Which actor would you cast to play Columbo?

A week ago, we asked you who would make the perfect modern Perry Mason. You came up with some fantastic suggestions. Now, another classic tv sleuth is rumored for a comeback. Gary Whitta, a screenwriter at work on the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One, has been drumming up support for a possible reboot of trench coat loving detective. The scribe has been working with director Josh Trank — who just made the latest disappointing Fantastic Four film — on his "dream project."

What that might not be terribly exciting, the two are considering making this a limited television series (smart), possibly set in the 1970s (smarter). Oh, and everyone wants the scruffy and wonderful Mark Ruffalo to step into Peter Falk's shoes. That sounds perfect to us. The actor can nail "disheveled and sharp." If the Incredible Hulk is too expensive or busy, we think Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) could pull it off, too.

So, let's hear it. Who would you like to see as the next Columbo?

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FloridaTopCat 8 months ago
First, Let Columbo STAY Retired! It was a great show for 35 years!

But if that isn't an option, Michael Weatherly might make an interesting choice.

And James Roday Rodriguez from "Psych" was kind of doing his own variant of Columbo for those 8 years of "Psych"; just not sure where Psych would end and Columbo would start, if it was James who became Columbo!
tejones 12 months ago
Lt. Colombo — seemingly forgetful and distracted yet very intelligent and possessing a kind of fumbling, humble charm. I'm thinking Jeff Goldblum could pull that off.
It would also be a sort of full circle moment since Goldblum's first television appearance was on an episode of Columbo (in "A Case of Immunity").

Side note: back in the day, I could've imagined John Astin doing a fine job as the quirky, absent-minded detective.
JOSEPHUS 24 months ago
I nominate Michael Weatherly! Great actor! I think he would give us a great 21st century rendition of a rebooted Detective Columbo! Before you disagree, think hard about it. Analyze Weatherly!s acting abilities! I think it would be a great fit! In my very humble opinion! 😃
Stephen79 36 months ago
Tony Shaloub could do a good job ...
JDnHuntsvilleAL Stephen79 35 months ago
Wouldn't work. Everybody would be thinking MONK.
FloridaTopCat Stephen79 8 months ago
Monk IS the 21st Century Columbo!
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