 17 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Klaatu 17 months ago
I missed Toon In today because I drove my car to the mechanic, but I like looking at comments posted by the Easties, and I saw a comment by Dale about Tex Avery’s “Car of Tomorrow “. Thankfully I was able to find it on that Tube channel😜, and it was hilarious.
CrazyK 17 months ago
A rainbow over my house this morning, pretty cool 😎
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Aceman2 CrazyK 17 months ago
Beautiful CrazyK. Wishing you love, peace, and happiness in the New Year.
CrazyK Aceman2 17 months ago
Thanks Aceman and same to you and your fam in case I don’t see you til after the NY!
VanGooliac CrazyK 17 months ago
Sven soundbite: Oh Beeeautiful
CrazyK VanGooliac 17 months ago
👍 😆
Cartoondave 17 months ago
Good morning I'm sorry I wasn't joining dale, E P, and whomever else was on the blog this morning I was too darned tired for some odd reason and by the time I looked at the clock TIWM was just about half over and I'm not sure if I'm able to join in the fun tomorrow or tomorrow night because I'm spending time with my sister in beautiful Laconia New Hampshire if I'm not here have a wonderful first night 2023!
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Cartoondave daleuhlmann 17 months ago
Thanks dale and still sending prayers to Catbat
daleuhlmann CrazyK 17 months ago
2016: Yes, I remember it well! The movie that night (yes, there was a movie!) was THE MUMMY'S GHOST.
daleuhlmann Cartoondave 17 months ago
Much appreciated, Dave!
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