Watch: 'That Girl' accidentally throws the best impromptu New Year's party ever

What's more fun than a raucous New Year's eve party? Ann Marie will never know.

Shout Factory!

If you expected That Girl to go all out for a New Year's Eve episode, you'd be about half right. While Ann Marie's boyfriend Donald Hollinger has managed to rent a tux for two days, he's completely forgotten to make them a dinner reservation!

The episode opens up with Donald frantically calling restaurants, with only two days left to get their New Year's Eve plans set. Meanwhile Ann is trying on adorable dresses for what looks to be a big night of nothing to do and nowhere to go.

So what does the happy couple decide to do? They embrace the spot they're in and decide to just stay in this year. In fact, the more they think of it, the smarter they think they are for dodging the holiday with all of its unnecessary stresses. Soon, Ann is smiling in the kitchen, preparing a dish of caviar and Donald is stoked in the living room, already popping champagne.

It's "a different kind of New Year's" they boast to just about every neighbor who will listen, and they're so convincing, all Ann's neighbors decide to adopt their plan. That's right, for That Girl's New Year's in New York City, there's no Times Square or ball drop required for anyone in Ann's whole building.

Of course, what Ann and Donald hope will be "the coziest New Year's Eve ever" doesn't quite turn out that way, starting before midnight can even come close to ringing in when their initial champagne toast is interrupted by doorbells ringing instead. And it's not just one drop-in they have to deal with, but as the chiming seems to never cease, there's an unexpected party raging in Ann Marie's humble abode (which happens to be all decked out for the impromptu occasion anyway).

Find out why Donald ends up "low on charm" and Ann low on champagne flutes in the video below. Watch That Girl's "Should All Our Old Acquaintances Be Forgot" now.

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